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(Funeral (2)

Deng Wenwen wanted to chase him, but she was stopped by Ah Mo and his people.

“Elder Madam Xi, let’s respect the deceased. If there’s anything, it can be discussed after the funeral,” said Ah Mo, then he nodded to the black-clothed bodyguards beside him who followed Xi Mushan.

As she watched Xi Mushan move further away, Deng Wenwen looked particularly gloomy while Yue Lingsi’s face was as white as a sheet. Xi Xinyi still had an inconsolably sorrowful expression, yet her eyes flickered with a dim light.

“Grandmother, Grandfather still called Sister over in the end!” Xi Xinyi suddenly cried with a sense of loss. “We didn’t get to see Grandfather in the end… And Father…”

“He must’ve said something to that witch, Mother. Don’t forget that the property rights to West Park and the land in the east of the city still belong to Father,” Yue Lingsi spoke softly, pushing the panic in her heart down.

Deng Wenwen inhaled sharply. “We’ll get a lawyer to make sense of all of it after your father’s funeral. It should still be there,” she said this before leaving the ward too.

For the next few days, Xi Xiaye was in a terrible mood. She seemed to have turned wan and sallow very quickly.

The funeral matters had been left to Li Si and Ah Mo. The service was held three days after Xi Jiyang’s passing, and Xi Xiaye and Mu Yuchen attended it too.

Xi Jiyang held quite a high position in the government before his passing, so many people came for his wake. Even when Li Si and the rest had asked for everything to be handled in a low-profile manner, many of Xi Jiyang’s comrades, friends, and colleagues came to pay their respects.

Mu Tangchuan was one of them.

When Shen Wenna found out about Xi Jiyang’s passing, it was the day of Xi Jiyang’s burial. Shen Yue had told her about it.

“Alright, he’s already gone. There’s nothing to be sad about. I already know about him making you divorce Xi Mushan years ago. If it weren’t for your stubbornness, things wouldn’t need to turn out this way.” Shen Yue watched Shen Wenna, who sat on the sofa with her unfocused eyes, as he sighed.

“Right, Xi Mushan and that woman from the Yue family have divorced. The other day, Ah Chen talked to me. I know that all these years, you haven’t been willing to accept a new man. It was actually because you’ve been missing this bastard, Wenna! Right now, I’m just resentful because I’m impatient to see things turn for the better. Do you know that?!

“Well, death can end all of Xi Jiyang’ss troubles, but how are they going to make up for all these years? I know that Ah Chen was still considerate about Xi Jiyang, but now that he’s dead and Xi Mushan is divorced, there shouldn’t be anything holding us back anymore. These women should be taught a lesson. I can’t tolerate this anymore!”

Shen Yue looked at Shen Wenna’s hollow eyes and felt his heart ache. Fury could not help but rise in his chest!

Shen Wenna did not say anything. Her beautiful face faintly twisted with bitter ridicule and disappointment. Naturally, Shen Yue took in this scene.

A while passed before Shen Wenna calmly asked, “How are Xiaye and Ah Chen?”

“That old man did treat Xiaye quite well before this. Obviously, Xiaye is devastated. I heard Zilang say that she’s turned wan and sallow. She’s in a terrible mood too. I hope that Ah Chen can accompany her out of this haze.”

Shen Yue sighed. He could not help but lament, “Earlier, when I met him, he still looked quite healthy and energetic. He’s gone just like that quite suddenly. I’m worried that Xiaye will be extremely depressed. In fact, they are supposed to have their wedding next month.”

Shen Wenna fell silent for a moment, then she asked, “With Ah Chen around, she will be fine… Is Xi Jiyang’s funeral today?”

“Mmm, it’s today. Otherwise, I could’ve rushed over to see you sooner.”

“Where is he buried?”


When he heard Shen Wenna ask this, Shen Yue could not help but be surprised.

Shen Wenna sighed and lamented, “He’s dead. Perhaps our grudges can be resolved once and for all. Reasonably, I think I should pay my respects. Father, get Zilang to prepare the car for me. I want to go see Xiaye too. I’m worried.”

As Shen Wenna said this, she already gripped her walking stick and was slowly getting up.

Shen Yue groaned as he looked at Shen Wenna with a complicated expression. He understood his daughter too well. Apart from paying her respects and seeing Xiaye, it was very likely because she wanted to see that man.

She was already covered in black and blue. Why did she not give up and still wanted to get close?

Xi Jiyang was buried in West Hill Cemetery, on the day of the funeral, it was not raining heavily, but it was a pitter-patter kind of drizzle. If one did not have an umbrella, they would still get their shoulders soaked from standing in the rain for quite a while.

At the parking spot below the cemetery, Xi Xiaye and Mu Yuchen slowly got down from the car donned in black outfits. Li Si and another bodyguard in black immediately walked up to them with two huge black umbrellas.

“Master, Missus!”

Li Si handed Xi Xiaye a bouquet of daisies. She slowly took it while the sunglasses on her face concealed her faintly swollen eyes.

“Let’s go.”

Mu Yuchen held her and walked up the staircase. Behind them, Li Si and the bodyguards followed.

This was a huge cemetery, numerous departed spirits have been buried peacefully here.

No matter how honorable one was in life, in death, one would just be buried forever in the ground. Life was such.

They walked up along the tall staircase and passed through those gloomy black tombstones until the husband and wife reached Xi Jiyang’s tombstone.

At that moment, Deng Wenwen, Yue Lingsi, and the rest were already standing before it. Of course, there was also the people from the Han family. Xi Xinyi cried her eyes out as she leaned against Han Yifeng while Yue Lingsi held Deng Wenwen.

When they saw Mu Yuchen, Xi Xiaye, and the others come, Deng Wenwen immediately turned to look subconsciously while Xi Xiaye and Mu Yuchen had already stopped before the tombstone.

Xi Xiaye silently looked at Xi Jiyang’s ash-colored photograph on the tombstone. Underneath those sunglasses, her eyes started to well up with hot tears again. She stared at it for a long time before she sighed softly, and bent down to put those white daisies on the tombstone.

Yue Lingsi averted her gaze. She took one look at Xi Jiyang’s photograph and saw that Deng Wenwen had turned pale. Then, she spoke up and held Deng Wenwen to turn around, “Mother, let’s go home first.”

Han Yifeng took a look at Xi Xiaye and Mu Yuchen from the side. Although his tightly pursed lips started, he did not say anything. He sighed and turned around to leave too. Secretary Wang, who held the umbrella behind him, quickly followed suit.

“Yifeng!” Xi Xinyi sniffed and wiped her tears. She could not care less and chased Han Yifeng too.



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