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(Funeral (1)

He then handed Xi Mushan a handkerchief.

Nodding quietly, Xi Mushan took the handkerchief and wiped his face. He suppressed the grief inside after several deep breaths. Eventually, he calmed down and barely managed the sorrow he was feeling.

“You must be exhausted. Take a good rest. I’ll handle Grandfather’s funeral arrangements. Mother might be a little worried about you since you haven’t been there for a few days.”

When Mu Yuchen was talking, Li Si, who stood by the door, walked in.

He nodded at Xi Jiyang before raising his head and speaking to Mu Yuchen, “Mayor Xi, Master, Missus, my condolences.”

Mu Yuchen took a deep breath before he gave the document Xi Jiyang handed him earlier to Li Si. Then, he nodded and said, “Li Si, get someone to make the arrangements for Grandfather’s funeral, but don’t make the news public yet.”

“Yes, Master!” Li Si gave a brief reply and left quietly after taking the document with him.

Just as Li Si left, the sound of several people’s footsteps came from the corridor outside. Someone barged in.



It was Xi Xinyi, Yue Lingsi, and Deng Wenwen with Han Yifeng behind them.

Xi Xinyi rushed in and started crying hysterically by the bed while tears welled up in Yue Lingsi and Deng Wenwen’s eyes.

When they saw Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye in the room, Deng Wenwen had a complicated expression and Yue Lingsi looked at them blankly.

“Let’s head out.” As if he did not see them, Mu Yuchen dragged Xi Xiaye outside.

When they walked past Han Yifeng, he saw her swollen eyes and pale face. Although he wanted to say a few words of comfort, he did not get the chance to.

Mu Yuchen made her sit down on the long bench when they got out. They could still hear the crying from inside the room.

“Alright, stop crying now. Just pray that he’s well on the other side. Don’t forget what you promised him just now.” He squatted down and wiped the tears from her cheeks. Although he wanted to comfort her, he had no idea how to.

That was just how life worked. Nothing lasted forever in the world. Perhaps, only death remained forever.

He thought he could get past it. While occasions like these saddened him, he could still accept it calmly. However, his heart was in anguish when he saw her cry in sorrow.

He felt hurt because of her sadness. Her emotions slowly caught up with him and seeped into him, gradually reaching his heart as well as becoming a part that controlled his emotions.

She would never see her grandfather anymore. That feeling gushed up into her throat as a huge lump.

She did not want to put any blame on him because what could be worse than not being able to see each other forever?

“Grandfather is gone…” After a long time of crying, she sniffled and looked at him. Her eyes were red and her voice had turned hoarse from all the weeping.

“I know. Calm down, Xiaye,” he replied quietly with his eyes locked onto her.

“I’ll never see him anymore… How am I supposed to calm down?” She then covered her face with both hands, unable to push down the sudden waves of sadness that ran over her.

He sighed helplessly, “Go on if this can help you feel better, but it’s pretty cold here. You have to follow me home right now.”

Without giving her a chance to say no, he lifted her up in his arms and walked towards the other end of the corridor.

“Master! Elder Xi…”

After taking several steps, he saw Ah Mo with some other people rushing over. Their expressions darkened when they saw Xi Xiaye in Mu Yuchen’s arms.

“He’s gone. Help Li Si out with the funeral arrangements, and please take care of Father as well. He doesn’t seem like he’s coping very well. Do what you should. Let the Elder rest in peace,” Mu Yuchen sighed as he gave his orders.

“Yes, Master, I’m sorry for your loss.” Ah Mo lowered his head.

Mu Yuchen nodded. “Your sister-in-law isn’t feeling well, so I’m bringing her back now and will leave things here to you guys.”

“Don’t worry, Master!”

Mu Yuchen then went forward.

On the way back to Maple Residence, Xi Xiaye did not seem to be herself. Mu Yuchen made her take a shower. Afterward, she fell asleep from exhaustion without eating dinner.

Mu Yuchen did not bother her and just covered her with a blanket. He raised the temperature of the air conditioner slightly before leaving the room.

At the hospital, Xi Jiyang’s body had been taken to the funeral parlor while Xi Xinyi and the others were packing his personal effects.

“Did your father say anything?” Deng Wenwen asked Xi Mushan with her eyes teary.

Xi Xinyi and Yue Lingsi turned over and looked at Xi Mushan when Deng Wenwen asked the question.

Xi Mushan looked at the women before him coldly. Then, he let out a bitter laugh. “What could he have said? He never mentioned any of you up until his death. What do you think he’d say?”

“Why was Xi Xiaye here?” Deng Wenwen was alert.

“Father wanted to see Xiaye and Ah Chen before he left. If you want to argue about it, wait until the funeral is over.” Xi Mushan left the room after saying that.



Yue Lingsi and Xi Xinyi realized something was wrong, so they chased after him. Yue Lingsi grabbed Xi Mushan’s sleeve, but he brushed her off!

“Let me go!”


Yue Lingsi crashed into a nearby bed. Fortunately, Xi Xinyi was there to help her, so she did not fall.

“Ah Hui should’ve sent you our divorce papers. From now on, we’re no longer related!”


Yue Lingsi was fearful when he mentioned it. Although she had burned all those photos, she was not sure if Xi Mushan still had leftovers of the evidence.

“Stop right there, Mushan!” Deng Wenwen called out to him.

However, Xi Mushan did not stop.



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