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( Passed Away 4)

He struggled to take the oxygen mask off his face.


Xi Xiaye sniffled and held his hand while Mu Yuchen held his body up slightly.

“Don’t mind me… I… I just want to… See you both again.” Xi Jiyang’s voice was weak. It seemed tough for him to even speak as his throat was dry.

Mu Yuchen took the glass of water by the table and carefully helped him to wet his lips. Xi Jiyang relaxed a little after that.

“Don’t just stand around. Take a seat…”

Xi Xiaye got a warm wet towel and wiped Xi Jiyang’s hand while he whispered, “I’m afraid I can’t make it this time. Your father has been taking care of me for a long while…”

“No, Grandfather, you will live over a hundred years old. You haven’t seen our wedding yet. How can you not make it? Mu Yuchen said he’s going to West Park for an official proposal soon, Grandfather. Get well soon.”

Xi Xiaye held onto Xi Jiyang’s hand as she tried to suppress the bitterness in her throat. Her eyes started to tear up again.

Xi Mushan had drowned himself in work ever since his divorce with Shen Wenna, ignoring her. It was Xi Jiyang who guarded her whenever she was bullied. No matter what, she was grateful for her grandfather. She should have cared about him more, but she just felt grief in her chest whenever she stepped into West Park.

She felt like an outsider in West Park, which was why she did not bother to go back. She felt extremely terrible when she saw Xi Jiyang in his current state.

“I’m afraid I can’t make it to your wedding. It’s enough that… I see you two live happily… Ah Chen… Make her happy. She’s a nice girl,” Xi Jiyang looked at Mu Yuchen and said weakly.

“Don’t worry, Grandfather. I will,” Mu Yuchen closed in and told him with a serious tone.

Xi Jiyang gulped as his thin hands grabbed Xi Xiaye tightly. The light in his old eyes was slowly fading. He looked at Xi Xiaye as his lips moved a little. After a while, he said, “Xiaye… All these years… We Xi family have owed you and your mother a lot. Your mother is a good woman… I didn’t expect that my greed at the moment back then would destroy your whole family… Don’t hate your father… Throughout the years, he’s lived more miserably than anyone…”

Xi Jiyang was quite out of himself, but he struggled to finish his sentence. After several hacking coughs, Mu Yuchen put the oxygen mask back on him.

“I get it, Grandfather. Don’t talk anymore. I get it. I’ve never hated Father… You don’t have to tell me. Rest well. You’ll be fine in a few days.” Tears rolled down Xi Xiaye’s cheeks as she saw Xi Jiyang struggling to breathe. Her fat tears dropped on her own hands as she held his hands.

Xi Jiyang was on the verge of death, but he took the oxygen mask away again. “Don’t be sad. Death is just part of the cycle of life… Your wedding… I don’t think I can attend it, but I’ve left you a dowry… Ah Chen, the drawer… Inside the drawer…”

Xi Jiyang pointed at the drawer beside him with his trembling finger. Mu Yuchen opened it and saw a folder inside which he quickly took out and gave it to him.

Xi Jiyang took it while his hands were shaking, then he handed it to Xi Xiaye. “This is my dowry for you… I know that Yueying will eventually fall one day. I made you sign your name just to help your father find those evidence… Your grandmother is a smart woman… She tricked your father and took those pictures back then… If those are exposed, your father… I hope you can understand me as a father. That’s why I advised your mother to divorce your father…”

Xi Xiaye was shocked! She could not believe it…

“I, I… hope you can apologize to your mother for me… I’m sorry. My selfishness caused all of this to happen… Xiaye, Ah Chen…”

“We’re here, Grandfather…” Xi Xiaye wiped her tears away and then clenched Xi Jiyang’s hands tightly.

“Promise me… one thing… Be well. Help your father get back to your mother’s side… Okay…?” He started coughing again before he could finish his sentence. Soon, his eyes were starting to lose focus.

Xi Xiaye started crying again as she nodded vigorously. “Okay, okay, I promise you, Grandfather. I’ll promise you anything if you can get well. Anything…”

Xi Jiyang had a smile on his face when he heard her. “Great… That’s great…”

He then drew his last breath.

As Xi Xiaye was crying, she could feel Xi Jiyang’s hand turn limp. She raised her head and saw Xi Jiyang close his eyes, so she quickly shouted, “Grandfather! Grandfather!”

“Doctor!” Mu Yuchen called the doctors as he put a hand on Xi Xiaye’s shoulder.

Xi Mushan quickly rushed back inside when he heard their voices. Xi Jiyang had stopped breathing! The doctors and nurses rushed inside, but then they shook their head after a quick checkup.

“Mayor Xi, the Elder has left us,” said the doctor in a grim tone.

Xi Mushan’s eyes started to turn red with tears as he rubbed his eyes and turned around with a nod. He gave them a wave and the doctors left swiftly.

“Grandfather…” Xi Xiaye could not control herself anymore and started bawling her eyes out as she leaned into Mu Yuchen’s arms.

Mu Yuchen did not say anything and just hugged her. His eyes darkened as he looked at the lifeless Xi Jiyang on the bed.

Xi Mushan was blinking his swollen eyes. He carefully put Xi Jiyang’s exposed hand back under the blanket.

“Rest in peace, Father. Neither have I blamed you, nor have I hated you.”

Xi Mushan rubbed his eyes again and Mu Yuchen noticed some tiny wet spots on his palm.

Mu Yuchen was still holding Xi Xiaye in his embrace when he spoke to Xi Mushan, “There’s no pain on the other side. Grandfather will be able to rest in peace. Don’t be too sad, Father. That’s just how life works. We’ll all remember him.”


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