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Hidden Storm (1)

When she saw the car gradually vanish into the hazy twilight ahead, Xi Xiaye slowly averted her gaze and looked at Su Nan.

“It was after working hours, so the congestion was quite bad. That’s why I’m a little late.”

“Why did Master Mu go back? I’ve told Ruan Heng to prepare a lot of delightful dishes. He could’ve had dinner before going back,” Su Nan asked softly in puzzlement as she watched the car drive away.

Xi Xiaye clung onto her arm and walked towards the apartment as she smiled. “He has some gathering with his bros. Let’s have fun ourselves. He’ll come to fetch me later on.”

“Okay, let’s go in first. It’s a little cold out, brr!” Then, Su Nan pulled Xi Xiaye and walked ahead.

When they entered, the tempting aroma of food could already be detected from miles away. When she looked up at the kitchen, she could vaguely see Ruan Heng’s busy silhouette.

The two of them sat down at the sofa. Just as Su Nan was about to pour Xi Xiaye a cup of water, she was stopped. “Let me do it. You should be careful and rest more.”

“Why do I feel like you two keep treating me like I’m an immobile, old person? It’s just serving some water or tea. It’s not like I can’t do it. Ruan Heng also hasn’t me letting me do or touch anything. Ugh, so annoying! I haven’t gone online for a really long time too. This feels like I’m stuck in prison, and all those supplements! Xiaye, look, I have a double chin now! See this? Is it… When can I be done with this prison? I can’t stand it any longer!” Su Nan could not help but moan.

Xi Xiaye just smiled when she saw this dramatic act. She handed the water to her. “You have Ruan Heng to take care of you every day like a national treasure, yet you still complain.”

“You get pregnant and try it too. I guarantee that you’ll be having more than a national treasure level of treatment.” Su Nan shot her a look, then lowered her head to take two sips.

Xi Xiaye chuckled without a word. She took out the fiery-red invitation from her handbag and handed it to Su Nan. “Here’s the wedding invitation. I told you about it before on the phone. Since you won’t be quite mobile, just wait two days before the wedding prior going over with Ruan Heng. Otherwise, I’d be worried.”

Su Nan took the invitation and flipped through it as a happy smile immediately spread across her face. She looked up at Xi Xiaye and smiled. “That’s great! My silly girl is finally getting married! Now, I can finally be relieved!”

“You’re the silly one!”

Xi Xiaye looked at her and suddenly lamented, “I keep thinking that one of us could at least be the other person’s bridesmaid. Unexpectedly… Ah, as long as we’re living well.”

Su Nan nodded, setting the cup in her hand aside and closing the invitation to put away carefully. “That’s natural. As for you right now, I can stop worrying too. Actually, to find a man that’s sincerely kind to us is really not easy. Now that you’ve found out, cherish it. There are more days to come. All those unhappy things have long become the past.”

As Xi Xiaye listened, she beamed. “Yes, I know. Right now, it looks like I’ve gotten back the things that I should’ve been demanding for. I don’t quite feel any negativity anymore.”

“I’ve heard all about Yueying and the Xi family matters. The newspapers reported it too. You don’t have to think too much either. Those people are clearly just making things up. There are so many versions that they don’t even care to know the truth, so you don’t have to fuss about these people. Just be yourself. Right, it looks Yueying is going bankrupt soon, aren’t they? Last night, when I saw the news it looked like…”

When Su Nan mentioned this, a smug smirk that revealed her delight over someone else’s misfortune clearly flashed on her face. “I just knew that these people would be given a lesson. Now, I’m really satisfied! Your man really gave you face. He had to do this to them. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be aware of their own abilities or the lack thereof.”

“You quite like to set an excellent example here. Do you think it’s just a little fight like when we were still in school?” Xi Xiaye could not help but shoot her a look.

“This is nothing. I just think it’s quite good. I’d like to see the way Xi Xinyi cry and beg to you. I want to see her pretending to be pitiful and weak. Ugh, I just can’t stand it. I think even she herself doesn’t know which side of her is the real her. This show has been staged for far too long. I’m afraid only she knows this well.

“But, Xiaye, I do think it’s quite weird. Do you think the Han family would help out? And the Yue family… Could they be worried by Yue Lingsi’s scandals? Maybe that’s why they play deaf and daren’t show their faces.”

When Su Nan said this, Xi Xiaye suddenly remembered the scene when she bumped into Han Yifeng at West Park. She lowered her gaze and did not say anything.

“Such a huge thing has happened. I thought that Han Yifeng would divorce Xi Xinyi, but unexpectedly he’s quite loyal. How lucky of Xi Xinyi to be pregnant right now of all times! I think that even if the Han family is upset with her, they can’t really do anything about it.”

“Let’s just see how it goes. I’ve left some things to Mu Yuchen and let him worry. Instead, I’m worried about my parents.” Xi Xiaye pressed her hand to her forehead and sighed.

“How’s Aunty Shen? I haven’t seen her in the past two days.”

When Shen Wenna was brought up, Su Nan could not hide the dullness that colored her face. Her eyes still showed that she faulted herself, and Xi Xiaye felt helpless at this sight. “It’s okay, Nan Nan. You can’t keep on being like this. I’m not happy seeing this. Mother’s fine. The last time at the checkup, the doctor said that her recovery was going quite well, so don’t worry. Mu Yuchen and I, as well as Grandfather, will get the best doctors to see her.”

“I know. I just keep feeling like Aunty Shen was… Eh! Is Aunty Shen going for your international wedding this time as well?”

“Of course, I’m hoping she’d go. She said she wanted to see at my wedding and see the way I look in a wedding dress, but now that she’s like this, how could she? She said she won’t go, and I don’t know how to get her to either.” Xi Xiaye sighed.

“Yes, Aunty Shen’s temperament is just like that. She’s set on whatever she’s decided upon. I just hope that she’ll reconcile with your father soon. About your father… A few days ago, when I went home, my father mentioned to me that he’s planning to lecture at University A!”

Su Nan frowned slightly as she inquired, “He was doing just fine as a mayor previously. He has a pretty stable reputation among the public too. If he had persevered, there was a huge chance that he would’ve been promoted, so why did he just give up? Even my parents think it’s quite a pity.”

Xi Xiaye lowered her darkened gaze as she said calmly, “Father says that he’s tired. All these years, he’s been in a state of mental and physical exhaustion.”



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