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(Mystery Person? (4)

Xi Xinyi was uncomfortable with his mocking, but she endured it for the sake of Yueying.

She took a deep breath to calm herself down and then asked once again, “Then, you can tell me your terms and your methods. If this is a good deal, naturally, I’ll work with you.”

“Miss Xi, you’re smart and very sly at mind tricks, but your little tricks are only enough to fool idiots like Deng Wenwen. If you don’t put more thought into it, you can’t beat Mu Yuchen. That man isn’t an idiot, and unfortunately, your sister is married to him right now. I can only pity you,” the man said indifferently.

“Are you familiar with Mu Yuchen?” Xi Xinyi was doubtful as she stared right at the man in front and tried to get a glimpse of his face. The man did not move at all and remained stationary like a sculpture.

The man chuckled coldly. “Familiar? Not quite. I know him, but that person should be quite close to him. For the safety of Yueying, you’d better not pry too much into it.”

“Shouldn’t you be stating your terms by now?” Xi Xinyi was wary at the moment. She had no idea what his intention was, and the uneasiness inside her was almost suffocating, but the man was obviously trying to create this stifling atmosphere.

“I don’t know about the terms. I’m only in charge of solving Yueying’s crisis for you. Ask that person about what’s going to happen afterward,” the man clearly stated his own mission.

Xi Xinyi was impatient to know the so-called method, so she urged again, “What did you mean by sacrifice then? What do you want me to do? Why don’t you just tell me straightaway already?”

“You’re quite impatient, aren’t you?”

The mysterious man smiled. “You don’t have to be so nervous. I won’t let you down since I’m here already. I’m quite looking forward to seeing Yueying being revived, and someone’s reaction… It’s not impossible to save Yueying. You have a very solid betting chip on you right now!”

Xi Xinyi felt a chill travel down her spine. As she was about to ask questions, the man continued, “I know you just met Han Yifeng at the Han Corporation. If I’m not mistaken, he probably asked you to divorce him before he saved Yueying, didn’t he?”

Xi Xinyi’s face turned pale all of a sudden. Han Yifeng’s cold and cruel expression flashed past her mind, breaking her heart all over again.

How could she endure such heartbreak?

They were so in love. How did they suddenly become even more distant than a pair of strangers?

“You’re really pitiful. You tried so hard to get Han Yifeng, and now without Xi Xiaye doing much, Han Yifeng…”

“Enough! You don’t have to say that. It’s none of your business! What betting chip are you talking about?” Xi Xinyi took a deep breath, obviously unwilling to continue this topic that made her feel pain and anger.

The man laughed bitterly before he said in a quiet tone, “It’s the baby inside your womb!”

Her child!

Xi Xinyi unconsciously covered her stomach on alert. “What are you saying? What baby?”

“If I’m you and want to save Yueying, I wouldn’t look for Han Yifeng at all. You know that Han Yifeng intended to divorce you long ago. Asking help from him now would just let him get what he wants, isn’t it?”

“What can I do then?” Xi Xinyi bit her lips as her eyes turned icy. She looked at the man for an answer.

The man grinned as his voice was cold and clear. “You can go to Elder Han. The Han family doesn’t have many offsprings. Although recent incidents did make their reputation suffer, it’s nothing more important than the baby in you. Do you understand what to do now?” He did not say anything else.

Elder Han?


Xi Xinyi pressed her stomach as a faint light flashed past her eyes and she gave it some thought. She remembered him mentioning something about sacrifice, then she understood what he meant.

Her face went pale. Could he want her to…

The man saw through Xi Xinyi’s struggle and grinned wider. “Miss Xi, I’ve said before that I believe that you’re a smart woman. This is actually the best way to keep both your child and Yueying safe. It’s just a marriage certificate. Moreover, Elder Yue truly favors you. As long as the Han family is willing to do something, the Yue family will help as well and Yueying’s crisis will be solved, killing several birds with one stone.

“Okay, I’ve told you the method now. Decide for yourself if you’re willing to make the sacrifice. You can get out of the car now.”

His hoarse voice was cold as he waved his hand at the man with the sunglasses outside who quickly came to open the door.

“Miss Xi, you can get out now!” His voice broke Xi Xinyi’s train of thought. She came back to her senses and noticed the man with the sunglasses already opening the door for her. With a slight nod, she left the car with an unwell expression.

As she left the car quietly, her eyes were still staring at the man in the car.

“Give it some thought, but don’t let it be too long. Yueying can’t hold on for more than a few days!” the man said as his chauffeur went into the car and wound up the windows. Then, the car rumbled away.

Xi Xinyi stared blankly at the car driving into the dark, lost in her own thoughts.

“Get in the car, Miss Xi! I have to send you back. Mr. Wen is really busy. You should be honored that he came to see you today!” The man with the sunglasses walked towards the car.



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