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(Mystery Person? (3)

A huge photo appeared after they removed the wrappings. It was him holding her hand as they walked beneath the sunset.

“Mmm… Pretty good. You look a little skinny though. It seems like the wind can blow you away at any time. I like this wedding dress the most too,” Mu Yuchen offered his compliments.

Xi Xiaye shrugged. “Who’s going be blown away so easily? But I think you look more handsome in real life. In the photo, you look like a fairy. It’s too unrealistic. Oh, well, overall I’m happy with it.”

“There’s another one behind. Shall we put this by the bedhead? Or the study room?” he asked for her opinion.

“Mmm, the bedroom, I guess. I don’t think anyone will put their wedding photo in the study room. I’m thinking about putting an inspirational quote there.” She smiled.

“Inspirational quote? What inspirational quote?” He held the photo frame with one arm while he slung the other over her shoulder as they walked into the bedroom.

“Stay oriented in one’s pursuit through austerity. Achieve lasting success by leading a quiet life.”

“Ugh, how tacky!”

“How is it tacky? Don’t you think it’s a good quote?”

“A good quote can’t help you with your EQ. I have no idea how you survived all these years being so stupid.”

“I’m not stupid!”

Their voices faded inside the bedroom.

The night was getting late and the car had been turning everywhere for so long that Xi Xinyi could not recognize any of the roads anymore. She just knew they had made a lot of turns in the dark. Finally, they stopped right in front of a decrepit house.

After waiting in the car for about an hour, the man in the sunglasses sitting in the front finally let her out of the car.

“Come down, Miss Xi!” The man opened the door and alighted from the car.

As she got out of the car, she noticed that it was quiet around the area and there was another black car parked by the yard.

“Mr. Wen is in the car. Please head over.” The man started walking towards the car and Xi Xinyi followed behind anxiously.

The man with the sunglasses knocked on the front passenger’s window and spoke softly, “Mr. Wen, she’s here.”

The window rolled down and the person inside pointed towards the back. With a nod, the man with the sunglasses let Xi Xinyi get into the rear passenger seat.

The lights were switched off inside the car. Only a faint light came from the street lamp in front, so Xi Xinyi could not see who was there. He seemed mysterious and dull, and he was wearing sunglasses as well. She was afraid to move around as she sat there anxiously.

Xi Xinyi clenched her fists and looked at the person in front as she asked, “Who are you? Why do you want to see me?”

“Who I am isn’t important. Most importantly, Yueying is going to be finished soon,” the man replied Xi Xinyi, his voice sounding hoarse.

Xi Xinyi straightened her back and looked right in front. “He said that you can help me. Are you going to help me save Yueying?”

She sounded desperate and nervous. She did not care about anything else now except for the survival of Yueying. If it fell, she would really have nothing left. Not only would the Han family look at her coldly, but that witch Xi Xiaye would also definitely laugh at her!

“Yueying is a mess right now. Saving it won’t be easy,” the man in front spoke in a suspicious tone. Xi Xinyi could almost hear the cold laughter from deep inside him.

She shivered slightly. After calming down, she looked at the man’s back and tried to keep her cool. She clenched her fists and asked quietly, “I know it’s difficult. You can state your terms. I’ll be very grateful if you’re willing to help me. I can’t let Yueying fall!”

While she did try to keep calm, she could not hide the intention to beg in her voice.

There was no reply from the front after she made her request. Instead, there was an odd, palpable atmosphere in the car that made her feel uneasy. She then continued, “He said that you’re with him and you can help me. I think you wanted to see me tonight is because of this, didn’t you? Did he ask you to help me?”

Xi Xinyi sounded determined. The person before her was really concerned about Yueying as well. Since the previous scandals were known throughout City Z, after the craze went off and she wanted to expose Xi Xiaye and Shen Wenna, he was the one that provided her with help.

That person seemed to be aiming at Xi Xiaye, or was it at Glory World?

Naturally, Xi Xinyi did not care. As long as their goals matched, they could become comrades.

After a while, the person laughed coldly. “It’s Yueying’s misfortune to step on Glory World’s tail. That person has always been this cruel. He likes to make sure there’s no way out for his opponents. Yueying being emptied out this time is part of his usual practice.”

That person?


Xi Xinyi’s heart jolted as a name quickly flashed past her mind and her eyes darkened. “Do you mean Mu Yuchen?”

The man in front did not reply to the name mentioned. Instead, he just snickered coldly. “It’s difficult to save Yueying, but it’s not impossible. It just depends on whether you’re willing to do it.”

Xi Xinyi’s eyes brightened up at the man’s words as she stared at him. “How?”

The man let out another cold laugh again. “The lack of funds in Yueying right now is huge. I’ll tell you what to do later, but for you… You need to make a sacrifice. I wonder if you’re willing to do so.”

“What sacrifice? Tell me how. I’m willing to do anything to save Yueying!” Xi Xinyi took a deep breath as her eyes shone determinedly.

“Don’t be so sure now, but your personality is really similar to Deng Wenwen. You two prioritize benefits. I like to deal with people like you. You’ve got clear goals.”

The man’s voice sounded bitter and Xi Xinyi could feel that he was mocking her.



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