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(Passed Away (3)

Mu Yuchen quickly looked through the documents as he listened to Li Si’s analysis. He closed the document and gave it back to him after that.

“Soon, after that, Yue Lingsi went abroad because she got pregnant that night and had been in contact with Deng Wenwen,” Li Si continued.

“How did Deng Wenwen confirm that the child in Yue Lingsi’s womb was Xi Mushan’s?” Mu Yuchen squinted his eyes and looked at Li Si.

“They did a DNA test when Yue Lingsi was two months pregnant and confirmed it was Xi Mushan’s child, so she let Yue Lingsi keep the child and then we know what happened after that. Teacher Shen was kept in the dark. Xi Mushan probably had no idea about that night until Yue Lingsi brought Xi Xinyi back.”

Li Si flipped through the document and took a look. “To confirm it, I’ve sent someone over to the hospital who did the DNA test back then, but it was too long ago and the hospital has moved many times. That information might have been lost already. However, since Deng Wenwen treated them so well, there’s probably no error here.”

If that was the case, why did Deng Wenwen not stand up for her when Xi Mushan wanted a divorce this time?

Was there any other reason?

From what he knew, Xi Mushan did not publicize those records. First of all, he was being considerate about Elder Xi. Secondly, being cheated on was not something to boast about, and lastly, if he gave too much pressure, he might get a counteraction instead.

Could he have gotten the things from Deng Wenwen, or did she decide to be a bystander because of some other factor?

Suddenly, Mu Yuchen put on a cold smile.

If he exposed this right now and Yueying fell, how would this old woman feel?

“Master, what should we do now?” Li Si put the documents away and asked.

Mu Yuchen’s expression was calm as usual, yet there was a hidden coldness in his eyes. The temperature in his tone dropped as well. “Wait.”

“Wait? Master… This…”

“Make a call and find out more about Xi Jiyang’s condition now.” Mu Yuchen did not explain and gave his next instructions. Then, he turned around and went back toward the room.

Just before he arrived in the room, Xi Xiaye walked out and closed the door carefully.

“Mother has fallen asleep. Let’s head back too,” Xi Xiaye said quietly as she saw him walking over.

With a nod, Mu Yuchen put an arm over her shoulder as they went out.

As they walked towards the car, Xi Xiaye went to the front passenger seat. Mu Yuchen was driving.

She let him fasten her seatbelt as she said tiredly, “I want to visit Grandfather in West Park soon. I feel kind of uneasy this few days, but there’s so much work to do, so I delayed it.”

Mu Yuchen’s eyes went blank. He paused and looked at her for a while before agreeing, “Let’s go tomorrow. I heard he’s not doing very well. He’s been sent to the hospital. Father didn’t come because he’s taking care of him.”

“Grandfather has been hospitalized?” Xi Xiaye frowned and her face was strained when she heard Mu Yuchen.

“Li Si just told me. Grandfather’s situation doesn’t seem very good.”

“He even called me several days ago. How could it be…?”

Xi Xiaye was getting anxious. Just as she was about to say something else, the phone inside her pocket started vibrating. She took her phone out and saw it was Xi Mushan calling, so she quickly answered the call.

“Father?” Her voice sounded anxious as she had a bad premonition.

As expected, Xi Mushan’s grim voice came through the phone.

“It’s me, Xiaye! Are you with Ah Chen right now?”

“He’s right beside me,” Xi Xiaye replied.

“Mmm, come over to Townsperson Hospital now. Block 4, 18th floor, room 4. We’re losing your grandfather. He wants to see you and Ah Chen before he leaves!”

Xi Mushan hung up after telling her to come.

Those words were imprinted onto Xi Xiaye’s mind. Her whole body froze and her hand started trembling as she dropped her phone the moment Xi Mushan hung up on the call.


The phone fell and Mu Yuchen turned to look at her. He was shocked to see her face turn so pale all of a sudden. He quickly grabbed her shoulder and turned her to face him worriedly. “What’s wrong? Hmm? Why do you look so pale?”

Xi Xiaye seemed lost. She just let him shake her for a bit before she came back to her senses. Her eyes welled up with tears when she saw his concerned look while her throat started to tighten as she spoke, “Father said we’re losing Grandfather. He told us to go to Townsperson Hospital now.”

In room 4 on the 18th floor of Townsperson Hospital in City Z.

Xi Jiyang’s room.

Only Xi Mushan was beside Xi Jiyang when Xi Xiaye and Mu Yuchen arrived.

Xi Jiyang was on the bed with numerous tubes connected to various parts of his body.

His breathing was very weak and he must be in a lot of pain as he was frowning the whole time. Evidently, his body was really frail.

“Father…” Xi Xiaye covered her nose slightly as she called out to Xi Mushan. She noticed that Xi Mushan’s eyes were red as well and he looked exhausted.

“Father,” Mu Yuchen greeted him too.

Xi Mushan nodded and then looked towards Xi Jiyang on the bed. “He’s still conscious now. He kept on saying that he wants to see you two. Go see him.”

Xi Mushan then walked to the balcony.


Xi Xiaye sat by the bedside. She held Xi Jiyang’s gaunt hands and started to tear up. She sobbed a little. “How are you feeling? Mu Yuchen and I are here.”

Xi Jiyang’s eyelids flickered slightly when he heard Xi Xiaye’s voice. He struggled to open his eyes to look at Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye before him.



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