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(Mystery Person? (2)

The Porsche passed through the Fatong Avenue, bathed in the dim yellow streetlights as it drove towards the Shen residence.

Inside the car was Xi Xiaye and Shen Yue, the granddaughter and grandfather duo.

Shen Yue sat in the front passenger seat while Xi Xiaye drove. Along the way, because she was considerate about Shen Yue, she dared not to drive fast. Instead, she controlled the car rather steadily.

As the car moved forward, she saw that Shen Yue leaned back against his seat and shut his eyes to rest, or sometimes he would look out at the street views that kept streaming past behind him. Xi Xiaye suddenly chuckled.

“Grandpa, you seem to be in quite a jolly mood today.”

When he heard Xi Xiaye’s voice, Shen Yue opened his eyes a little and squinted at her. Suddenly, there was a kind and loving smile on his face. “I’m now happier and happier with Ah Chen. Seeing him reminds me of myself and your grandma back then! When your grandma was younger, she was just like you, but she had a sweet-tempered shoulder-length hairstyle that curled inwards.”

When her grandma, Liang Fuhua, was brought up Shen Yue would seem to be in a pretty happy mood. Xi Xiaye could not help but smile through pursed lips upon hearing this. “Grandpa, you and grandma were really a married couple that was so in love. I’ve talked about it with Mu Yuchen, and we both admire your love back then. It feels so simple and honest. Once you’ve decided on one person, then it’d last forever unlike now when the divorce rates are so high.”

“That depends on the environment too. Your grandmother and I had a difficult life back then. We went through a lot of hardships together as a married couple. Obviously, it would be a little different now. You all just lack experience. Relationships require going through things together, settling down and accumulation of such experiences,” Shen Yue seemed to speak from experience as he lamented.

“Grandpa, have you ever told Grandma that you really love her? I just felt that back then, the both of you were very… um…”

Xi Xiaye liked listening to Shen Yue talk about her grandma and she loved listening to stories about them going through hardships hand-in-hand.

Some beautiful stories could inspire. Furthermore, they could allow oneself to deeply reflect upon ourselves and make us feel encouraged from within.

Xi Xiaye was someone like that. She was a simple and very easily satisfied person.

When she mentioned this, Shen Yue’s aged face immediately colored with a blush, yet he still laughed heartily. “We aren’t like you youngsters now, saying ‘I love you’ eventually. I’ve never said any sweet words of flattery to your grandma.”

“Even though Grandma didn’t say much to you, Mother says you aren’t romantic at all, I remember once, Grandma told me that the first time you gave her flowers, it was a single plastic peony stalk!”

“How did you find out about these things?”

Having this awkward incident exposed, Shen Yue started to become embarrassed. He cleared his throat a bit and then turned to look outside.

“I just know. Grandpa, do you really dislike my father?”

She hesitated for a moment before deciding to just brace herself and probe with this question.

As soon as Xi Xiaye asked that, Shen Yue’s face immediately turned into a scowl. “Of course I don’t like him! Back then, your mother broke off her relationship with me for him, and then we have what happened today. He’s the main culprit! Years ago, after your mother severed ties with me, I went looking for her. If they sincerely want to be together, I can’t disagree either. I just hoped that your mother could leave him for a while and go abroad to further her studies. Your grandma’s health was poor back then and I couldn’t care too much either. I just wished for your mother to take over Fuhua, but who would have thought…?”

“Grandpa, Mother was also just young and frivolous back then, so you shouldn’t think too much about it. Now, everything’s in the past, but, Grandpa, I feel like Mother can’t just go on like this, can she? Her heart is still with Father. All those unhappy incidents… It can become a weapon to punish each other, or it could also manifest into a deeper relationship after forgiveness. I remember once upon a time, I heard someone say that sometimes love with some guilt might last much longer.”

When Xi Xiaye said this, her calm face suddenly flashed with a wry smile. “Now that Mother is in such a state, I… I just hope that she can have happier days. Grandpa, you’re much more experienced than I am, and you’ve gone through more than I have, so…”

Xi Xiaye did not continue after that. She just smiled calmly and her gaze remained fixated ahead.

The car was already rolling on the cement road towards the Shen residence.

Xi Xiaye sent Shen Yue straight to the doorstep of the Shen residence and then went back. Mu Yuchen said that later on, they would take a look at the guest list.

She did not have many people that need to be invited, just Su Nan and Ruan Heng.

These past few years, she had seldom been in contact with those old schoolmates and friends of hers. She had studied abroad for university too, thus many things had faded when she returned. Especially after she was expelled from the military academy, she basically kept to herself and was unsociable, so as time went on, she was only left with Su Nan in the end.

When she returned to the Maple Residence, Mu Yuchen left the lights on for her in the living room downstairs. After her shower, she then went to the study room, yet she did not find Mu Yuchen. His phone was tossed on the coffee table beside the lounge as well.

Where was he?

She looked around puzzled for a while, and when she did not see him, she called out his name, “Mu Yuchen?”

She called out for quite a few times, yet he did not respond. The book that had been flipped open on the side was not closed either. He had probably run off somewhere at the last minute.

With a sigh, she then put a bookmark in the book before putting it back onto the shelf. When she reached the desk, she saw that there was a huge pile of red invitations and a guest list. She flipped through it for a while, then sat down before beginning to write.

However, before she could even finish writing several of them, there was the sound of footsteps from the door. She looked up subconsciously and saw that the man was carrying something like a huge frame and was walking in.

Xi Xiaye looked at the thing in his hand in confusion, and then asked softly, “What’s that?” She stopped what she was doing.

“Come over to take a look. It’s our wedding photo. I’ve just printed one. See if you’re happy with it. If not, then I’ll ask them to make a new one.”

He looked up at her, his handsome face brimming with a heartwarming smile.

Wedding photo?

When Xi Xiaye heard his announcement, a joyous smile surfaced on her face. She quickly got up and walked over. “It’s printed so soon?”

“I just called to ask. The photographer said that he was just done with this picture. I wanted to see how it looked, so I just went to retrieve it.”

Mu Yuchen gently put the picture frame on the short table on the side as she went over. She helped to tear the wrapping off. “You can get them to send it all over when they’re done with everything. I was busy a few days ago, so I didn’t get time to choose the photos either, but I trust our photographer’s judgment.”



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