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(Mystery Person? (1)

With a whoosh, everything fell from the table and the floor was scattered with shattered pieces.

“Han Yifeng, don’t even think about ditching me just like that! I will make you come back to my side! And, Xi Xiaye, if you won’t let me live, then I won’t just let you go either!”

Her voice as she spoke through gritted teeth was as cold as bone-chilling ice while her reddened eyes instantly turned sharp and exceptionally chilly. Her clenched fists were trembling from anger too.

She took a few deep breaths in and forced the anger surging in her chest down because Han Yifeng heartlessly and coldly turned away. Her chest felt suffocated. After a few breaths, her swollen eyes could not help but turn teary. After a while, she picked her handbag up and left too.

When she walked out of Emperor, it was bustling outside. She walked in a daze to the roadside and was about to flag a taxi when a black car suddenly stopped slowly beside her. Xi Xinyi subconsciously stopped her steps and peered vigilantly at the car beside her.

The car window whirred down very quickly. Under the dim streetlights, she could see that the man in the driver’s seat was a man wearing sunglasses.

“Are you Miss Xi Xinyi?” The man’s deep and cold voice was heard.

Xi Xinyi took a step back as her eyes were fixed on the man with the sunglasses. “Who are you?”

The man just smiled coldly as he whipped his phone out and made a call as he said, “Mr. Wen wants to meet you.”

Mr. Wen?

She did not know any Mr. Wen!

Xi Xinyi continued to be on guard against this man. “Who are you? I don’t know any Mr. Wen!’

“You don’t have to know him as long as he knows you. With him as your guarantor, you should believe me, shouldn’t you?”

The man quickly dialed a number and then handed the phone to Xi Xinyi who was startled. Then, she took the phone and probed uncertainly, “Hello?”

As she said that, a familiar yet cold voice came from the other end. “It’s me.”

When she heard his voice, Xi Xinyi was shocked and a wild joy erupted in her eyes. “It’s you!”

“Mmm. Get into the car now and follow him. If you still want to save Yueying, then do as I say. Mr. Wen is my man and he will help you handle Yueying’s affairs. If there’s anything, I’ll contact you.”

Without waiting for Xi Xinyi’s answer, the call ended.

Stunned for quite a while, Xi Xinyi did not return to her senses until the man with the sunglasses took the phone in her hand.

“Get in, Miss Xi!”

Then, Xi Xinyi nodded and pulled the car door open before quietly getting in. Without a hitch, the car started and sped ahead like the wind.

However, just as the car left, a black car followed behind too. In the car was Ah Bao who followed Yue Lingsi with Ah Mo the other day!

As soon as Ah Bao saw the car weave into the traffic, he quickly ordered, “Quick, follow them!”

The car instantly followed them.

After they made several rounds, the people in the car felt that something was not right.

“Bro Bao, I think they saw us. Look at his route. He’s speeding up again!”

“There’s the secondhand car marketplace ahead and there’re a lot of intersections!”

“Watch the car closely! Quick!”

To their chagrin, the car ahead quickly made a turn and vanished into a little alley ahead. Although Ah Bao and the rest wanted to chase after them, a large truck from the opposite direction forced them to stop.

“We lost them!”

“They already saw us. Forget it. Ask the brothers to watch out for the alley exits nearby. Let me call Bro Mo.”

It was close to midnight and the breeze was cold. Faint moonlight shone down on the Maple Residence, making it looked exceptionally quiet.

After dinner, Shen Yue and Mu Yuchen discussed for a long while in the study room again. By the time he left, it was already 9 p.m. Xi Xiaye drove him home, so only Mu Yuchen was left in the Maple Residence.

He leisurely showered, and then went straight to read something in the study room while waiting for Xi Xiaye. He had just taken a book and flipped it open on the lounge when his phone suddenly buzzed. He picked it up.


“Master, it’s me! I just received a call from Ah Bao saying that Xi Xinyi got into a black car, but they lost the car.” Ah Mo’s voice came through the phone.

When he heard this, Mu Yuchen’s indifferent, handsome face darkened and an unfathomable cold light flashed in his eyes although his tone remained calm as always. “Can you find out who owns the car?”

“The car’s number plate is fake. Ah Bao checked it out. They went towards the east toward the old city area,” Ah Mo continued to report.

Mu Yuchen lifted a hand and gently massaged between his brows. He fell momentarily silent before calmly instructing, “Get everyone to retreat. There’s no need to follow anymore.”

“Master, Ah Bao and the rest will definitely be able to find them.”

Anxiously, Ah Mo said, “Recently, there’s been problems with Yue Lingsi and Yueying, yet things have been exceptionally peaceful. Master, I think there’s something odd about it. It makes me suddenly feel like this is the calm before the storm. You and Missus have to be a little more careful. Maybe we’ll find some clues by watching them closely.”

“No need. Just get everyone to retreat. If they’re going to make a move, we’ll definitely know. We can’t be so easily affected. I have a feeling that this peace is going to be interrupted very soon.” A sneer flashed across Mu Yuchen’s lips.

“Well, then, Master… What should we do next? Is the Yue family really not planning on doing anything about Yue Lingsi? In fact, I feel like this time should be someone from Qi Kai. Will it be Qi Lei or Qi Qiming?” Ah Mo asked.

“The Xi family has already lost all their worth of being rescued. Whether or not they make a move will depend on Han Yifeng’s response. Meanwhile, the Han family is also waiting to see the Yue family’s response. We’ll just let them wear each other out,” Mu Yuchen responded evenly as the knot in his furrowed brows started to smoothen out. “Qi Qiming’s very good at avoiding investigation If it were him, our people wouldn’t have been able to catch him, so just get our people to retreat.”

“Yes, Master! Yueying won’t be able to last more than a few days at this point. Master, we’ll just have to watch how things play out. Based on what I heard, Qi Qiming and Wang Qin recently had a bad fight, yet Qi Lei hasn’t done anything.”

“Mmm, I got it. Quickly check on the situation on your end. If there’s any news about Qi Feng, inform me immediately.”

“Got it!”

He hung up the call before apathetically tossing his phone to the side. His expression remained calm and solemn as it did before.



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