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(Negotiation (3)

Xi Xinyi felt anguish when she heard Han Yifeng’s cold tone. She looked at Han Yifeng with her swollen eyes. “You’re on Xi Xiaye’s side, aren’t you? Han Yifeng, you’ve changed! Don’t forget just how much you hated her before. Are you regretting your choices back then?”

Her language was harsh as she bit her lip and all her sorrow shone through her eyes. She clenched her fists angrily.

Regret his choices back then?

This question hit Han Yifeng like an enormous rock. Emotions crashed through his mind as he closed his eyes and barely contained himself.

He did not reply as she observed him carefully.

“Don’t forget that you were the one who said to leave together. You were the one who rejected Xi Xiaye. Don’t tell me that you regret being with me now! Have you really forgotten all the pleasant memories we had together because of these?”

Han Yifeng felt a pain in his chest. He had to admit that he was responsible for causing what had happened today.

If he had followed the planned path back then, would today be any different?

After a while, Han Yifeng finally replied, “I don’t want to make any comments regarding the past. I’m sure you yourself know why Yueying arrived at such a state today. If you want me to save Yueying, I can help you.”

“Yifeng! Really? Are you really going to help me save Yueying?” Xi Xinyi’s eyes flew wide open and her whole body was strained as she stared at Han Yifeng with an electric current of thrill in her eyes.

“But I have one condition. If you agree to it, I’ll purchase Yueying and then help it to get back on track before giving it back to you.”

“What is it?” Xi Xinyi’s heart sank when she heard Han Yifeng’s suggestion. It was as if she already knew what was he going to say, so her body tensed up.

“You didn’t sign the divorce papers Secretary Wang sent to you before and wanted me to talk to you.” Han Yifeng drank some wine. He thought for a moment and then continued without being considerate toward Xi Xinyi’s whose face already turned pale. “I told you I can’t give you the future that you want. Our love has ended in this conflict, so it’s the best for both of us to let go earlier. I’ll follow all the terms listed in the contract. You can let me take care of the child after you’ve given birth. If you agree to sign the divorce papers, I’ll help you save Yueying.”

Han Yifeng listed his conditions calmly as he searched inside his briefcase and took out a drafted divorce contract to put before Xi Xinyi.

“Think about it. I won’t make any compromise on this. I’m firm on getting divorced.”

His words stabbed her heart like a cold, sharp needle.

Xi Xinyi looked at the divorce contract in front of her and then raised her head to face Han Yifeng. She could not believe what he just said.

“Do you really have to divorce me for Xi Xiaye?”

“This issue is only between us. Don’t involve others into this. Do you think you can erase all the lies you’ve told me before with just some tears? Xinyi! You always think that it doesn’t matter and you always need everyone to be considerate about you! You only blame other people. You’re so wicked for wanting to destroy your own sister! Do you think you can cover the whole truth by just saying ‘I didn’t do it on purpose’? You’re ridiculous!”

“It’s all in the past now! Isn’t she still living fine and alive right now? I don’t understand why you’re so obsessed about what happened in the past! Do you think you can turn back time by taking her side now? Impossible! She’ll never go back to you again! She’s so happy staying by Mu Yuchen’s side. Remember how she said she loved you? She’s a fake! She turned to another man in the blink of an eye! Only me, Han Yifeng! I’m the only woman who loves you the most in this world! Do you understand?!” Xi Xinyi could not hold her anger in anymore and her rage burned like a pyre!

“Love? If you really loved me, you should’ve quitted your acting career when I asked you to do so and stayed by my side three years ago! If you loved me, you wouldn’t have hidden so many things and treated me like your plaything!”

Han Yifeng put on a bitter smile as he looked at the angry Xi Xinyi with her face all puffy and red. “I can’t accept how you always act all regretful after you’ve made mistakes, and you even pretend like nothing has happened when you’re exposed. You just blame it all onto others. You don’t repent at all. I’m afraid of your behavior. No matter what, one must find fault in themselves after a mistake is done. Only then do you start to see what else went wrong. Didn’t you tell me this before? Why can’t you do it yourself?”

Han Yifeng’s words made Xi Xinyi freeze. She stared at Han Yifeng blankly as a cold light flashed in her eyes.

“So, now you’ll only help me if I agree to divorce you?” Xi Xinyi grabbed the document before her, crumpling the paper in just an instant.

“Yes, this is the only condition. You can choose to do so or not.” Han Yifeng’s voice turned bitter. He looked at Xi Xinyi firmly. “Please know that Yueying is only left with problems right now. The huge amount of debt will clear Yueying out in no time. Even if it were me, it’d be tough. Think about it yourself.”

Han Yifeng stood up as he finished his sentence. “I’ll wait for your answer.” He then left the room.

Secretary Wang peered into the room with concern before leaving with Han Yifeng.


With the sound of their footsteps moving further away, Xi Xinyi tossed the divorce papers away and stood up furiously as she flipped the table.



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