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( Negotiation (2)

The car started with a rumble.

“Go to Emperor,” Han Yifeng said coldly without even opening his eyes.

Xi Xinyi’s quiet sobbing reached him, making him irritated.

He opened his eyes after a while and glanced at Xi Xinyi. He noticed that she was crying helplessly, so he took a deep breath before tossing a piece of tissue onto her lap. Then, he turned to face the window.

The sky turned dark as the street lamps were starting to light up. With the lights streaming into the car, their shadows kept flashing backward as crowds were swarming both sides of the street. However, Han Yifeng felt lonely when he saw this scene.

Xi Xinyi finally lifted her head after crying for a long time. She took the tissue Han Yifeng handed her and wiped the tears on her face away. He was still looking outside the window when she turned towards him, sniffling again before calling out, “Yifeng…”

“Save your cheap tears, Xinyi. It’s not good for the child inside you,” Han Yifeng said quietly after a while. He did not know what else he could say and his words became weak.

Xi Xinyi unconsciously touched her stomach, sniffling again and looking at Han Yifeng with her teary eyes. “Yifeng, you still care about our child, don’t you? I know you’re not this cruel. I don’t believe them when they say you don’t want to see me. You’re the only one I’ve left now. You’re the only one. Sister not only ruined Yueying, but she also chased all of us out of West Park. Are you really going to do nothing and watch us struggle?” She looked like she was in deep pain and sorrow as her eyes reddened.

“I’m your wife and I’m bearing your child right now. I don’t believe that you’d be cruel to me and our baby. Didn’t we say we’ll be with each other forever? We’ve lasted so long, we got married, and even have a child now. What will I do if you’re abandoning us now? Yifeng, what should I do?”

She then started crying as she covered her face. She had been enduring the circumstances for so long that she needed a place to express herself. The recent incidents almost suffocated her. Although her numerous crying sessions did not help relieve her pain and depression, she just could not stop crying.

Han Yifeng just sat there quietly as he was still looking outside without saying a thing.

Xi Xinyi’s tears never stopped as the car moved forward. After some time, the car finally stopped.

“CEO Han, we’ve arrived!” Secretary Wang said quietly. He saw what happened in the back from the rearview mirror. Xi Xinyi kept on weeping while Han Yifeng just stared outside the window with a frown. It was his first time being in such an awkward situation.

They were still a pair of loving couple not so long ago. They would usually hug each other or kiss passionately during a time like this, but who would have expected this today?

Secretary Wang was really quiet, fearing that he would step on a landmine and make Han Yifeng angry. Han Yifeng’s temper was getting worse as well, and he was on edge lately.

Han Yifeng left the car swiftly while Xi Xinyi wiped her tears away and followed him as well.

The waiter brought them to the reserved room and they sat down opposite each other. The atmosphere in the room was pretty tense. Secretary Wang could feel it even when he was guarding the door outside. Han Yifeng had probably agreed to meet Xi Xinyi this time because he wanted to talk about the divorce again.

The dishes were served quickly. It was French that night. They ordered these dishes pretty frequently when they came before.

Han Yifeng drank some wine and then said quietly, “I’ve heard about what happened. Glory World left and the whole of Yueying has been emptied out. Combined with the debts accumulated along the years, the situation was still in control with the support from both Glory World and Qi Kai, but with Glory World’s sudden retreat, Qi Kai hasn’t said anything. It’s just a matter of time till Yueying declares bankruptcy.”

Xi Xinyi’s expression darkened as she sniffled and nodded. “Yes, that’s what Yueying is facing right now. The bank gave us a final notice saying that we’ll be forced into bankruptcy if we can’t pay up. Several movies were stopped, Yifeng. If we can continue filming those movies, Yueying will be saved! Trust me, Yifeng. I’m confident about it!”

She grabbed Han Yifeng’s arms as he was her last hope while she begged helplessly, “I can’t let Yueying fall. I’ve invested so much. Help me, Yifeng.”

Han Yifeng felt a slight pain because she was grabbing his arm so tightly. It took him a while to struggle away from her grip. “Xinyi, Yueying was already on the verge of falling anyway. I think it’s pretty good for it to fall now. You can come to the Han Corporation to work after that.”

“I don’t want it! I don’t want Yueying to go bankrupt. I’ve lost everything and I can’t lose Yueying now! Yifeng, if it weren’t for Xi Xiaye, I’d still be popular and Yueying wouldn’t be reduced to such a state. She even took West Park away. Isn’t all that enough already? Is she trying to end me?”

Xi Xinyi felt aggrieved. She peered at Han Yifeng with red eyes. “She’s happy now, huh? Yueying has become like this, and Grandmother had a stroke. Everything that’s happened right now is her fault! Mother is breaking down as well! Why can’t you be considerate towards me as my husband?”

“Yueying will fall because of the inability of you lot. If you had a powerful internal structure, there’s no way people could’ve just torn it apart! About Mother, those scandals are the truth. She should be able to take responsibility for what she has done and not blame others. As for how those things came to light, the Yue family should be clear about that!”



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