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( Memories Are All Thats Left Of The Past (2)

When Xi Xiaye just said this, the sound of a car honking came from afar. The mother and daughter looked toward the source of the sound.

A Rolls-Royce slowly stopped behind Xi Xiaye’s car.

The car door opened, and the person who got down was Han Yifeng who had not been seen for many days now.

Why is he here?

Xi Xiaye frowned in puzzlement as her gaze moved together with Han Yifeng’s figure.

Han Yifeng stopped right behind Xi Mushan and greeted with his deep voice, “Father, Xiaye!

With a nod, Xi Mushan turned to look at Han Yifeng and handed the key to him. “The things that have been cleared out from West Park are in the servants’ room outside West Park. Here’s the key. Get someone to bring the things to Xinyi.”

Han Yifeng took the keys and looked at Xi Mushan with complicated feelings, then he looked ahead at the empty West Park. He was about to say something, yet Xi Mushan had turned away. “Okay, Xiaye, you should go home earlier too. We need to draw the guest list up in the next few days. Ah Chen mentioned it to me yesterday. I don’t need any guests from my end. Just let him know that. I’m going to go back first. Since it’s just an empty mansion, there’s nothing much to see. It’s not that early anymore anyway.”

As Xi Mushan spoke, he took a look at Xi Xiaye and Han Yifeng, then with a solemn expression, he left.

Xi Xiaye turned to watch Xi Mushan’s back all the way until he drove his car beyond what she could see. Only then did she retrieve her gaze and was about to leave, yet Han Yifeng called out to her, “Xiaye, hold on!”

Xi Xiaye paused, but she did not plan to stop as she continued walking.


She felt like a cold breeze had blown in from behind. Then, she felt her wrist being tightly held by him who chased her from behind.

Forced to stop, she looked up indifferently at the person who stopped her with a calm and distant gaze which was hostile. The sight of this made Han Yifeng’s heart sink, so he could only dully let go of her hand.

“Do you need something?” Xi Xiaye asked calmly and then subconsciously took a step back as she looked up at him.

“Must you have Yueying?” Han Yifeng fixed his eyes on her as he asked softly.

When she heard this, a hint of a sneer surfaced on Xi Xiaye’s face. She looked quite calmly at him and said, “Yes, I must have Yueying. It’s not doing very well now, is it? If you’re willing to help Xi Xinyi, I wouldn’t mind.”

“I have no intentions of reprimanding you. I just wanted to let you know that even if I don’t do anything, Xinyi might be able to find someone who can spend.”

When Han Yifeng said this, Xi Xiaye immediately became slightly vigilant. “Do you mean the Yue family?”

He did not answer.

Xi Xiaye looked on and did not continue asking. “If that’s the case, I’ll just wait and watch how she makes her comeback, but Yueying definitely won’t be able to get through this.”

With their reputation in a mess and such huge loopholes in the finances, she did not see how Xi Xinyi could persevere. Even if someone helped them out, what could that do?

“This series of grudges have gone on for so many years now. It doesn’t matter who started it. I hope that it can come to an end right now. Anyway, you take care too,” she said, feeling weary. Then, she walked toward her car. After a while, the car engine started, and when he looked up, Xi Xiaye had already driven away.

As he watched the car slowly vanish amidst the warm sun ahead, Han Yifeng stared ahead for a very, very long time until Secretary Wang’s voice came from behind.

“CEO Han, she’s long gone. Let’s go back too!”

Han Yifeng rushed over after receiving Xi Mushan’s call. Yue Lingsi was now living in the villa under his name. Even though he was not on good terms with Xi Xinyi, ever since Xi Jiyang’s passing, the two of them maintained a very vague husband and wife relationship. Xi Xinyi was still Han Yifeng’s wife, living in his villa.

While he had often been resting in his own office or at the hotel to evade all of these worries, he seldom went home. The divorce with Xi Xinyi kept on getting delayed.

Xi Xinyi would not agree to get a divorce just like that, plus his elder would not agree to it too, especially because Xi Xinyi was still pregnant with Han Yifeng’s child. It had been quite a few months now and her belly was starting to show. Even though Huang Ziyao was unhappy with Xi Xinyi because of the previous matters, she still forced herself to send someone to take care of Xi Xinyi who kept parading her belly about. She clearly announced to the public that she was pregnant, so whatever it was, the Han family could not just push her aside.

While Han Yifeng was looking wan and sallow from being restricted by all these issues, he became gaunt. Only Secretary Wang knew the torment that he had been dealing with.

Han Yifeng did not respond to Secretary Wang. He just looked away and turned to look at this mansion before him. Some dusty memories of the past slowly crossed his mind. However, of the many images that flashed past, almost all of them were related to Xi Xiaye…

He tried hard to recall again, and images of Xi Xinyi appeared after that. It was all the happy times from the few years that they spent abroad.

He did not know why but he suddenly felt very melancholy. As he looked at West Park that was now empty and quiet, he increasingly felt like some things were leaving him and moving further and further away. He wanted to grasp onto something, yet he could not catch anything.

Many images replayed from start to end. He suddenly realized that most of the memories he had of his youth were of Xi Xiaye, and not Xi Xinyi.

He suddenly felt his heart ache. The gloominess drowned him out, and almost swallowed him whole. The only that saved him was the sound of a phone ringing from Secretary Wang’s pocket.

Secretary Wang took out his phone very quickly, and answered the call, a while after he covered the phone and looked to Han Yifeng, he said softly—

“CEO Han, it’s Miss Xinyi!”

Xi Xinyi had been looking for Han Yifeng for a long time now. Han Yifeng had been going abroad for work or was busy discussing new projects recently. He avoided Xi Xinyi as much as possible, especially after he heard the guard say that she had come looking for him many times.

When he heard this, Han Yifeng sighed and thought about it, then finally said, “Let her wait for me at my office. There are some things that are best resolved as quickly as possible.”

Upon receiving Han Yifeng’s answer, Secretary Wang nodded, then answered the phone. “Miss Xinyi, CEO Han asks for you to please wait for him at his office.”

When he hung up, Han Yifeng had already walked up to the car and quietly got in.



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