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(Personal Gift For You (2)

Xi Xiaye looked at the documents for some time before putting them back. “It’s just an empty house. I never expected the Xi family to go this path.”

Thinking back, the Xi family was quite a famous one with Xi Jiyang and Xi Mushan being the top brass in the political scene along with Yueying, yet it had fallen to such a state today.

Internal conflicts could be more lethal than enemies; they had proven that themselves.

Xi Xiaye put on a self-mocking cold smile as she kept the folder on the bookshelf, her tone sounding cold. “No matter how much glory one has, it’ll fade away someday just like the wind.”

“Xi Xinyi and Yue Lingsi should be staying in Han Yifeng’s villa now. Deng Wenwen had a stroke and her condition doesn’t seem very promising. She was left in the hospital and Father hired a long-term caretaker for her. He’ll transfer her to a rehabilitation center after her condition has stabilized,” Mu Yuchen told her what happened.

A stroke?

Xi Xiaye turned around and looked at Mu Yuchen to find him watching her calmly. No one said a thing for a while, then she went towards the window and pulled the curtains open. The morning sun streamed into the room, showing off the great weather.

“Yueying won’t last much longer, huh?” she asked without showing her emotions.

While they received their karma, she was not really that thrilled about it. A lot of thoughts and some inexpressible emotions ran through her mind.

“They can only declare bankruptcy if they can’t pay back the debts. The banks are urging them to pay up and you know that’s quite a large sum. Xi Xinyi might get Han Yifeng to help if she truly wants to save Yueying.”

Xi Xiaye understood it very well. With Glory World’s sudden retreat, Yueying was almost emptied and their whole working system was moved over to Chenye Movies and Televisions. Given Yue Lingsi’s scandal, Yueying would probably fall.

“What are you thinking about? Shouldn’t you be happy? Now that I see your face, I’m not sure if what I’ve done has value.”

As Xi Xiaye stayed quiet, Mu Yuchen went beside her and put his arm around her waist. He embraced her so closely that she could smell his familiar scent and feel his body temperature through his chest. Instinctively, she put her hands on his.

“Nothing really. I just don’t know if it’s the right thing to do. The Xi family is ruined. I don’t know what Father thinks, and if Grandfather would feel sad if he were still around,” she told him how she felt as she looked at him squarely with her clear eyes.

“Isn’t it too late to think about this now? You’re overthinking. Being too considerate can put you in a mess.” He sighed helplessly as he ran his fingers through her messy hair. “If it makes you feel better, I’ll bear everything. Just take it as me, the devil, who did all of it.”

She chuckled as he comforted her. Then, she playfully poked his face with her finger. “You finally admit that you’re the devil?”

Mu Yuchen laughed and grabbed her hand. “Alright, you don’t have to feel uneasy about any of this. Even if we didn’t do anything, Yueying wouldn’t last long as well. Wait, I have something for you.”

He then pulled her toward the table and opened the drawer to take a document out and give her. “Take a look. You’ll like it.”

Xi Xiaye was stunned for a moment. She arched her eyebrows and only accepted it after a few moments. She studied it carefully.

It was 90% of Chenye Movies and Televisions shares, as well as the shares he had for the developing movies and television studio. They were now all under her name.

She was dumbfounded to see the document. After a while, she looked at him, speechless.

“I know Yueying might be special to you, but in order to make you forget about the unhappy memories, I changed it to our name. It was Yueying before and it’ll be yours now. No one can take it away from you. Moreover, it has a studio of its own and I know it’ll become even bigger in your hands.” His voice reached her as he patted her head.

“Why… Why are you so sweet to me?” She glanced at him. During moments like these, her headstrong self crumbled in front of him.

She had gone through so much pain before, thus she would find herself on the verge of crying if someone was being absolutely kind to her. She sniffled and turned away, refusing to look at him.

He smiled and his heart softened when he saw her this way. He hugged her firmly. “It’s a personal gift for you. Do you like it?”

“Mmm.” She nodded and hugged him back, trying to take in his warmth. “I like it…”

“You like it? You’re crying and smiling. What does that mean?” He looked at her and wiped the tears at the corner of her eyes away.

Sniffling again, she wrapped her hands around his shoulders and pulled him down. Her soft lips met with his and he could smell her fragrance as they kissed. She gave him a slight peck, but when she went lower and they were absorbed in the headiness of their passionate kissing, he started to feel a slight pain on the lips.

As he came back to his senses, she backed off.

“That’s what I meant!” She flashed a bright and cheerful smile while her eyes were like that of a little girl pulling a prank on somebody.

“Co-existence of happiness and pain, huh?”

He glanced at her from above. Xi Xiaye could feel his dangerous gaze as she reacted and backed off. However, he was bigger and quicker, and he grabbed her wrist in just a moment.

Before she could react, she was pinned down against the wall behind her, so she yelled, “Please let me go, good Sir!”



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