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( Personal Gift For You (1)

News spread through the media like wildfire. In just one night, the news about Yue Lingsi was broadcasted throughout the city.

Some of the old stakeholders who were on Xi Xinyi’s side could not take it anymore. In just a few days, Yueying was on the brink of bankruptcy.

None of the people from the Yue family showed up ever since Yue Lingsi’s scandal was exposed. The paparazzi camped around the Yue family while Yue Lingsi hid inside Xi Xinyi and Han Yifeng’s villa. Xi Xinyi still did not want to give up on Yueying and was trying to do whatever she could to salvage it.

Compared to the storm outside, things were peaceful in the Maple Residence.

After two busy weeks, they were finally done with all the work at the office and could enjoy a day of decent rest.

With their wedding getting near, the two of them started preparations as well.

Early in the morning, inside the study room of Maple Residence of the second floor, Mu Yuchen woke up early while Xi Xiaye was still asleep.

“Master, things are almost done. Chenye Movies and Televisions is on track now and Vice President Liu came back last night. Also, I visited the hospital once since Deng Wenwen had a stroke. It happened the night we leaked the news. Yue Lingsi had a fierce argument with her and she fell unconscious after that. After an operation, she can’t control her limbs well now, and couldn’t even speak properly. Yue Lingsi is hiding from the media and no one has seen her yet while Xi Xinyi is still going around trying to save Yueying. I bet she’s trying to get the Han Corporation involved,” Li Si reported to Mu Yuchen who was standing beside the window.

The morning breeze lifted the curtain beside Mu Yuchen and the whole room was quiet as Li Si’s voice left an echo, but Mu Yuchen had not said anything.

After some hesitation, Li Si continued, “Master, we’ve cleaned up West Park. We followed your instructions and moved everything belonging to Deng Wenwen and the others out. We didn’t touch anything else. We’ve also changed a new lock and gave Mayor Xi one of the key cards. The rest are here with the document from Lawyer Wang.” He then handed a folder over.

Mu Yuchen then turned his head and glanced at the folder before pointing at the table behind him.

Li Si nodded and put the folder onto the table.

“Is there anything happening with Yueying now?” Mu Yuchen sat down on the sofa casually and started making tea. Then, he signaled Li Si to sit as well.

“Not yet. We’re keeping an eye on the Yue family and Xi Xinyi. I’ll report to you if they do anything.” Li Si sat down as Mu Yuchen handed him a cup of tea. “These are the Pu Er your Missus brought back from City B last time. Have a taste. Take some back if you like it. I remember that your parents are very fond of tea.”

“Thank you, Master!” Li Si gave Mu Yuchen a grateful glance as the latter closed his eyes. “Be careful about this. It’ll be tougher on you since Ah Mo isn’t around, but you can ask for help from Ah Bao and the others. Your Missus and I will be heading over on the 27th this month. I’ll leave things here to you and you can come to our wedding after that.”

“Yes, don’t worry, Master!” Li Si replied, “By the way Master, Deng Wenwen… Mayor Xi visited her yesterday. Yue Lingsi… Mayor Xi hired a long-term caretaker for her. She might be transferred to a rehabilitative center after her condition has stabilized. Xi Xinyi and Yue Lingsi were really cruel. In this situation…”

He then sighed as he remembered when he saw Deng Wenwen—

How pitiful and sad!

It was karma. She was now conscious but could not move or take care of herself. It must be really tough for her.

“Also, Xi Xinyi went to look for Han Yifeng several times, but he didn’t meet her. He’s probably avoiding her. Yueying can’t hold on any longer and the banks are urging for payments already. If they can’t pay up, they can only declare bankruptcy and it’s not a small amount!”

Mu Yuchen sipped some tea as he put on an indifferent smile. “Han Yifeng… I didn’t know he was such a person…”

Naturally, Li Si understood what he meant. No matter what, they were still married and Han Yifeng’s child was still inside Xi Xinyi, yet he just ignored all of these. A man like this…

“Master, next up…?” Li Si asked for further instructions.

“Just keep a close eye on them. The South River project is going to be launched soon and Vice President Zhang Lan is focusing on it. You should help out a little.”

“Yes, Master! I’ll head back now. I think Missus is awake. Just now…”

Before Li Si could finish his sentence, the half-closed door was pushed open and Xi Xiaye poked her head inside as she glanced around and saw the two of them on the sofa.

“Assistant Li? I heard someone talking from outside. You’re early!” Xi Xiaye brushed her messy hair as she spoke.

Li Si stood up and smiled. “Morning, Missus! I’m just here to deliver some documents to Master. I’m heading back now.”

“You’re going back now? You can have breakfast with us first. Chairman Mu just finished cooking breakfast.” Xi Xiaye was pretty easygoing and would try to make them stay for meals whenever they came over. Needless to say, Li Si and the others were grateful for her gesture.

Li Si declined politely with a smile and he left the two of them alone.

Xi Xiaye lifted the curtains as she watched Li Si leave slowly. She voiced out her doubts to the man drinking his tea casually on the sofa, “Why is Assistant Li here so early in the morning? It’s the weekend, isn’t it?”

“He’s here to deliver something. The folder on the table contains the documents from Lawyer Wang as well as the new keycards to West Park. Keep them,” Mu Yuchen replied.

Xi Xiaye paused for a moment. She went toward the table after a while and opened the folder. As she looked through the contents, he started talking again, “West Park has been cleared now. Li Si left Father a keycard. You can think about what you want to do with it later on.”



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