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( Passed Away (2)

A comforting smile appeared on Shen Wenna’s face when she heard Xi Xiaye’s words, yet she shook her head. “Ah Chen and you just got married. Why would I stay with you now? Moreover, there are servants in the Shen Residence too. They can take care of me. You guys should focus on what you need to do.”

Shen Wenna suddenly extended her arm to Xi Xiaye and held her hand.

“Your wedding in June is coming up soon. You guys must be busy preparing for it now. Xiaye, I hope you guys can have an unforgettable wedding to fill up the emptiness inside me. Maybe I won’t be able to see now, but I’m sure that Ah Chen won’t let you down.”

Shen Wenna looked rather melancholy despite her calm appearance. Even her eyes seemed lonely as well.

“Mother, yours and Father’s wedding back then…” Xi Xiaye pried.

Shen Wenna took a deep breath. She blinked and seemed to be recollecting her memories of the past. After some time, she replied, “Back then, your father and I were in a hurry to marry. The wedding wasn’t much. I just put on a veil and married him. We only invited several of our close friends. I was too headstrong back then and only cared about marrying your father. I even tried to break off my relationship with your grandpa… I really…”

“Mother, you were young once! You loved fiercely and courageously. Sometimes, I’m really envious of you. You can do everything for love. I told Mu Yuchen that love back then was really much simpler, and a pure form of happiness.” Xi Xiaye smiled.

“However, it’s all in the past now. You have to understand this, Xiaye. Promises always sound better when you’re in love.” Shen Wenna sighed. She had had a taste of it herself, experiencing all kinds of people and matters in life. Who knew what would happen in the end?

No matter how close a relationship was, it could not go up against the fight for benefits, and her love with Xi Mushan died for the sake of this said benefit.

“Mother, Mu Yuchen told me that Father quit his career and has been busy handling divorce with Yue Lingsi.” Xi Xiaye was suddenly reminded about this recent development and told Shen Wenna about it, wanting to see her reaction.

Shen Wenna did not say anything, but Xi Xiaye could feel her mother’s hand freeze up as she was holding it.

After a while, Xi Xiaye continued, “If Father can do all of that and come back to you, are you still willing to accept him?”

In the hospital corridor, Mu Yuchen stood by the railing and looked at the city lights outside.

“What is it?”

Behind him, Li Si nodded. “Master, Elder Xi is in grave condition and might leave us any moment. He’s been sent to Townsperson Hospital. I just had a call with Mayor Xi’s secretary and found out that Mayor Xi has been taking care of Elder Xi for the past two days. The situation seems dire.”

Mu Yuchen’s face darkened when he heard Li Si’s report.

Some time ago when he visited them with Xiaye, he still seemed alright even though he was unable to walk very well. It was happening all too soon.

“Do you know the exact condition?” he asked quietly.

“The doctors have already concluded he can’t live past this year, and with the conflicts in the Xi family, he’s probably been exhausted by it all already. Especially if Yue Lingsi’s matter is exposed, we don’t know if he can take the impact.”

Of course, Mu Yuchen was aware of what Li Si just said. He was worried about this and held back his thoughts. He wanted to wait until Xi Mushan’s divorce before deciding to use this trump card or not.

“Master, on the other hand, Mayor Xi and Yue Lingsi are now officially divorced effectively starting today.”

Li Si had gone to the Civil Affairs Bureau to investigate and confirm that Xi Mushan and Yue Lingsi were divorced. It seemed like the documents were a big impact on Yue Lingsi!

The Yue family did not interfere throughout the whole process because when Xi Mushan received the evidence of Yue Lingsi cheating, the exact same document was delivered to Elder Yue!

The Yue family was not stupid. If this was exposed, not only would the reputation of the Xi family be affected, but the Yue family would also be implicated as well! So, they chose to be quiet and hoped for this to be handled carefully.

A faint light flashed past Mu Yuchen’s eyes.

Was he free now?

What about Shen Wenna?

Mu Yuchen understood Xi Mushan’s behavior very well. He was trying to escape from this huge vortex of conflicts.

“Mmm, good,” Mu Yuchen gave a brief reply as he looked at the city lights downward. “How about the thing I asked you to investigate? Are there any results yet?”

“There is, Master! I was just about to tell you.” Li Si replied as he handed a document to Mu Yuchen. “This is what happened…”

“Deng Wenwen and Yue Lingsi’s mother are best friends. Yue Lingsi fell in love with Mayor Xi, but Mayor Xi was madly in love with Teacher Shen. In order to force Teacher Shen away, they… When that happened, Elder Xi was aware of what was happening, but it was during the time of his potential promotion, and the person above him was Elder Yue, so…” Li Si sighed before Mu Yuchen took the document from him and looked through it.

“Elder Xi would probably never know the amount of trouble it brought Mayor Xi. Mayor Xi isn’t Deng Wenwen’s child, and in the Xi family, Deng Wenwen wasn’t as powerful as she is now since Elder Xi was still above her. Coincidentally, because of her fault, Yueying faced a crisis, so in order to gain power, she… took photos of Mayor Xi and Yue Lingsi when they were in the act. It seems like Yue Lingsi herself was unaware. It must be a way to guard against Yue Lingsi and the Yue family. This old lady really cunning!” Li Si frowned as he spoke.

“So, I’m sure Mayor Xi succumbed to the pressure all these years. With the Yue family backing him up, Yueying was able to get through the crisis and went on to be successful.”


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