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(Loss Of Reputation (4)

When Yue Lingsi finished, Deng Wenwen sneered instead. “Don’t forget. You made this choice yourself back then. You told me that as long as you can be by Mushan’s side, you’d do anything and were willing to suffer anything. How are you learning to bargain now? Did you forget all your promises back then?”

To Deng Wenwen, Yue Lingsi was actually in the same situation as her.

Back then, Deng Wenwen did not love Xi Jiyang, but for Yueying, she was willing to sacrifice her marriage and even her right to be a mother. On the contrary, Yue Lingsi had sacrificed her dignity and even integrity for so-called love.

For the sake of her good relationship with her mother, Deng Wenwen admitted that she did pity Yue Lingsi a little. In Yue Lingsi, she even found the kind of unspoken ways they related to each other, which was why she regarded her so highly.

Unexpectedly, Yue Lingsi had done such a thing which turned out to be the fatal blow to Yueying that was already swaying fiercely amidst the storm!

When she heard Deng Wenwen, the tears that gathered in Yue Lingsi’s eyes fell. She blinked her wet eyes and looked at Deng Wenwen. “Back then, I thought that as long as I persevered and worked hard to give, one day he would be moved, but you can see how has he treated me all these years. In front of others, we are husband and wife with mutual respect. Behind closed doors, he is cold as ice. I didn’t mind bearing the bad name of a homewrecker and went abroad for him. I even left my father and the Yue family behind for him. I was willing to endure everything for over 20 years, and what did I get? All the while, he only missed Shen Wenna with all his heart! I just can’t compare to that witch, Shen Wenna!”

The more Yue Lingsi spoke, the more she felt wronged. She covered her face as she spoke with a raspy voice and choked on her sobs.

Nevertheless, her words did not gain any pity from Deng Wenwen. Instead, she felt repelled by them. “Back then, you were willing, and now you use this exact reason to do something so shameful. You’ve really let me down! How humiliating! And now you’re trying to argue for injustice here! Quickly think of a way to settle this matter! Your Yue family isn’t even picking up the phone now. I’ve called quite a few times and couldn’t get through! Weibo said that these things were leads from the Yue family. Could they know about the shameful things you’ve done all these years? Am I the only one who’s been kept in the dark?”

Her questioning tone was exceptionally stern. The fire of fury in her chest was growing vigorously and she could feel a heaviness in her chest and shortness in breath. In the madness, she almost could not catch her breath.

“No, it’s not like that, Mother! I… I didn’t want to keep it a secret. We’ve only done it a few times. After I divorced Mushan, I didn’t go looking for him anymore. Mother, you have to believe me. It’s true. Don’t say it like that. I never thought of hiding it.” Yue Lingsi wanted to explain herself, yet Deng Wenwen did not give her a chance.

“How can you say such things at this point!? Only a few times!? You didn’t clean your tracks properly after cheating and you still try to look all wronged now. Yueying’s on the verge of being toppled by Xi Xiaye’s reckless revenge. With your scandal out now, you’re just asking for my life! Are you willing to just degrade yourself like that? If Yueying falls, think about how you’re going to make it up to me!” Deng Wenwen spoke very harshly. When she remembered the things her assistant said, she became so angry that she gnashed her teeth.

“Enough! Stop scolding me!” Yue Lingsi finally could not bear it anymore. She gripped the tablet in her hand tightly and wiped her tears away as she stopped her crying. She looked at Deng Wenwen with slightly red eyes. “Yueying was about to fall anyway. I’ve been running around these past few days to save just anything, and now you’re here lashing out at me. Are you not responsible for it at all? If it wasn’t for you wanting to get the shares back from Shen Wenna, all of this wouldn’t have happened!”

“You agreed and persuaded me to get the shares back at that time too, so why are you blaming me instead now?” Deng Wenwen looked at Yue Lingsi with a rigid gaze. Because of Yue Lingsi’s words, she was even angrier now.

“Yueying was already on the verge of toppling before I joined. All these years, if it weren’t for me running around and getting connections everywhere, it would have long fallen! Degrade myself? Back then when you begged me, why didn’t you say I was degrading myself? You even suggested I drugged Mushan. The fact that I’m where I am today is all thanks to you! You want to make my daughter and I your puppet! All these years, you’ve been trying to suppress me and put your guard up against me. If it weren’t for the company at such a desperate juncture, I’m afraid you wouldn’t have been willing to handover Yueying, would you? Even if you did hand it over, I don’t see you truly letting go of your authority. Don’t we still have to report the company’s situation to you every day?” Yue Lingsi breathed in deeply as the way she glared at Deng Wenwen instantly turned bitter.

“Compared to you who seeks nothing for profit, I think I’m much nobler! Back then, weren’t you unhappy with Shen Wenna because she married into the Xi family with nothing? Instead, you were so friendly to me. You really think I’m a fool, huh? Do you think that I really thought that you sincerely wanted to matchmake Mushan and me? All these years, apart from being a little more courteous when you ever needed something from the Yue family, you have always been stepping all over me arrogantly. I am the Yue family heiress, but you pushed me around!”

When she recalled all the things she had suffered through the years, Yue Lingsi was filled with rage. Now that the matter had reached this point, everything was exposed, so she did not have to endure this in silence anymore. All the resentment that she had suppressed for a long time erupted like a volcano.

Deng Wenwen’s eyes immediately flew wide and her hands clenched the blanket tightly as she looked in disbelief at Yue Lingsi. “What did you say? What did you say? Say that again!”

“Even if I say it twice, it’ll still be the same! It was you who was bad at managing the company. You’ve caused the once wealthy Yueying to suffer losses by the day. If it weren’t for me working so hard to save it all these years, it would’ve long been done for! Now, you’re really going to blame me! How hilarious! Instead of pushing all the responsibility onto me, why don’t you just say that you’re not that capable?! Yueying’s highest authority is in your hands. The reason that it has fallen today is all because of you! You don’t have anyone else to blame for it!” blurted Yue Lingsi out harshly after she took a deep breath in and stared at Deng Wenwen.

Deng Wenwen’s chest tightened with anger and she immediately inhaled large gulps of air without control.

Not capable? Not capable!

This was the second time she had heard such words today. A while ago, Xi Xiaye had said that about her too! If Deng Wenwen was not capable, could she have managed to bring Yueying to where it was today? Only she herself knew the hardships, blood, and tears involved!



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