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(Start Over (4)

She was about to close the drawer after taking out a pen, but then she noticed that in the corner of the drawer, there was the medicine for flu and sore throat Ah Mo had brought her last time.

She took it out as well.


As Qi Lei was coughing non-stop, Xi Xiaye tossed a tiny metal box to him. He stared at her in surprise while she was already reading the document on hand.

Qi Lei picked the metal box up and realized there were pills for flu and sore throat inside. A faint light appeared in his eyes as he glanced at her for a while before popping a pill into his mouth.

“I’ll pass this document back to you in a few days. There are several parts that need to be discussed,” Xi Xiaye told him after a while.

Qi Lei coughed again before pointing to the blueprint to say in his hoarse voice, “Here’s the part you guys requested for amendments. The effect graph is over here.”

“Mmm, I got it. I’ll take a look at it and leave feedback later.”

Xi Xiaye closed the document and stood up. “Vice President Qi, you should head back now. Thank you for coming all the way here.” She used a clipped, business tone.

Qi Lei’s scarlet face was sweaty and he looked pretty uncomfortable. He grabbed the pen from Xi Xiaye and wrote a bunch of numbers in the empty corner of the document.

“Give me a call after you’re done.” Without staying any longer, he left after he packed up his stuff, taking the pills along with him too.

When he arrived at the door, Qi Lei suddenly turned back and looked at Xi Xiaye. He waved the little metal box in his hand, but his eyes did not have the usual wickedness he had before.

“I know you guys have been gunning for Yueying, but my advice to you is to back off a little. Things have been rather chaotic lately. Glory World isn’t the only one aiming for it. Well, I’m taking this as compensation to my reminder. That’s fine, isn’t it?”

Qi Lei left after saying that to Xi Xiaye. She stood there, listening to the sound of his coughing in the corridor.

Xi Xiaye clenched the document in her hand after he left. Her eyes quieted down before they became clear again.

In his words, was he telling her that Qi Kai was gunning for Yueying too?

She remembered that he was the representative of Qi Kai who was handling Yueying, as well as one of Xi Xinyi’s strongest back-ups, so he should not be telling her this.

Xi Xiaye was getting more and more confused as she thought about it.

Inspector Zhang’s words flashed in her mind. Qi Lei and his father Qi Qiming were not on good terms.

Qi Qiming obviously favored his eldest son Qi Feng more and was not very pleased with this other son of his.

Having investigated deeper on her own, Xi Xiaye found out that Qi Qiming and Qi Lei’s mother, Huang Qin, were just purely connected by marriage. Currently, Wang Qin held most of Qi Kai’s stock, thus Qi Qiming could not just do anything he wanted.

Wang Qin was being considerate about her own son. It had been forever since she wanted Qi Lei to become CEO of Qi Kai, but Qi Qiming never agreed. The couple was cold to each other, and apparently, it was not really a secret.

However, she felt something was wrong with what Qi Lei said.

Could Qi Qiming want Yueying as well?

She was troubled for quite some time until the end of the workday. Finally, she kept her thoughts to herself and went to meet Mu Lingshi and Su Nan.

Back in Maple Residence, Mu Yuchen arrived home in the evening. Together with Su Chen, Zhou Zimo, and Ah Mo, they were planning to go Imperial Sky initially, but Su Chen would not let this chance slip by.

He missed the excellent wine in Mu Yuchen’s cellar, so the few of them went to Maple Residence as well.

Mu Yuchen was busy cooking in the kitchen while the three of them were playing cards in the living room. Afterward, they felt a little uneasy, so they went to help Mu Yuchen.

Su Chen was peeling the potato skins as he asked, “I don’t see your wife around. Is she still at work?”

“She went out with Lingshi and might come back late tonight,” Mu Yuchen replied while he was concentrating on mixing some spices.

“Regarding your father-in-law, Xi Mushan, is that just going to happen? I heard about it during the meeting today. It felt…” Su Chen frowned as he looked at Mu Yuchen.

“Father doesn’t want to work in the political field anymore. It’s enough that he stayed in the field for decades, so he’s decided to quit now and spend time with Mother, which isn’t a bad idea,” Mu Yuchen replied.

Su Chen nodded. “How about your mother-in-law? The media went crazy about her a while ago. I know Shen Yue and you suppressed the news, plus the government helped out a bit as well. Now that it’s in the past and with Xi Jiyang left, you wouldn’t just let those women go, would you?”

“I’ll hunt them until the very end.”

His tone was firm, “At the same time I want to see what Qi Kai will do. I have a feeling that we’ll find something out after this storm is over.”

“I heard you’re sending Ah Mo and Lingshi over to Los Angeles?”

Su Chen gave Mu Yuchen a meaningful stare, “Are you thinking that someone might be there?”

“Xiaye said she wants to visit South America, the view is nice over there, it’d be good to have our wedding there too, Ah Mo and Lingshi are back together now, I’m letting them take a short vacation together while they scout the place.”

Su Chen nodded. “I had a talk with Zimo yesterday. Every time Qi Qiming went abroad, he’d always pass Los Angeles. I think we can leak this information to Qi Lei or Wang Qin to test them.”

“It might be better if we let them struggle among themselves while we take action only when needed.”

Su Chen had put a lot of effort into this lately. It was evident that he worked hard to track Qi Qiming down.

“Zimo purposely went to a hotel in San Francisco that Qi Qiming has stayed in before. He found out that he actually went there for business. Nothing seemed odd.”

Mu Yuchen’s eyes darkened, but his hands did not stop at all.

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