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(Start Over (3)

After Xi Mushan finished preparing the dishes, Xi Xiaye called Mu Yuchen and found out that he had lunch with Shen Yue outside, so the three of them enjoyed the lunch instead.

From what she recalled, the last time the three of them had shared a meal like this was almost more than 20 years ago.

That was already such a distant memory.

Now that they could relive such moments again, she felt quite emotionally stirred.

Throughout it all, Xi Mushan had carefully taken care of Shen Wenna, picking out the fish bones, spooning the food for her, wiping away the residue of soup at the corner of her mouth…

Xi Xiaye did not say anything. She silently watched Xi Mushan and Shen Wenna across her. She took in all their movements that were full of chemistry and could not help but feel a pang of sadness and tenderness.

It was not sure whether it was because Xi Xiaye, their daughter was present, but Shen Wenna did not reject Xi Mushan serving her, she silently lowered her head and ate the food in her bowl, but she did not say anything to Xi Mushan, instead, Xi Mushan spoke up from time to time.

After lunch, Xi Xiaye went straight back to the office while Xi Mushan remained in the Shen residence to accompany Shen Wenna. Of course, before she left, she handed the letter that Xi Jiyang gave her to Shen Wenna, but Shen Wenna did not open it. She just quietly kept it away.

The afternoon sky was still gloomy. The horizons held hints of rain whilst both sides of the walkway were filled with pedestrians rushing through with their umbrellas.

Xi Xiaye’s car drove underneath the cold rain and went to the parking spot before the Glory World Corporation plaza.

Xi Xiaye had just reached her office and sat down when Xiao Mei walked in.

“Director Xi, Qi Kai’s Vice President Qi came over. There’s a document that needs to be discussed for amendment. VP Zhang Lan and Chairman Mu are doing inspections at the South River, so they asked you to review it on behalf of them.”

Xi Xiaye frowned slightly and subconsciously looked up to see Qi Lei standing casually behind Xiao Mei. However, his handsome face seemed a little pale.

She hesitated momentarily before pointing to the sofa on the side. “Have a seat!”

Xiao Mei knowingly came up to steep the tea while Qi Lei sat down on the sofa. Xi Xiaye sat leisurely across him too.

Her assistant, Xiao Mei, left after steeping the tea.

“What document is it? Let me take a look,” Xi Xiaye said plainly.

Cough cough!

Just as Xi Xiaye said this, Qi Lei suddenly coughed severely. His eyes filled with a demonic air and contained some fury as he glared at Xi Xiaye.

It was all because of this annoying woman!

Initially, his cold had not been getting better. After being caught in the rain that day and being tormented by her like that, he suffered a high fever for quite a few days upon his return. Following that, his cold became more severe. He had been staying at home for quite a while, yet his throat still hurt like it was on fire. He almost could not speak!

He coughed for quite a while, causing his demonically charming face to redden. He was clearly holding back his urge to cough with a lot of effort.

Xi Xiaye held her teacup and looked at him calmly with raised eyebrows. An amused smile could not help but surface on her fair face.

He held back, sipped some tea, and managed to suppress his frustration. Then, he frowned and cleared his throat to softly speak with a raspy and dry voice, “What are you smiling for? It’s all because of you. I’ve never seen a woman as annoying as you!”

When Xi Xiaye heard his comment, she raised her brows even more and casually had a sip of tea. As she recalled the scene of tricking this lecher in the rain, she felt smug on the inside. She pursed her lips and smiled wider. “I think you’re quite comical and funny. Besides, I don’t need you to like me. Whether or not I’m annoying is none of your business.”

Qi Lei coughed a few times again. He took a few deep breaths, then gasped. “You’re really one to talk! Women who mess with me receive a slap and become handicapped if I go easy. In a worse case, you should be grateful that I’ve been happy to be a good person recently, so I won’t be bickering with you. Otherwise, you would’ve been done for— Cough cough… Cough cough!”

As Qi Lei spoke, he drank some tea and then with a scarlet face, he turned to take a document out from his briefcase. He flipped through it before handing it to Xi Xiaye.

“This is the rough plan. It’s already been amended according to your company’s comments. Take a look… Cough cough! Cough cough…”

Qi Lei hacked quite badly and his handsome face turned red from trying to suppress the coughs down. When Xi Xiaye saw his agony, she reached out to take a tissue and handed it to him as she smiled coldly. “I couldn’t tell that you’re quite dedicated to your work, VP Qi. You’re already this sick and still, you insist on working. The award for the model employee of the year should just be given to you.”

As Qi Lei took the tissue Xi Xiaye handed, he covered his mouth and coughed quite a few times again before he calmed down after a while.

“You speak with such harshness. Every time I talk to you, it’s quite upsetting! Take the things and look for yourself!” Qi Lei flushed red as he breathed in and then tossed the document to Xi Xiaye who squinted at him before picking it up and looking through it.

It was the plan for the water palace surrounding the music fountain. This was what Glory World had requested for before, and Qi Kai had very cooperatively made amendments. Because Xi Xiaye was personally in charge of this project, she naturally had a very clear grasp of it.

“Wasn’t this part supposed to be supported by rhombus jades? Why… is it like this now?” Xi Xiaye squinted at the sketch and asked in puzzlement.

Qi Lei coughed lightly, then slowly got up to lean in and look. In one look, he replied, “A triangular shape would have higher stability and be steadier for support. Don’t these two look quite good joined together? Do you even know anything about construction?” He rolled his eyes at her.

Xi Xiaye then slowly looked up and glared at him. She then recalled that Qi Lei seemed to have been an outstanding student who had graduated from a certain prestigious school in construction!

Previously, she seemed to have heard VP Zhang Lan mention this before!

Would that then mean that this blueprint was personally designed by him?

Xi Xiaye raised her brows and looked at him. “Did you personally plan and design this yourself?”

She remembered that back then when Mu Yuchen suggested having a water palace and musical fountain, he had been hesitant because not many companies in City Z were well-versed with this aspect, yet this land required extreme perfection. It was a very important highlight in the entire South River project, so you could tell how important it was.

Now, by the looks of Qi Lei’s blueprint design, it looked pretty impressive.

However, Xi Xiaye obviously did not know much about these. Perhaps she would need to bring it home to discuss with Mu Yuchen first.

“Do you think this little project will require my personal involvement? Hmm!”

Qi Lei shot Xi Xiaye a side look of disdain. He lowered his head and sipped his tea. However, he could not help but cough quite a few times again.

Xi Xiaye abruptly looked up and looked contemplatively at him. She did not say anything and just got up to return to her desk. Then, she pulled open a drawer and took out a pen.

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