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When Xi Xiaye said this, Shen Wenna could vaguely hear the joy that could not be concealed in her voice. She wanted to say something, but she did not continue.

“Mother, actually, sometimes when I see Mu Yuchen cook at home, I remember the time when the three of us were by the beach. He reminds me of Father.”

When Xi Xiaye turned to look at the kitchen, she could vaguely see Xi Mushan’s busy shadow inside, her heart was warmed, and she immediately thought of Mu Yuchen, she could not help but voice out her thoughts.

As Shen Wenna heard this, she smiled. Obviously, she could hear the tenderness in her voice.

In fact, it seemed to be the first time that Xi Xiaye spoke about such matters of the heart in front of Shen Wenna.

“Isn’t that quite good then? Your husband is a man that loves you deeply, can be your mentor, and can love you like a brother or father. This is what every woman yearns for.”

When the topic of the matters in her daughter’s heart came up, Shen Wenna became gentle. She seemed to have a deep understanding of it.

“When I was younger, I was proud and arrogant too. I thought that when I chose a husband, he should be an optimistic person. Not only would he have the scholarly manner of a philosopher and would be multitalented, but he would also have the extraordinary attitude of a gentleman. In work and life, he would interact with me like a close friend. He would understand me, and I would understand him. We’d help each other in simple circumstances. That was my dream husband.”

When Shen Wenna said this, she suddenly chuckled softly. She reached out to search for a while before she found Xi Xiaye’s slightly cold hands which she held gently. “Back then when I saw Mu Yuchen, he gave me such a feeling, so I’d always thought positively of your relationship. A man like that might know how to care for you better.”

“Father seems to have been like that too back then, was he not? I heard that the two of you were University A’s perfect pair, an ideal couple. Father also had a scholarly charisma and was multitalented.”

Xi Xiaye stared stunned at Shen Wenna. As she spoke, she could not help but tug at her long hair a little defeatedly. “Mother, Grandpa always told me that she really suspected whether I was your biological daughter. You and Father clearly excelled at your studies. How did you give birth to a daughter so terrible at studies? Even Mu Yuchen is good at studies.”

“Just treat it as an example of how once a certain limit is reached, a reverse is inevitable. If you aren’t my daughter, would you look exactly like me?” Shen Wenna smiled as some warm light slowly surfaced in her hollow eyes. “When I had you, you were the most tormenting child in the womb ever. I needed to constantly visit the hospital for checkups. Your father thought we almost couldn’t keep you. Your movements never stopped.”

“I know about that. I’ve troubled you, Mother. After that, Father never agreed for me to have another younger brother or sister, so it was only me.”

“You and Ah Chen can have one or two little ones. The Mu family also only has one heir. Who wouldn’t hope for their families to flourish with more children? With Ah Chen’s personality and the Mu family, if you got pregnant, you’d be cherished carefully and doted on from the bottom of their hearts.”

As Shen Wenna spoke, she gently patted Xi Xiaye’s hand. “You’ve been married for almost three months now. Why hasn’t there been any news?”

When this was brought up, two clouds of pink blush colored Xi Xiaye’s fair cheeks. She reached out to caress her flat bell while she pursed her lips and did not answer.

“Eat more tonics for your health. You’re quite stressed too and you’ve been working so hard. You have to know how to take care and love yourself.”

The mother and daughter rarely spoke with such calmness and without barriers. Xi Xiaye suddenly felt like Shen Wenna seemed to have changed in temperament after she lost her sight. She was never like that before. She used to be a little cold and distant, and hard to get close to.

“Mmm, I will, don’t worry, Mother. Have some water. I’ll go take a look at what Father has cooked. Later, I’ll get Mu Yuchen to come back for a meal.”

Xi Xiaye poured Shen Wenna a cup of water and handed it to her, then she walked to the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Xi Mushan was moving about in front of the stove. When he saw Xi Xiaye walk in, he asked, “Why aren’t you chatting with your mother? There’s quite a lot of smoke in the kitchen. Why did you come in?”

“Father, you… Are you really determined on getting Mother back?” Xi Xiaye leaned against a cupboard and fixed her eyes on Xi Mushan who was stir frying a dish.

When he heard his daughter’s question, Xi Mushan paused. He turned to look at Xi Xiaye and sighed as he said, “Obviously, I am. Even if she won’t accept it, I should be taking care of her.”

“Don’t worry. I can feel that Mother still has feelings for you, so you have to persevere. On Grandpa’s side, Mu Yuchen previously suppressed his fury temporarily, so he won’t interfere between you and Mother… Actually, I didn’t think that you’d really come over. When Mu Yuchen and I discussed this, we were quite uncertain.” Xi Xiaye sighed, lowering her gaze and thinking for a moment.

Then, she continued again, “Actually, long before Grandfather left us, he came looking for me and told me not to blame you… Now that Grandfather’s gone, I realized that many grudges aren’t actually that important. After you and Mother got divorced, I’ve always hoped that you two can get together again. Mother has never been able to forget you.”

“Did she tell you that?” When he heard Xi Xiaye say this, Xi Mushan’s eyes suddenly ignited with some hope, he turned and fixed his eyes on her.

“She said that she’s given you all of her…”

“Your mother’s a good woman, so good that sometimes I don’t think I match her.”

Xi Xiaye laughed bitterly. She pursed her lips. Seeing his desolate expression, she said, “I heard that in relationships, there’s no such thing as compatible or not. It comes down to willingness.”

“No matter what, I hope that you two can get back together again because I know that all these years, Mother has actually been very lonely too.”

She suddenly felt that the atmosphere was a little too heavy. Reluctant to continue, she changed the topic.

“Okay, let’s not talk about this anymore. Grandfather gave the property rights to West Park and some land in the east of the city to me. I know that they must have gone to look for you for the past few days, so you can just tell them that I’ve already signed the document and acknowledged it. If there’s anything they are unhappy about, they can come to look for me. They don’t have to bother you or continue latching onto you.”

Xi Xiaye had already expected that if Deng Wenwen and the rest knew about this, they were going to explode in fury again. She could even imagine all the women’s expressions when they found out.

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