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Ah Shi and Nan Nan?

When he mentioned this, she then remembered that because of Shen Wenna and Xi Jiyang’s recent matter, she had been mentally and physically exhausted, so she almost did not have time to meet up with them.

Su Nan seemed to have fallen ill with a cold and fever recently. Thankfully, Ruan Heng came back in time. Otherwise, Xi Xiaye would have been quite worried too.

Su Nan still blamed herself for Shen Wenna’s incident. On the day Shen Wenna was discharged from the hospital, she went over even though she was sick. After that, Shen Wenna had to get Lan Zilang to personally send her home.

Xi Xiaye wanted to meet up with her to chat too. Given Su Nan’s personality, even though she was usually quite carefree, if she were to clam up because of her problems, she could be quite a headache to deal with.

“Then, I’ll go see them tomorrow evening. You drive yourself to work then. Tomorrow…”

“Oh, right, how have Ah Shi and Ah Mo recently been? Did she really go with Ah Mo?” Xi Xiaye suddenly thought about this.

Mu Lingshi seemed to be in a rather good mood recently. In fact, she did not seem quite as distant from Ah Mo as before. Naturally, she was delighted for them when she saw this.

Nevertheless, when this was mentioned, his eyes dimmed a little despite a gentleness on his face. “Ah Mo still needs to work harder.”

When she noticed that him being rather down, she could not help but softly console him, “Ah Shi is actually a very sensitive and meticulous girl. As long as Ah Mo works a little harder, he’ll be able to warm her heart and move her. Don’t worry.”

Suddenly, she remembered what she had asked Detective Zhang to investigate. It seemed to have been quite a long time now, yet she had not heard any news from Detective Zhang.

In regards to the Qi family and Qi Lei, every time she thought about it, she felt like she was in a weird and unpredictable position, so she felt worried, though she was more concerned about him.

She fell silent for a while, then she suddenly looked up at him. She watched him take a book down from the shelf with a calm expression. As he was flipping through it, he did not answer her.

She sighed to herself, then abruptly got up and took the book in his hand. She put it back onto the shelf and frowned to say, “Okay, let’s rest earlier tonight. I haven’t been seeing you rest for these past few nights when I woke up in the middle of the night.”

He raised his brows and looked meaningfully at her, then he chuckled. “Feeling sorry for me?”

Ignoring him, she just hurled out her arms and pushed him out. He then grinned and bent over to pick her up. “Can you satisfy me tonight then?”

“Why do I find you more and more indecent now? Like a pervert!”

“If you’re on the receiving end, I’ll accept the title.”


“We haven’t done it for quite a few days now. Aren’t you worried that our lives will be in disharmony?”

“I’m worried that we’re too much in harmony…”

“That’s a good thing, Missus!”

When they woke up the next morning, it was already past 10 a.m. The man had already left early for work. When Xi Xiaye finished washing up and went downstairs, breakfast was already waiting on the table.

After she rushed to finish breakfast, she made her way to the Shen residence.

The weather was not great. It was drizzling and the ground was wet.

When she reached the Shen residence, Shen Wenna was sitting on the sofa in front of the window and feeling through a notebook. Upon going over to look, Xi Xiaye realized that it was a book in Braille.

Shen Wenna felt one word at a time very seriously. Her expression was still and elegant as always, and she seemed very peaceful, not like someone who had gone through a lot of suffering and was wallowing in self-pity.

When Xi Xiaye saw this, she wanted to cherish her mother even more.

She stood and watched her for a long time before she walked over and helped her pick the notebook by her feet up. As she took the book, she said, “Mother, you don’t have to read these. We will find a way to heal your eyes. Don’t worry.”


Shen Wenna lifted her head in surprise. Her unfocused eyes flickered for a while as she tried hard to get a clear look of Xi Xiaye, yet all she could see was still darkness.

“Why are you back here? Aren’t you working? Today?”

Shen Wenna subconsciously moved over, while Xi Xiaye slowly sat down close to her, she flipped the book in her hand and said, “I’ll be going to work in the afternoon, our wedding is getting near, Mu Yuchen didn’t let me take charge of any projects, so I’m quite free actually.”

The moment Xi Xiaye finished, a familiar voice suddenly came from the kitchen. “Na Na, do you want tomatoes in your soup or do you want an omelet?”

That voice!


Xi Xiaye widened her eyes, turning reflexively to where the voice came from. She realized that Xi Mushan was standing at the kitchen door with a spatula!

“Father! You…”

Xi Xiaye looked at Xi Mushan in disbelief. She had just given him the key card yesterday and today he was here. Was he not a little too impatient!?

Thankfully, she just heard that Mu Yuchen and Shen Yue had gone to the South River. Otherwise, if he had known that she was going to be back, Shen Yue would have come home for lunch, then they would have bumped into each other, would they not?

His hand that was swollen from Shen Yue’s hit a few days ago had started to heal slightly.

When he saw Xi Xiaye, warmth clearly surfaced in Xi Mushan’s eyes. “Xiaye? You’re back!”

“I came back to see Mother.”

As Xi Xiaye spoke, she subconsciously turned to look at Shen Wenna, yet she saw that her expression remained calm as she ignored Xi Mushan.

Xi Xiaye pursed her lips, then she said to Xi Mushan, “Father, make tomato egg soup. Drinking more soup will do Mother good.”

That was how she managed to resolve Xi Mushan’s awkwardness. Xi Mushan nodded, then went back into the kitchen.

“Mother, when did Father come over?” Xi Xiaye probed to ask.

Shen Wenna’s elegant little face turned poker straight as she said coldly, “Early in the morning after your grandpa left the house, he came over. How shameless! And I couldn’t chase him away. Aunt Wu coincidentally had some matters too, so she left and he stayed to make lunch.”

Shen Wenna’s tone was hostile, yet Xi Xiaye could not help but laugh to herself at this sight. After she calmed down, she said, “Father wouldn’t have been guarding outside the door and then sneaked in when Grandpa left, did he?”

“He’s just the same as before. Shameless! Wait till your grandpa gets back. He’ll really get it then!” Shen Wenna had a cold expression on her face and she looked rather annoyed.

Xi Xiaye cleared her throat as her smiling face brimmed with a rare gentleness. She softly said to Shen Wenna and then set the book aside on the table, “Mother, actually it’s great for Father to come over too. You’d be pretty bored staying alone at home. When he comes over, he can cook for you and pass the time with you. What’s so bad about that?”


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