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( Dowry For Xiaye (3)

“Who told you that his baby at home is his wife?”

Mu Yuchen pulled a chair out for her, and she sat down as she let her long, black hair down casually. She looked just like an ordinary girl when she was in her casual clothes.

She had recovered considerably compared to her gloominess several days ago.

“It’s not?”

“You’re the baby in our house. The baby in his house is a Persian cat.”

Mu Yuchen sat down opposite her, extending his arm over and slicing the steak up for her. She was pleasantly surprised when he delivered a piece of steak right into her mouth.

She ate it without any resistance.

“Grandfather’s matter is settled now. Li Si just came over and delivered the folder Grandfather gave you the last time. Inside it is the dowry he prepared for you,” spoke Mu Yuchen as he continued cutting the steak up.

Xi Xiaye was suddenly reminded that Xi Jiyang had mentioned leaving her some dowry since he was unable to attend her wedding.

“What is it?” she asked.

Mu Yuchen heard the sorrow in her tone, so he raised his head and looked at her. He fed her another piece of the steak. “It’s the ownership of West Park, as well as several lands in the east of the city. They are all pretty valuable. Grandfather made some arrangements with Lawyer Wang and those are all yours now. Sign your name on the document and Li Si will get stuff done for you.”

Ownership of West Park!

Stunned, Xi Xiaye’s eyes turned blank as she looked at Mu Yuchen’s eyes in shock.

“This is his compensation for you. Just take it and let him rest easy. Sign your name on it later. Those women are hunting for it. Ha, they think these are with Father now.”

Mu Yuchen poured her a glass of wine after he finished cutting up the steak.

“Grandfather…” Xi Xiaye wanted to say something. However, as the words were teetering on the verge of her lips, she did not know what else she could say. Instead, she clenched her grip on the fork and then nodded slightly after a while.

“I’ll sign it later. Please get Li Si and the others to work on it.” She then sipped some wine.

“Grandfather also left Mother a letter. Give it to her when you’re heading back to the Shen Residence. It’s inside the folder.”

“A letter?” Xi Xiaye shot him a doubtful look.

Mu Yuchen could already guess what it was about without reading it. It must be about the past, and with Li Si’s investigation, he already knew exactly what had happened. Because of it, he felt that it would be best if Shen Wenna and Xi Mushan could get back together.

As for Xi Mushan and Yue Lingsi, he did not want to comment on it. Being a man himself, he could only say that he respected Xi Mushan like a father. Like Xiaye, he wished for Shen Wenna and him to be happy.

“I’ll go back to the Shen Residence tomorrow then. I’ll head to the office in the afternoon.”

“It’s up to you. We’ve delegated all the work in the office anyway. Li Si will be busy working with Vice President Liu for the next few days. Please be my temporary personal assistant.” He laughed as he handed her a napkin.

Xi Xiaye stared at him, taking the napkin. “Why me? Didn’t you just get two new secretaries?”

“They’re not used to the job yet. Our wedding is coming up soon. What’s wrong with us communicating more? Aren’t you happy to be working with me?” Mu Yuchen squinted, analyzing her with his dangerous gaze.

While her expression seemed gentle, she rolled her eyes at him. After a while, she said, “Mr. Mu, people say that distance can create more sweetness.”

“Don’t listen to that unhealthy nonsense. Distance creates a third party. A relationship will only become stronger if the couple is always together,” he replied self-righteously.

“A third party? Are you someone like that, Mr. Mu?” She narrowed her eyes this time with a warning gaze. “If you dare to do so, I’ll end you, and then pour acid all over the woman’s face. Afterwards, I’ll get someone to curse you both!”

“That wicked?” Smiling, he gave her a very sweet gaze.

“Yes! I’m a wicked witch.” She then went on enjoying the steak.

Mu Yuchen stopped his movements and just looked at her quietly for a while. His long fingers snuck nearer and pushed the hair that got stuck on her face away. His tone of voice was sensual and serious. “Mr. Mu belongs exclusively to this witch. Don’t ask such silly questions anymore.”

“It’s a serious question. Why do you think it’s silly?” Xi Xiaye raised her eyebrows before she raised her wine glass.

He raised his wine glass at the same time as well. “Because it sounded silly…”

“Damn it!”

Xi Xiaye did the dishes after dinner while Mu Yuchen went upstairs for a shower. He came out of the bedroom in his sleeping robe by the time she was done.

“Come and take a look. Sign it,” he said as he walked into the study room.

Xi Xiaye dried her hands and then went into the study room as well.

He stood beside the tall bookshelf and grabbed the folder. Then, he pointed at the table and she understood, so she went over.

“Take a look by yourself. I’ll give it to Li Si tomorrow after you’ve signed it. Are you okay going back to the Shen Residence alone?” He handed her the documents.

“Are you coming to the Shen Residence for lunch?” she asked as she took the documents from the folder.

“It depends. I’ll call you.”

Xi Xiaye was surprised again when she read through the documents. She never expected Xi Jiyang to…

She signed it after some hesitation.

Xi Xiaye looked at the letter for some time before asking, “What do you think Grandfather wrote to Mother?”

“You’ll find out when you read it to her tomorrow.”

She kept all the documents into her briefcase. Then, he continued, “Ah Mo is going abroad in two days. Lingshi just mentioned that she wants to hang out with you and Su Nan.”


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