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(Dowry For Xiaye (2)

The sky turned dark very quickly. Even amidst the cold rain, Maple Residence was shrouded in a gentle aura. The faint light came from the street lamps by the front yard.

Ever since Xi Xiaye was ordered by Mu Yuchen to take a shower when they arrived home in the afternoon, she went to bed and slept soundly. She was still asleep when Mu Yuchen was done preparing dinner.

In the living room of Maple Residence, Li Si arrived when Mu Yuchen was done cooking dinner.

“Master, this is Elder Xi’s dowry for Missus. Take a look at it.” Li Si handed the document to Mu Yuchen. It was the document Xi Jiyang had given Xi Xiaye before he left. Because they were so busy handling Xi Jiyang’s funeral in the past few days, this had been ignored.

Mu Yuchen was suddenly reminded about this when Li Si mentioned it. He opened it and took the documents out.

It was the right to inherit West Park as well as several lands in the east of the city.

“It’s the ownership of West Park and some lands. I’ve made a rough calculation and it’s worth around $300 million. With just the Xi Residence, West Park alone has very high potential value. It has been the Xi family’s property for a very long time. Xi Jiyang also sold the land in the west of the city to buy the lands in the east. Given the rapid development in the east, those lands became extremely valuable,” Li Si reported his findings.

Mu Yuchen was surprised. Xi Jiyang had hidden something like this?

He did not give them to Xi Mushan and gave Xiaye instead?

“Master, Elder Shen seems to be pretty interested in this land.”

Li Si pointed at one of it and said, “It’s quite surprising that Elder Xi handed all these to Missus, even the ownership of West Park. It doesn’t seem like he left anything for Deng Wenwen and the others…”

Mu Yuchen searched through his memory and was reminded of Xi Jiyang’s last words. He was probably trying to make amends to Xiaye and her mother!

“Elder Xi made his will a long time ago, so we just need to get these signed by his lawyer and it’ll be done. No wonder Deng Wenwen seemed like she was busy looking for something. She tried to ask something from Mayor Xi. She’s probably looking for these.”

Li Si remembered those women’s anxious faces and he laughed inside. How would they feel when they found out that whatever they had been trying to find was already in his Missus’ possession?

“Does Father know?” asked Mu Yuchen after he read through all the documents. While he was keeping them away, a letter from inside the envelope fell onto the floor.

Mu Yuchen frowned. He picked it up and took a glance at it. It was a letter to Shen Wenna!

“Mayor Xi knew. He’s not questioning the Elder’s decision. Lawyer Wang was the one who drafted the divorce contract for Mayor Xi and Yue Lingsi. Mayor Xi should be fully aware of this,” Li Si replied.

Mu Yuchen nodded as he put the documents back inside the envelope. His eyes quieted down. “There shouldn’t be any more concerns after this. Ask Vice President Liu to make some preparations. Our showbiz company will be called Glory World Chen Ye Movies and Televisions. Let people who are holding Yueying’s stock release them and have them join Chen Ye. Give them even better benefits. Besides, it’s about time to expose Yue Lingsi.”

With Mu Yuchen’s order, Li Si knew that Yueying was probably done for. Under Vice President Liu’s control in the dark, all the companies that worked with Yueying were targeting Glory World all along, If Glory World suddenly left, they would leave together as well. The benefits Glory World could offer was so much better than Yueying. It was common sense for people to choose what was more beneficial. With this, they could turn Yueying into an empty shell.

“Yes, Master! Ah Mo just asked me when we’re going to do it. Qi Kai has been taking Xi Xinyi’s side, which Ah Mo feels seems odd. With this move, we can also gauge Qi Kai’s power. The second brother of the Yue family has a considerable amount of influence in Qi Kai. It’s Qi Qiming’s trustworthy subordinate who was on bad terms with Qi Lei. We might be able to find out something later on.”

Ah Mo had worked alongside Mu Yuchen for many years, so he understood how Mu Yuchen functioned. With his analysis, Li Si understood more than half of it.

“Good, be careful with this. We might cause unnecessary attention if it’s done wrong. Yue Lingsi’s news was leaked from within the Yue family who knew about it a long time ago and they covered it up for her. The Xi family were kept in the dark. Do you understand?” Mu Yuchen said calmly.

Li Si smiled. “As expected of Master! Putting the Yue family and Deng Wenwen in conflict! Let’s see what kind of war they’ll spark this time while we watch on as spectators.”

“Ah Mo is leaving City Z in a few days. I’ll need you to work more on this. We will remove ourselves from it once there are any counteractions. Qi Qiming isn’t an easy opponent, so be careful.”

“Don’t worry, Master. I know what to do,” Li Si replied.

At this moment, the soft sound of footsteps came from above. Li Si raised his head and saw Xi Xiaye coming down slowly.

“Hello, Missus!”

“Assistant Li!” Xi Xiaye smiled politely.

“I’ll head back now, Master, Missus. I’ll make sure to get the job done. Don’t worry!” Li Si did not want to bother them and stood up with a smile.

Xi Xiaye saw that dinner was ready when she was downstairs. She tried to make him stay. “Why don’t you have dinner with us first? It’s ready.”

Li Si gave her a grateful smile. “It’s okay, Missus. I need to go back home to cook for my baby. The elders went for a vacation and she’s having a night shift today, so there’s no one at home. Goodbye, Master, Missus!” He then left swiftly with his briefcase.

Xi Xiaye was surprised. “His baby? Since when did Assistant Li have a wife? Didn’t he say that he was single a while ago? He even asked me to introduce him to some girls.” She blinked while she gave the man a doubtful look.


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