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( Making Fun)

Qi Lei ran after the car for a few steps. When he saw the car slowly driving further away and finally vanishing at the turn ahead, he felt annoyed and cursed, “Vile woman!”

He bent over with hands on his knees as he panted. Qi Lei really wanted to run up and strangle this woman. He had never seen a woman like her who dared to embarrass him!

Yet, just as he was panting with his head lowered, suddenly—



With the sound of brakes squealing, water splashed and splattered on him, making him dirty!

His eyes darkened. He was just about to see who was this annoying and arrogant person was when he looked up and saw that the car had unexpectedly stopped beside him. Xi Xiaye was rolling her window down as she squinted at him. Then, she tilted her head, indicating for him to get into the car.

The burning fury in Qi Lei’s heart extinguished a little as he glared at her and walked around the car. He was about to open the front passenger door beside Xi Xiaye, yet she said coldly, “Sit behind!”

“I like to sit shotgun!”

Qi Lei was angry and wanted to open the car door, yet he could not. After that, he walked behind, feeling all flustered, and opened the car door to get in.

Xi Xiaye casually threw him a towel before starting the car.

The car was very warm. Qi Lei was all wet, so he took the towel to wipe his face as he looked at Xi Xiaye through the rearview mirror. “You’re really heartless! Do you think it’s very fun to make fun of me?”

“It’s actually quite fun.” Xi Xiaye grinned without hiding it. “I don’t care what grudges you have with Mu Yuchen in the past. If you’re capable, then go look for a fight with him. Don’t come bothering me and my mother. Otherwise, don’t blame me for not being courteous.”

“Oh? What are you going to do? Why are you so certain that I’m doing this because of Mu Yuchen? Also, you’re so protective of him, but do you know everything about him?” objected Qi Lei. His handsome face curved with a cold, demonic smile.

“He’s my husband. If I don’t protect him, who else do I protect? You?”

“You’ve got a pretty tough temper!”

Xi Xiaye laughed coldly as she sped up, and the car drove through the rain at lightning speed.

She had chosen to take the Ninth Crooked Bend. It was the secluded road towards the Grand Waves Villa. Since it was the weekend, plus it was a rainy night, she believed it would probably be very lively over there. Perfect timing! She could make this lecher suffer a little!

She did not want to speak to him either, so she turned some upbeat music on, and then sped up the car which pierced through the rain like a sharp arrow.

Her adept driving skills shocked even Qi Lei as he watched her. There was a faint cold scent that filled the air in the car which should belong to her. Her hair that fell on her shoulders were rather wet from the rain earlier too.

Qi Lei kept quiet. He just watched her drive with narrowed eyes.


He was not sure how long had passed when suddenly there was the sound of a car braking ahead, then a strong pair of light came from the front. Qi Lei subconsciously turned to look out of the window and noticed two race cars by his side. The rain outside had stopped a little.


There was the sound of brakes squealing.


Xi Xiaye had quickly changed gears ahead, and the car suddenly accelerated.


The sudden increase in speed caught Qi Lei off-guard, so he fell hard against the seat!


There was another fierce and sudden turn before Qi Lei could react. His head slammed against the car window on the side!

He then realized that the woman was racing with this group of lunatics. They roared past and the honkings were extremely piercing!

Xi Xiaye had almost stepped all the way down on the accelerator while both her hands skillfully handled the steering wheel. With a beautiful drift, she cut the Hummer in front. She did not even hear the bumps that came from the back seat!

She had done this on purpose!

This annoying woman was definitely doing it on purpose!

Qi Lei finally understood it now! No wonder she smiled so evilly earlier!

After the car made seven or eight turns, Qi Lei rocked from left to right till his head hurt. His whole body hurt too. He managed to hold onto the car handle above and steady himself, yet his body still rocked with the car. After a while, he felt dizzy and his chest was distressed as he thought about how miserable he felt.

He gritted his teeth as he watched Xi Xiaye, who kept pursing her lips into a smile while looking at him through the rearview mirror from time to time. He wanted to just jump at her and hit sense into her.

This was the first time Qi Lei had fallen for a woman’s trick. He just knew that she would not be so kind!

Xi Xiaye’s bright eyes looked at the ashen and angry Qi Lei through the rearview mirror and felt much better. Her chest instantly lightened.


Just as Qi Lei almost could not bear it and was about to vomit, Xi Xiaye finally stepped on the brake!



With a loud bump, a grunt came. Qi Lei almost had not had time to feel the pain when he immediately got down from the car miserably.

The sound of vomiting was heard. When Xi Xiaye turned to look, Qi Lei was holding onto the car door and throwing up on the ground. His brows were furrowed into a knot.

“We’ve reached your Grand Lake Villa area. Please close the car door!”

“You did this on purpose! Annoying woman!”

Qi Lei threw up until his legs felt weak. He wiped his mouth and then glared at Xi Xiaye furiously.

Xi Xiaye shrugged, smiling innocently. “VP Qi, I was just kindly giving you a ride home. What do you mean by doing things on purpose? People frequently race on this road. Mr. Mu and I always come here to race. I didn’t know that you’d have car sickness. How weak!”

“Xi Xiaye!” Qi Lei shouted through gritted teeth. Then, he kept on laughing coldly. “You’re not mad. Your driving skills are pretty good!”

Before Qi Lei could finish, a sick feeling came up from the pits of his stomach again, and he could not help but walk over and clutch the street lamp as he vomited into the rubbish bin again!

“Thank you. You’re not the only one who has said that. Bye!” chirped Xi Xiaye as she smiled. She quickly moved over to the other seat and reached out to close the car door before she drove away.

When Qi Lei turned to look, the signs of the Porsche had long been swallowed by the rain ahead. He lifted a hand to wipe away the rainwater on his face while squinting at the empty direction. He did not regain his senses after a long while.

“Master Qi! Are you okay?”

It was not sure how long had passed, but Yang Sheng appeared behind him with an umbrella as he helped him put a winter coat on.

“Master Qi, dry yourself!”

Qi Lei took over the handkerchief Yang Sheng handed, and wiped the moisture on his face as he pulled at the coat on his shoulder.

“Madam has waited for you for very long. I was about to go out and look for you. Quickly get into the car. The rain’s heavy and it’s quite cold!”



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