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( The Most Beautiful Wedding Photos (2)

The makeup artist arrived after lunch. Mu Lingshi and Ah Mo went over as well. Mu Lingshi dragged her aside to try on the wedding dresses as Mu Yuchen and Ah Mo had tea in the living room while they talked business.

All the dresses were custom-made and there were over twenty of them in various colors such as sapphire, light purple, beige, and white.

There was even a long casual dress which she could wear when attending a banquet.

Xi Xiaye only had light makeup on when she sat before the dressing table. There was a whole bunch of accessories that Mu Yuchen had brought back for her in the wardrobe, but he was still worried they might not match well, so he got Jewelry City to send over several sets as well.

Her black hair was tied up into a bun with a violet flower hairpin, which gave her a classic vibe, especially when it accompanied the beige dress on her.

“Sister-in-law, you’re so beautiful! I think that Brother must be very blessed.”

Impressed, Mu Lingshi, she looked around and then said, “My brother really has an amazing taste. He must have been captivated by your beauty. No wonder you two got together so fast.”

“Well, when we first met I thought he was really handsome too.” Xi Xiaye smiled as she looked over at Mu Lingshi. Just as she wanted to say something about her and Ah Mo, she noticed Mu Lingshi staring at her collarbone area oddly. She quickly looked into the mirror and saw the incriminating evidence someone had left there last night.

She covered it awkwardly as Mu Lingshi chuckled. “Sister-in-law, I want to ask you something. My brother always seemed so upright and proper. How is he like when doing that, ahem…”

Xi Xiaye blushed a little, then she coughed and replied quietly, “You have to ask him about that.”

“If I could ask him, I wouldn’t have asked you.” Mu Lingshi shrugged and put on a cool smile.

“If you really want to know, why don’t you try it with Ah Mo? He always looks very upright too. He’s probably just like your brother, not romantic at all.”

“Romantic? They don’t know anything about it! My brother is probably better. Look at Bro Su Chen. He’s the epitome of an unromantic person!”


Downstairs, Mu Yuchen put on a white suit and looked dapper as he sat back down on the sofa. Ah Mo was drinking some tea while he looked at the photographer busy setting up.

“How are things with Lingshi?” Mu Yuchen looked at Ah Mo and asked.

Ah Mo turned his head over when he heard the abrupt question. Mu Yuchen was already sitting opposite him and he smiled shyly. “It’s alright.”

Mu Yuchen adjusted his sleeves a little. “I hope I can hear good news from both of you this time. It’d be great if you can get past this hurdle.”

“We will get past it, Master.” Ah Mo smiled and drank some more tea. “How’s Teacher Shen’s condition? Do we need to contact Ah Bo and ask him to look for doctors abroad?”

“She’s not in a positive state, but we need more observation to know more, so we’ll stay put for now.”

It should be a critical period of time for Xi Mushan right now. He could just wait for the results from him since he had already done all he could from holding down the Yue family as well as easing Shen Yue’s anger.

“Master, can we take action on Yueying now? Vice President Liu called and said things are almost done on his end. Are we going to give the new company the Imperial Sky brand? Or are we putting Glory World’s name in directly?”

“I’ll decide later. Don’t spread the news just yet. I want to give your sister-in-law a special wedding gift. However, I’ll need some help from you guys.”

Mu Yuchen sipped some tea as a rarely seen warmth appeared on his face. His eyes seemed gentle as well.

The power of love was so great that Ah Mo hardly felt the usual distant and cold vibe from him anymore.

So, Master had changed a lot. Although he never noticed it before, he fully felt it now that he thought about it.

“Don’t worry, Master! Besides the special wedding gift, you and Missus will surely enjoy an unforgettable wedding.” Ah Mo smiled.

At the same time, there were sound of footsteps coming from the staircase. They both looked up at the same time and saw Xi Xiaye walk down carefully as she held her long dress. Mu Lingshi and the others were right behind her.

Only light makeup was applied on her beautiful face. With her hair tied up and wearing an elegant long beige dress, she was indeed a classic beauty.

She was much more captivating than he imagined.


No, she should be a witch, his own personal witch. That was how it should be.

“Does it look weird? It doesn’t feel very natural.”

She noticed that he was a little out of himself when she went up to him. Peering down at her outfit without confidence, she seemed to be regretting it.

It was her first time wearing a wedding dress, so it was natural for her to feel a little odd and excited, but she was also worried that he might not be satisfied.

“It’s tailor-made for you. Of course, you’d wear it the best.” He smiled as he held her hand.

“Really?” Xi Xiaye’s mood lightened up when he praised her and her confidence instantly shot up.

“Even the best actress at the Oscars isn’t half as good as you.”

She laughed when he said that. Then, she helped to adjust his tie and said quietly, “Mr. Mu, today you look much more handsome than usual too.”

He had a sudden urge to see her on the wedding day, specifically the scene where she married him in a real wedding dress. He suddenly understood why so many couples longed for a unique wedding. Seeing each other’s happy smile was such enjoymen;, it did not matter to anyone else but them.

“Brother, Sister-in-law, the photographer is ready. Go over quickly. We might have a tight schedule in the evening later.” Mu Lingshi’s eyes softened as they were filled with happy wishes for the couple. She smiled as she took out a pair of sunglasses from her pocket to cover her scar.

Ah Mo beamed as well, glancing at Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye before averting his gaze to Mu Lingshi.


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