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( The Most Beautiful Wedding Photos (1)

The warm sun rose high, pushing the faint mist down and soon, the entire Maple Residence was engulfed in an intoxicating softness.

The cool breeze gently brushed past, slowly streaming in through the numerous gaps. The hanging curtains gently swayed whilst the air was filled with a faint fragrance of orchids.

The husband and wife were still sound asleep in bed.

Xiaye naturally would not have noticed that ever since she was fond of Mu Yuchen’s hugs, her sleeping position was devoid of any reservedness, just like how it was right now. Her sleeping posture was no different from an octopus.

Every time he woke up first, he would have to spend a lot of effort to pull her away without waking her up.

“Mr. Mu, I want to have tomato omelet today, ooh, and hot and sour shredded potato!” She propped her head up on one hand and watched the man with misty eyes as he put his clothes on.

“Did I wake you up?” Mu Yuchen turned to look at her. His hair was still damp from the shower he just had, but overall, he looked quite spirited and very dashing.

“Mmm, it’s fine. I feel like I’ve slept for too long. It’s been a while since I’ve slept so comfortably. Geez, it’s already past 10 a.m.”

Xiaye reached up to scratch her messy head of hair as her beautiful eyes twinkled like the stars. They steeped with a misty yet moving splendor. Her beautiful face was even colored in a faint blush and her delicate shoulders and collarbones were faintly discernible underneath the warm blanket, appearing quite seductive.

“You can sleep for a while more. I’m going down to cook. In the afternoon, a photographer will come over to take our wedding pictures. The makeup artist will come earlier. The sunlight today is quite warm, so the pictures will come out lovely too.”

As he spoke, he bent down and leaned over to plant a kiss on her forehead, then he moved towards the side of her lips.

“I haven’t washed up…” She instantly wanted to cover her face, yet he caught her hand. A chilly kiss fell on her lips as the familiar fragrance that belonged to him closed in. She could not help but feel intoxicated, then her slender arms reached out and circled around his shoulders.

After a long, silky kiss, their breaths became a little unsteady. He had to use quite some effort before he managed to pull himself away from her lips. After holding her long hair back and fixing it, then he covered her up with the warm blanket again.

“Sleep a while more. I’ll call you when the food’s done. Hmm?”

“I’ll get up and help you.” She wanted to get up, yet he held her down by the shoulders. The scar on her left shoulder could still vaguely be seen. He took a brief but thoughtful look at it. The light in his eyes flickered with gloom in the depths of them.

When she saw him suddenly stop, she followed his gaze and turned to his line of sight. Her slightly obvious and ugly scar entered her sight, and she reflexively reached out to cover it. Then, she lowered her gaze and hesitated before looking up at him again.

“Does it still hurt?” he asked softly.

She shook her head gently. When she met his concerned gaze, she said plainly, “It hasn’t hurt for a while now. I just feel a little sad that I can’t wear strapless dresses anymore. More importantly, I can’t wear a strapless wedding dress. Su Nan said that I’d definitely look really good in a strapless wedding dress.”

“You’re beautiful. You’d look amazing wearing anything. Of course, you look just as fantastic not wearing anything too,” he consoled.

“Horrible!” She scooped a pillow up and tossed it at him. “You look fantastic not wearing anything!”

Then, she suddenly thought that did not sound right, so she glared at him and got up to hug the warm blanket. “I almost forgot. I want to see our wedding outfits.”

“It’s the same even if you see them later. You don’t look too sleepy anyway, so it’s fine if you want to wake up a little earlier. I’ve prepared the water for you. Go take a bath.”

After she was done with her bath and washing up, Mu Yuchen had already finished cooking when she went downstairs.

Xi Xiaye called Shen Wenna who was still at the hospital, which was when she found out that Shen Yue was accompanying her, so she felt more assured.

“You two work on your own things. Take gorgeous wedding photos. As for the family photo, well, we can take a group picture on your wedding day. Everyone will definitely be there then. Doll yourself up. You must look like a proper bride!”

Shen Yue’s joyful voice could be heard through the phone. He knew that Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye had decided to take wedding photos while the weather was pleasant today, so he was thrilled.

He did not have many wishes as a man in his old age. He just wished for the children to live happily and peacefully while he could have some idle days for himself. That would be enough for this lifetime.

“Okay, don’t worry, Grandpa. Didn’t you say that I’m a natural beauty? Besides, Mother and Grandma are both so outstanding, so I wouldn’t be too bad, would I?”

“Shameless! Okay, go have your meal. I’ll be here with your mother. Go snap some nice photographs. Don’t worry about us.”

Shen Yue then hung up.

As Xi Xiaye watched the phone screen gradually darken, a faint smile could not help but surface on her beautiful face. She stood at the door and watched the warm sun pouring in from outside, she felt a tenderness in her heart.

It all gets better…

Mother’s eyes will definitely be able to see the light again!

“What are you thinking about? Time to eat!” Suddenly the man’s gentle voice came from behind. She subconsciously turned and saw him busy serving soup and rice at the table. While she watched him for quite a while, a barrage of images of him suddenly flashed through her mind.

He, who was all-powerful in business, high-spirited on the basketball court, calm and carefree when he was relaxed, was now being all domestic and warm.

“What are you looking at?”

When he looked up, he unexpectedly met her eyes that were clear as the moon’s splendor, and then he smiled. There was an indescribable, faint doting in his eyes.

She thought about it, then suddenly called out softly, “Mu Yuchen?”

“Mmm? What is it?” He pulled open a chair, yet his gaze remained on her.

“Nothing, I just wanted to say your name.”

She smiled, then walked over. Sitting down, she picked up the bowl to drink the soup. “I notice that your culinary skills have been improving. I still think that I’m more at ease eating your cooking at home.”

It had been quite a few days since she ate his cooking. Now that she spooned it into her mouth, she felt like she missed it.

“Aren’t you worried that you’ll gain weight if you ate too much?” He chuckled.

“I’ve suddenly lost 5 kilograms recently. I can just eat as I like. I can even eat honey sauce steak tonight.”

“When I’m not around, you don’t seem to be living well, huh?”

His smile was like a warm light passing through the dusk. It came faintly, and she could not help but be increasingly fond of it. She even wanted to possess his smile. No, she wanted to possess even more.

Such as him…

Would they be like this forever?

She looked at him for quite a while, then lowered her gaze. “Without you around, I wasn’t really used to it.”

Xi Xiaye did not hide how her thoughts, so she admitted it.

Yes, getting used to something was a terrifying thing. If one were not careful, it could turn into a slow poison. When you realized it, it would already have seeped into your bones.


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