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(Divorce Papers (2)

Yue Lingsi looked at Xi Mushan as tears covered her face.

Xi Mushan suddenly laughed as his eyes stared at her coldly. “Dream on! I wouldn’t like a woman like you even if I had to die!”

“I, Xi Mushan, only belong to Shen Wenna! As for you, you can’t even compare up to a mere finger of hers!” Each and every word stabbed her heart like tiny needles. The cold and pain almost suffocated her!

“So what? I’m still your woman right now, and Shen Wenna is just a divorced lady, a blind woman! I’m your wife! Xi Mushan’s official wife! How is she better than me now? She can never make a comeback ever again. What can she do?”

Yue Lingsi was furious. “I saw that blind witch yesterday! How pitiful! She’s truly turned into a useless person and can’t even take care of herself. She is now such a burden to the world. You might as well let her die!”

“Shut up! You’re the useless person! A wicked person like you should’ve died instead!”

Xi Mushan was triggered by Yue Lingsi’s words. The grudge he had been holding in for the past twenty years exploded. How he wished he could kill Yue Lingsi right this instance! Yue Lingsi clenched her fists and nearly broke down.

“My woman? My official wife? Do you think you’re worthy of that title? I’ve not touched you even once in the past twenty years, and you think you deserve that title? All this should end right now!” Xi Mushan went to his table to grab a document and threw onto the table before Yue Lingsi. “This is the divorce papers. Sign it.”

Divorce papers?

Yue Lingsi widened her eyes and could not believe what she saw on the document. Her body trembled as she shook her head vehemently. “I-Impossible! You’re divorcing me? Impossible! This is impossible… My father…”

“If you still want to use your father and brother, I’m telling you now that I’ve resigned as the mayor. I’m just a civilian, and you’re not the mayoress anymore.”

“Are you crazy!? Why did you resign!? Don’t you know that you’re going to be promoted soon!?” Yue Lingsi stared at Xi Mushan blankly. She could not believe what Xi Mushan just did!

“Crazy? I’m not crazy at all! You’re the crazy one! I have nothing right now and can’t give you any fancy titles anymore. You’ve taken away whatever you could from the Xi family. I just hope that you can be quick and sign here. Then, we can end our miserable marriage. It’s the best decision for everyone.”

“You’re giving up your career for that witch Shen Wenna? Xi Mushan! Just what curse did that witch put on you that you’re willing to do this for her!? Dream on if you think I’m going to divorce you and let you be with her! Impossible! I won’t divorce you no matter what! I’ll never let her get you. I’ll never let her stand by your side!”

Yue Lingsi flung the document back at Xi Mushan.

A maniacal laugh echoed inside the room. “Haha! If I can’t get it, then I’ll make everyone suffer. Why should I suffer alone and watch you two be happy? No way!”

“As expected of a wicked woman! It’s not up to you. If you don’t agree, then I’ll do it another way. The court will surely grant us a divorce, and the Yue family’s reputation will go up in flames as well.”

Xi Mushan grabbed a document folder from the table, he took out several photos and a document, “My wife? Look at what you did behind my back! These should be enough to destroy your reputation!”

Yue Lingsi wiped her tears off and lifted the document. The photos fell onto the floor, so she bent over and picked them up. Her swollen face turned pale!

They were photos of her acting intimately with her date, and some were even taken in the car…

“You… Where did you get these?”

Yue Lingsi flipped through the document in panic. It was a DNA report!

“You guys found Kowloon New City!” After Yue Lingsi exclaimed that, she realized she made a mistake, but it was already too late!

“It seems like you can’t deny it. If you’re smart, you should sign right now. Otherwise, these things will be exposed right away. The result will end up the same. You should know which one to choose.”

Yue Lingsi’s hands were shaking as her body weakened fell onto the floor and her eyes went blank.

“Impossible… This is impossible…” Yue Lingsi thought no one would know. Xi Mushan did not touch her at all, and she was a woman who needed love.

She could still resist the urge in the earlier years because she thought even if Xi Mushan was angry, it would not persist for long. However, ever since they got married, he never entered her room or get into the same bed as her.

Once, she got drunk abroad and then did it with a director.


She started to get addicted, but she hid it well and would only do it when she went abroad. She would not dare do it in the city.

Except some time back, she kept having arguments with Xi Mushan and could not help but look for comfort. Aside from fulfilling her needs, she was doing it to vent out her anger.

Since Xi Mushan ignored her, there were a lot of people who adored her. All the male artistes were handsome and cool; any one of them was better than Xi Mushan!

Every time after she did it, the emotions that remained inside her were resentment and unhappiness toward Xi Mushan, as well as the excitement and guilt of betraying him.

All the mixed up emotions twisted her.

“Mushan, listen to me…” Yue Lingsi stared at the photos and documents on the floor blankly while tears started falling freely.

“No, Mushan, please. Don’t divorce me. I’m not going to look for them or Shen Wenna anymore, please…” Her ugly side was totally exposed.

“I’ll make sure I get this divorce done! Sign it! My patience is limited. Otherwise, I’ll expose these right away. By that time, it’s not just you. Even Yueying might go down. You understand how important Yueying is to Deng Wenwen. How would she treat you then? How would the Yue family treat you? You know the answer very well!”


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