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( Divorce Papers (1)

Yue Lingsi was starting to boil with anger. Just how much had she given for the Xi family and for Xi Mushan?

How could Shen Wenna compare to Yue Lingsi?

What had she ever done for Xi Mushan?

Just what did Shen Wenna do to deserve all of Xi Mushan’s love while her efforts were all ignored by him?

She could not accept this!

“Please don’t get angry, Mother… Father… He…”

Xi Xinyi still had something else to say, but there was a noise coming from the door. They both looked over and saw Xi Mushan storming in with Ah Hui right behind him.

“Father, you’re back!” Xi Xinyi looked at Xu Mushan, but he just glanced at her and then went upstairs indifferently. He did not even bother to look at Yue Lingsi.

Yue Lingsi’s expression darkened as she got even madder.

“Father, Sister beat Mother up. She overdid it! It’s unfortunate that Aunt Shen fell down the stairs, but that’s not Mother’s fault. She…”

“Shut up! Do you think you two are not responsible for Wenna’s injury at all? You still want to avoid the responsibility?” Xi Mushan’s bitter words interrupted her halfway.

Xi Xinyi shivered when she saw Xi Mushan’s sharp, cold eyes.

She rarely saw Xi Mushan get angry at her. Even though Xi Mushan and Yue Lingsi were on bad terms, he had never gotten her involved. The changes in Xi Mushan started ever since Xi Jiyang’s birthday.

It was Xi Xiaye’s first visit back home in several years, but Xi Mushan had slapped Yue Lingsi then.

After that, their conflict got worse and worse.

Xi Xinyi did not utter another word. Xi Mushan’s sharp look made her afraid, and she felt very uneasy.

“Madam, Mayor wants you to go to the study room,” Ah Hui told Yue Lingsi after Xi Mushan went upstairs.

Yue Lingsi arrived at his study room with a stormy expression. He was standing with his back facing her as he watched the servants work in the garden downstairs.

Only Yue Lingsi and Xi Mushan were in the room while Ah Hui stayed outside to guard the door.

“It’s been twenty years. It’s time to put an end to this thing between you, me, and Wenna. Too many people have been involved. Do you have anything to say?” Xi Mushan’s cool voice reached her.

Yue Lingsi stood by the table behind him, watching his back as she felt a pain in her chest. She snickered coldly. “What can I say? Shen Wenna deserves what happened to her! If it weren’t for her, things wouldn’t have ended up like this today! Why didn’t she marry someone else after her divorce? She’s just trying to cling onto you, Mushan. Shen Wenna is a wicked woman. Why won’t you give up on her? How is she better than me? Why do you always ignore me for her?”

“No matter what, thirty years ago when I married her, I told her that I’d love her and her alone my whole life. If it weren’t for Deng Wenwen and you, we’d be living a happy life as a complete family.”

Xi Mushan’s tone was calm. He turned around and stared at Yue Lingsi with his cold eyes. “We’ve been tormenting each other for twenty years. Do you feel happy about it? You got your wish granted and came into the Xi family. Do you think this is the life you really wanted? You forcefully broke Wenna and me apart and destroyed me. Do you really feel pleased about that?”

“Mushan, I…”

“Wenna thought of you as her best friend. When she was with me, she would leave me without any hesitation if you gave her a call. She was genuine towards you, yet you treat her this way? This is your so-called friendship?

Xi Mushan put on an icy cold smile. “You stepped all over her genuine friendship and worked with Deng Wenwen to drug her husband. You ruined her happy family and thought you could replace her!”

“Mushan, listen to me. I didn’t think too much about it back then because I loved you so much and I just wanted you… You wouldn’t know my pain seeing her by your side every day! I fell in love with you first. I also told her that I loved you, yet she still butted in! How can I accept that? If she really thought of me as her best friend, she should’ve refused your proposal and given you to me!” Yue Lingsi roared angrily and self-righteously.

“Given to you? Then, why don’t you grant her wish? You’re really scary. Your mind is toxic and Xinyi is becoming like you. I feel nothing but disgust when I see you. How could I ever fall in love with a scary woman like you? I’ve never seen anyone as ugly and wicked as you. You’re willing to sacrifice anyone to achieve your goals!” Xi Mushan’s sharp eyes and cutting words extinguished all of Yue Lingsi’s hope instantly!

He said she was disgusting?

She was ugly and wicked?

Unable to believe it, she forgot to cry and just stared at Xi Mushan blankly. “What did you say? I’m disgusting? I’m ugly and wicked?”

Xi Mushan did not reply. His eyes looked at her so angrily that she could not help but shiver.

“Didn’t I do all of these for your sake? I don’t care about my reputation. I’m not afraid if people call me a mistress. I brought Xinyi up, and I told my father to ask my brother to look after you and even help your father. Who do you think I did all these for? Now, you’re saying that I’m disgusting? The whole world can criticize me for anything, but you don’t have the right to say so, Xi Mushan!” Yue Lingsi cried uncontrollably.

“I can do anything to love you, but I’ve never thought that I’d be so worthless to you! I tried to be obedient and thought of you as my everything. I kept this charade up for more than twenty years. I thought I’d somehow warm your heart and maybe get a little bit of comfort from you, but now you’re saying that I’m disgusting?”

“I’m your everything? But you tried to suppress me and think about how to hurt Wenna and Xiaye? How could I possibly fall in love with someone as wicked as you? Do you think I’d love you just because you took Wenna away from me?”


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