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(Till Death Do Us Apart (3)

After waiting for a while, she did not continue writing, and his eyes were staring at the pendant she had given him.

“What’s after that?” he asked as he put his other arm on her back, hugging her closer.

“After that… I don’t remember. I’ll tell you again when I recall it.” She looked at him cheekily, her eyes like the stars in the sky, shining brightly.

“Really? You really forgot?” He squinted his dangerous eyes while his fingers on her back stopped moving suddenly.

“Of course…”

“I’ll help you to remember!” A wicked smile appeared on his face, and in the next moment, he was on her again.

“No more…”

Mu Yuchen would not let her get away. While their sex life was generally pretty satisfying, he never felt like he had enough of her. Even though he thought he did not have much of a lustful drive, ever since he married her, he realized it was not what he thought. Previously, it was only because he had not met the right person before.

And she must be that right person.

Xi Xiaye did not really remember what happened afterward. She almost lost to the man’s stamina every time, but before she fell asleep, she heard something unimaginable coming from him that sounded like sweet talk.

“My dear, I suddenly feel that happiness is like cats eating fish, dogs eating meat, and Mr. and Mrs. Mu staying in bed, welcoming the next dawn tomorrow.”

After she was sound asleep, he got out of bed and went into the shower after grabbing a sleeping robe.

Ten minutes passed before he came out. Suddenly, a call came in for him.

“Hello, Master, it’s me!” It was Li Si’s voice.

Mu Yuchen sat down before the study table with an envelope in his hand as he asked, “Mmm, how’s the progress?”

“I’m done compiling them. Do I send it to the Yue family right away?” Li Si asked for further action plans.

Mu Yuchen pinched between his eyebrows as he took a deep breath. “Send it.”

“Master, do I send the information Ah Mo found along?” Li Si asked.

“Mmm, just keep them quiet and don’t let interfere with what Xi Mushan is about to do. Wait until Xi Mushan gets his divorce contract before taking any further action,” Mu Yuchen gave his orders firmly.


“Be quick on the other thing that I told you to do as well.”

“Yes, Master!”

The next morning, the sunrise was as bright as ever.

Yue Lingsi woke up early with her face still swollen. She just wished to break Xi Xiaye into pieces especially when she saw her face in the mirror for the past two days.

The report about the proof of injury she received yesterday was snatched away by Qi Lei unexpectedly. If not, she could have given Xi Xiaye a harsh blow at the press conference today.

Qi Lei was an unpredictable person. She could never guess what he was planning. After giving it some thought, Yue Lingsi decided to exchange opinions with Xi Xinyi who was smarter than her after all. Maybe she could get the report back with Han Yifeng’s help. That would be really great.

“You said Qi Lei took the report away?” Xi Xinyi looked at Yue Lingsi in surprise. She was still wearing all-white outfits, and her belly was starting to seem visibly bigger.

Yue Lingsi nodded. “I went to the hospital yesterday to check whether the old witch really became blind. Haha, she totally deserved it! It’s her karma that she’ll spend the rest of her life in darkness. Karma!”

Yue Lingsi’s arrogant laugh did not hide any of the joy she was feeling at the moment. She felt so smug when she saw Shen Wenna. A blind person could never go after Xi Mushan again!

“You went to see Shen Wenna yesterday?” Xi Xinyi was shocked.

“Yes, I knew Shen Wenna was at that hospital as well. If it weren’t for Qi Lei’s sudden appearance, I’d have given that old witch a lesson. Xi Xiaye dared to go against me. I won’t just let this matter pass!” Yue Lingsi’s hatred was strong and her eyes turned cold.

“Qi Lei and Xi Xiaye don’t know each other well and they hardly met each other before. In my impression, he’s the kind of person who likes to be a bystander. Why would he interfere? Could it be because of Xi Xiaye?” Xi Xinyi went straight to the point.

Yue Lingsi shook her head. “That came across oddly to me as well. Some time ago, I heard Qi Kai and Glory World were competing in the South River project. Glory World took it up and Qi Kai became one of the partners. The Han Corporation is planning on joining as well. It might be because of this. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be…”

Xi Xinyi frowned and gave her mother a stern reminder, “Mother, Qi Lei is no ordinary man. Be careful when you see him next time.”

“Xinyi, weren’t you pretty close to him before? Can you get that report back for me? I feel like he was trying to help that witch Xi Xiaye, and he seemed to be pretty friendly to Shen Wenna. Could he be into Xi Xiaye?” Yue Lingsi tried to think about it and that was the conclusion she came to.

“Qi Lei likes Xi Xiaye?” Xi Xinyi repeated her words before laughing out loud. “That’s impossible! Xi Xiaye is Mu Yuchen’s woman. No matter what, Qi Lei wouldn’t mess with someone’s wife, would he?”

“We can’t say that for sure. How’d you explain Qi Lei’s behavior otherwise? He was rather rude to me!”

“Qi Lei is always an oddball anyway. Who knows what he’s going to do? Where’s Father? Did you see him when you were there? The last time he came home was two days ago!”

Yue Lingsi’s expression changed when Xi Mushan was mentioned. Her swollen face became rather scary. “Hmph, he must be staying with Shen Wenna!”

“I really don’t know what Father is thinking. It’s chaos all over right now. Isn’t he worried about his own image? Grandfather was really angry. If it weren’t for Grandmother, Uncle would’ve gone to the hospital!”

“He needs to face some consequences to realize our importance. If your grandfather and uncle didn’t help him out, do you think he’d be where he is today? Just who is Shen Wenna? He shamed me for that witch! I can’t let this pass! And Xi Xiaye! I won’t just let it end here!"



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