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(Master Mu Cleaning Up (3)

Hearing his sensitive and deep words, she instantly turned teary-eyed, yet she forced the tears back and hugged him tightly. Her hands clutched his shirt from behind as she leaned into him as if she was holding on to her last straw.

Only when she felt the temperature from his chest did she feel the chill inside fade away bit by bit. At such a moment, this felt quite heartwarming. No matter what happened, she knew that she could rely on him.

Then again, maybe they could rely on each other too.

“Su Nan blames herself and I don’t know how to console her.”

After some thought, she said softly, “But if it were me, I’d definitely make the same choice as Mother. She has always treated Su Nan like her own daughter.”

“She did just come over earlier. She waited for you quite a while but didn’t get to see you. When I saw that she wasn’t in a stable state of emotion, plus the fact that she’s pregnant, I got someone to send her back first,” Mu Yuchen said, then patted her head as he put an arm around her shoulders. He sat down on the long bench beside her. “Don’t worry. Su Nan’s is a very candid and optimistic person. She’ll feel better. Now, we just have to focus on caring for Mother well.”

“Mmm, Father, he…” Xi Xiaye turned to look at him and ask with mixed emotions.

“He’s suffering more than anyone. He came over in the evening because he was worried,” answered Mu Yuchen so softly that you could hear a lament in his tone. “They clearly care for each other. Why don’t they just talk things out? Once things are cleared up and explained, things will be much simpler.”

“If they could think like you, they wouldn’t be like how they are right now, torturing one another.”

Xi Xiaye silently lowered her head. She looked at her hand that was interlocked with his and fell silent for a long while. Then, she looked up gently, shut her eyes, and sighed, “Mr. Mu, I’m still angry. If my mother really loses her sight, I definitely won’t let go of Yue Lingsi and Xi Xinyi just like that, so…”

When she said this, she suddenly opened her eyes and fixed her sight on him. “I want to let them have a taste of this excruciating pain.”

“Didn’t you just hit her earlier? I think you’re quite addicted to beating people up now.”

He looked at her, then his gaze quickly fell onto her little hand that was slightly swollen and red.

“How’s that enough? I only made her pay a bit of interest. In fact, didn’t you just say that they won’t let me off easily? Aren’t you going to help me take revenge!?”

She glared at him unhappily. “Other men would immediately rush to help when their women are being bullied, immediately be caring and warm, yet you look so calm and not worried at all.”

When he heard this, Mu Yuchen immediately raised his brows. Studying the way she looked so upset and indignant at the injustice, he could not help but chuckle. “Their women? That’s other people. I’ll obviously watch over my woman.”

“Then, why won’t you help me stomp them to the ground? You know that I can’t beat them. Otherwise, what did I marry you for?” She was upset and refuted him with his own words.

“Angry now, are you? Okay, how big of an issue is it? If I were like you and brought a brick to someone’s door to set the record straight, who’s going to help you settle the aftermath? When they’ve sued us both?”

Mu Yuchen could not help but hold his forehead with his long fingers. His handsome face had a helpless smile on, yet his eyes oozed with a faint warmth. “What did you marry me for? What do you think?”

“You said that you wouldn’t let me be taken advantage of when I married you.” She looked up, her eyes filled with a calm light as she looked at him earnestly. “I’m being taken advantage of now, Mr. Mu! You figure it out yourself!”

Her starry eyes flashed while she glared at him, then she turned away and looked at the curtains.

Why did this girl seem to remember every word he said!?

“When did I let you be taken advantage of? Even if everyone else suffers, I wouldn’t let you suffer. Can’t you just be a little bit more patient?” Mu Yuchen scolded gently, yet his tone did not sound like he was blaming her at all. It remained as warm as the wind. While he spoke, his long arms that circled her shoulders subconsciously tightened, making her turn toward him.

However, at this moment, as if in tandem with Mu Yuchen, his phone in his shirt pocket started buzzing. Mu Yuchen took the phone out. In one glance, he saw that it was Ah Mo, so he answered the call.

“Hello? Master?” Ah Mo’s voice came very quickly from the other end of the phone.

“Mmm, it’s me,” Mu Yuchen answered.

“Master, there’s an important discovery! We just managed to find out that Yue Lingsi has a private home. It’s somewhere she meets up with her lover! We couldn’t find any related news about that man in the villa, but we did get a good look at the man’s face from the CCTV in the villa area. He’s a certain male celebrity that’s currently very popular in Yueying.” Ah Mo’s voice sounded like there was an indescribable glee.

As Mu Yuchen listened, his handsome brows shot up and he looked at Xi Xiaye. At this moment, Xi Xiaye was evidently extremely shocked too!

Yue Lingsi had a lover? And it was a certain popular celebrity in Yueying?

This was simply outrageous, was it not?

Was it not always the male boss who would cross the line with the female stars? Were there instances when the female boss slept with the male stars instead?

Xi Xiaye’s eyes flew wide open. She was dazed for quite a while and she stared at Mu Yuchen’s phone with a stunned expression.

“Get concrete proof of the situation. We must get the evidence,” ordered Mu Yuchen.

“Yes, Master, don’t worry. This woman is really sly. She meets up with her lover in secret in the name of work. We’ve found some things such as scripts all around the villa, yet we found stuff in the trash can that they forgot to get rid of… Ahem… Condoms… We’ve already sent it for examination. I believe we’ll be getting the results very soon,” said Ah Mo, clearing his throat a few times.

“Mmm, find more ways of getting more substantial evidence. Quickly stop them before they make a move. Just act as you see fits.”

“Yes, Master!” Ah Mo answered, then Mu Yuchen hung up.

As he watched his phone screen dim, Mu Yuchen turned his head over and looked at the woman who still had a stupefied expression on her face. He smiled proudly. “How’s this? This is called the light at the end of a tunnel, and it’s how things will always turn around. Shouldn’t you feel a little happier now?”

When she heard him, she slowly came to her senses. There was still some shock in her eyes. “I didn’t expect her either. Doesn’t she love Father a lot? How could she be doing this behind Father’s back?”

Upon hearing this, Mu Yuchen grinned. “Maybe it was provoked by loneliness. Not everyone can be like Mother. Do you understand?”



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