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(Master Mu Cleaning Up (2)

When she walked out from Yueying, the sky outside had darkened and the rows of streetlights had lit up. The city was ablaze with glorious lights.

Xi Xiaye swiftly got into the car and drove away.

Ah Mo, who was not too far away behind her, signaled the bodyguard in a black suit beside him. Immediately, the bodyguard drove after her while Ah Mo remained seated in another car as he fixed his gaze on the entrance of Yueying.

At this moment, his phone suddenly began ringing, so Ah Mo quickly answered it.

“Bro Mo, it’s me. Someone anonymously sent something to us Time Magazine through email. I’m afraid the other magazine publishers have received them too. It’s about Shen Wenna and Xi Mushan all these years…”

Ah Mo already understood what his last sentence meant.

“Can you find out who sent it?” asked Ah Mo calmly.

“I’ve checked the IP. It’s from abroad, so I think it’s quite odd.”

“Try your best not to let these things be reported. Check who else received the same things.”

“Got it.”

He had just hung up when he saw Xi Xinyi support Yue Lingsi to walk out from Yueying. The car that was on standby drove over. When the two of them were about to get into the car, a figure suddenly rushed to their side, knocking Yue Lingsi down. Consequently, the bag in her hand fell to the ground.

“I’m sorry! Sorry! I’m in a rush. I’m really sorry for bumping into you!” The person who bumped into her quickly apologized as he helped Yue Lingsi pick her bag up.

Yue Lingsi glared at that person with her swollen face, then she took back her bag, got into the car, and left.

The person who bumped into her got back into the car before Ah Mo asked very calmly, “Did you install it?”

“Don’t worry. When have I, Ah Bao, ever slipped up? Try it. See if you can hear clearly.” The young and handsome Ah Bao chuckled as he put the earphones on to listen. Then, he raised his brows and smiled. “It’s done! Look!”

He handed the earphones to Ah Mo who took it to try listening. Indeed…

“Well done! You’ll be rewarded!” Ah Mo laughed brightly.

Ah Bao looked at the car ahead that was submerged in the light with suspicion. He could not help but ask, “That’s great as long as there’s a reward! Is there a problem with this woman? Yesterday, at the Kowloon New City riverside, I think I saw her. She seems to go there every month. I live there and I’ve seen her quite a few times. No wonder she looked quite familiar earlier. Ugh, even her tone is menacing.”

The moment Ah Bao said this, Ah Mo immediately squinted vigilantly. He stared at Ah Bao. “Ah Bao, what did you just say? Are you saying that you’ve seen Yue Lingsi in Kowloon New City? Does she always appear there?”

“Yeah, I’ve seen her quite a few times. She dresses all glitzy in jewelry at the small bungalow near our apartment, but she always comes in the morning and leaves in the afternoon.”

“Who’s the owner of that bungalow?” Ah Mo asked.

Ah Bao thought about it, then shook his head. “I don’t know. The bungalow seems empty like no one’s living there.

“Bring me there right away!”

When Xi Xiaye rushed back to the hospital, she saw Mu Yuchen who was standing in the corridor outside Shen Wenna’s ward from a distance. He was looking down at the city ablaze with lights as he stood by the window with his hands behind his back.

She stood at the door and watched Shen Wenna who was resting. Of course, she did not neglect her father, Xi Mushan who sat on the side. After a while, she walked over to Mu Yuchen.

“Cooled down yet?”

When he felt her stop beside him, he calmly averted his gaze and turned to lower his head at her. His eyes contained a faint light that seemed quite gentle. “Do you know what I did?”

Xi Xiaye looked up at him, her clear eyes meeting his.

With a smile, he could not help but pat her head out of habit. His fingers combed through her hair that was messed up by the wind. Soon, his low and sensitive voice came through. “I know that you’re not happy, so I didn’t stop you, but if you hadn’t planned it well, a lot of trouble will arise. Do you know that?”

“Didn’t you let Ah Mo follow me?” She responded quite justifiably, “Of course, I’ll let you deal with the aftermath. I was too angry, so no matter what, I had to teach her a lesson.”

“Well, you sure were jolly. The mother and daughter pair are now planning to go to the hospital for proof, forcing you to bear the consequences. As for how to resolve this, your husband is rather troubled.” Mu Yuchen looked at her helplessly, yet there was a glimmer in his eyes.

“At the most, I’ll just be jailed for a while. It would be worth it for beating her up,” Xi Xiaye spoke quite carelessly. When she thought about how Yue Lingsi wept and sobbed from her beatings earlier, she finally managed to put out some of the fire of fury in her heart.

“How’s Mother? What did the doctor say? Can it be healed?”

She took a deep breath and finally asked the thing that had been weighing on her. The moment Shen Wenna was brought up, her beautiful face dimmed a little.

“She’s still under observation. They said a blood clot in Mother’s head is repressing the visual nerve, which is why she lost her sight. Don’t worry. We’ll see what the doctors think. If their ideas really won’t work, then we’ll go abroad and see. Medical technology abroad might be a little bit more advanced. We can’t tell whether or not it can be healed for now, so don’t think too much, okay?”

When he saw the sadness and gloom between her brows, he lowered his body slightly and combed the messy hair that twisted on her chest while she leaned into his embrace. Both hands gently circled his waist as she sniffed and blinked hard, forcing the hot tears that welled in her eyes down. She said in a raspy voice, “If she’s blind forever, what do we do?”

“That won’t happen,” he softly consoled.

“What if it does?” She choked on her sobs. In that instant, her long eyelashes caught glittering tears. The bitterness in her heart could not be swallowed and she had to breathe in quite a few times before she managed to push down all the sadness in her.

“Then, fetch her and Grandfather to live with us in Maple Residence. We’ll take care of them together. We have quite a number of servants at home anyway. Maple Residence is quite quiet and tranquil, so it’s not a bad thing to have a livelier house,” he advised calmly as his long arms circled tightly around her, hugging her trembling body.

“You said that you like the quiet and that you don’t like to be with other people.” Her voice sounded uncertain. Of course, there was also a faint joy that could not be hidden.

“They aren’t other people, Missus. If it’s for your sake, I will gladly accept it because your Mr. Mu is a good guy.”



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