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( Master Mu Cleaning Up (1)

The secretary was shocked as her expression changed drastically. She quickly helped Yue Lingsi up. “CEO Yue? CEO Yue? Are you alright?”

Yue Lingsi felt pain all over her body as her secretary helped her sit down on the sofa.

The secretary handed her a tissue as she was groaning from the agony as she grabbed it. Tears were streaming down her face. “Xi Xiaye, you witch, just wait and see!”


Suddenly, there was a loud noise of the door slamming shut. Yue Lingsi’s face went taut for a moment as she quickly glanced over at the door. Then, she noticed Xi Xinyi rushing in.

“Mother? What happened? I saw Xi Xiaye just storm off furiously!” Xi Xinyi rushed inside as she asked.

She quickly went over and took a closer look when she heard Yue Lingsi groaning. Upon seeing the terrible state of Yue Lingsi, she was dumbfounded!

“Mother! What happened?” Xi Xinyi shrieked as she hurried over. With a stern glance at the secretary, the latter quickly left the room.

Yue Lingsi then started sobbing loudly as she hugged Xi Xinyi. “It’s that witch, Xi Xiaye! She just attacked me right away! She must be here to avenge Shen Wenna. Xinyi, you have to take revenge for me! Is Shen Wenna dead? She’d better be dead so that your father won’t miss her ever again!”

Yue Lingsi was bearing double the pain. She bawled her eyes out as tear stains remained on her swollen face, making her appear very much different from her usual elegance.

“Mother!” Xi Xinyi gently wiped the blood from her mouth. “Are you alright? Your teeth… Mother, she actually used so much force on you!”

Xi Xinyi looked at Yue Lingsi’s teeth as a cold light flashed past her eyes. Even her tone turned bitter.

“Is Shen Wenna dead?” Yue Lingsi asked as she wiped some more blood off her face.

Xi Xinyi looked downward and saw the hope in Yue Lingsi’s eyes. After a while, she replied, “I just received a call from Secretary Wang. Shen Wenna woke up, but she’s lost her sight.”

Yue Lingsi’s expression turned grim for a moment, but she started giggling towards the end. “Haha! She deserves it! Blind! Shen Wenna, I’d like to see you fight me now! Shen Wenna is blind!”

With the maniacal laugh coming from her swollen face, she looked pretty hideous while she indulged in the pleasure of getting revenge.

“Mother, you’d better get your injuries checked at the hospital to avoid an infection. How dare Xi Xiaye do this to you? We’ll have the hospital prove it and we’ll hold a press conference! Then, we’ll see how arrogant she can be this time!”

Xi Xinyi emitted a cold aura around her. The newspapers everywhere were still talking about how Yue Lingsi had pushed Shen Wenna down the stairs. If it was not handled well, they might be in trouble!

It was Shen Wenna’s fault in the first place. Not only did she drag Yue Lingsi down with her, but no matter what, Xi Xinyi felt how unfair it was because Su Nan was still safe and sound.

If she were to talk about someone she hated, it would be Su Nan. After all, she had badmouthed her a lot back then and Xi Xinyi still remembered it until today!

It would be great if Su Nan fell off the staircase and suffer a miscarriage. Then, she would be hurt and it would leave a huge impact on Xi Xiaye as well!

As for Shen Wenna, Xi Xinyi did not really despise her. Sometimes, she would even be envious of Xi Xiaye for having a mother like her. When she thought about that, she then glanced at the outraged Yue Lingsi.

Whenever relationship issues were involved, Yue Lingsi always acted rashly. In the past two decades, she had no idea how to make Xi Mushan happy. She could either beg or throw tantrums like the last time. Sometimes, she even lashed out at Xi Mushan directly.

She had seen it too frequently over the years. Xi Mushan would ignore her and treat her coldly, then she could not stand it and would start a fight with him. They would stop talking to each other for several days, and Xi Mushan would often come home very late.

Sometimes, she wished she could have a mother like Shen Wenna and have Xi Mushan as her father. That would be really perfect.

If Shen Wenna and Yue Lingsi swapped places, her life would not be so tough now, would it?

Unfortunately, Shen Wenna did not have the Yue family backing her up.

Xi Xinyi chuckled to herself. Was she mad?

This terrible-looking woman in front of her right now was her own mother. Why would she have thoughts like that?

Yue Lingsi, who was still overjoyed after she heard the news from Xi Xinyi, nodded. “Right, proof from the hospital! I’m not going to let Xi Xiaye get away after she did this to me. Just wait!”

“Mother, all the newspapers are talking about how you pushed Shen Wenna down the staircase. I’ve gotten people to suppress the news, so I had to reveal Shen Wenna’s relationship with Father. So please, you need to act like you’ve always been the victim. It’s all Shen Wenna’s fault. Do you understand?”

Xi Xinyi’s eyes were aloof as she spoke and a chilly smile appeared on her face.

Yue Lingsi understood her immediately. “I get it. Shen Wenna is a shameless woman who keeps bothering your father. She’s a wicked witch! Moreover, Xi Xiaye beat me up like this. Everyone needs to be clear what happened.”

The smile on Xi Xinyi’s face grew even wider. “That’s right. I know that Father been visiting Shen Wenna’s place frequently lately. These words should be convincing. Don’t worry. We’ll be able to resolve the issue this time.”

“But what about your father? Many people heard what he said the other day and I’m worried.” Yue Lingsi looked at Xi Xinyi hesitantly.

“Father will just have to compromise if he can’t take the pressure. I’m sure he won’t be able to stand it if you ask Uncle to pressure him more. What else can he do? He’ll have to be considerate about Shen Wenna after everything is revealed.” Xi Xinyi sounded very calm.

Her words worked like a charm for Yue Lingsi who finally calmed down.


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