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( Be Vicious Don't Think Twice (4)

In the evening, the sunset shrouded the whole of City Z, casting a dreamy atmosphere on the city.

A black car drove towards Yueying Culture Media rather quickly.


A loud screech came as a result of the sudden braking as the car stopped right in front of the entrance of Yueying. The guards were shocked and they advanced nearer as the door opened.

A woman with long hair wearing a black windbreaker and a pair of sunglasses walked out of the car.

“Director Xi!” The guards quickly greeted when they saw who it was.

Xi Xiaye closed the door as she held the car keys in her hands. She walked inside and asked coldly, “Is CEO Yue in?”

The guards nodded. “Yes, Director Xi, CEO Yue just came back not too long ago.”

Xi Xiaye went straight in, leaving a gust of wind trail behind her. She took the elevator and went right up to the top floor. Working hours had just ended as she walked out of the elevator, and many employees breezed past her.

She rarely visited, so most people did not know about her. They were stunned when she walked out of the elevator with an icy cold aura around her.

Xi Xiaye walked forward swiftly.

Yue Lingsi’s office was right ahead. The warm sun lit up the corridor and the cool wind breezed past the curtains. Beside her was the employees working area, but only several people remained at the moment.

Xi Xiaye took a pause as she stared coldly at Yue Lingsi who was speaking to someone in front of her office. She continued forward after a while as Yue Lingsi went back into her office.

There was a moment when she felt that this long walk through the corridor was extremely chilly. Even though the warm sun was right outside, it could not chase the anger and coldness inside her away.

Su Nan cried on the phone as she told her about what happened. A frigid aura shrouded Xi Xiaye after she heard her story.

The wrath inside her raged!

Shen Wenna had lost her sight!

As she had those thoughts in her mind, she could not control herself! She would go mad if she did not lash it out, so—


Xi Xiaye was stopped by Yue Lingsi’s secretary the moment she arrived before her office. The secretary studied Xi Xiaye doubtfully. Although her little face was covered by the large sunglasses, the secretary felt this person was a little familiar.

“I’m here to look for Yue Lingsi,” announced Xi Xiaye coldly before pushing the door to Yue Lingsi’s office. The secretary then realized who Xi Xiaye was, so she kept quiet.


Xi Xiaye slammed the door, the loud noise shocked Yue Lingsi who was on a phone call, she frowned and was about to start yelling as she turned around, she then saw the cold-looking Xi Xiaye.

“Xi Xiaye! It’s you!”

Yue Lingsi was stunned when she saw Xi Xiaye’s expression. Gripping onto her phone tightly, her whole body strained as she stared right at Xi Xiaye.

Xi Xiaye slowly took her sunglasses off and put them inside her pocket. She closed in slowly as Yue Lingsi backed away carefully until her back came into contact with the cold office desk.

“You little witch, what are you trying to do!?”

Yue Lingsi was suddenly terrified, but she forced herself to keep calm. She laughed coldly. “Look at you! Did Shen Wenna really die from that fall?”

“Haha, if that’s the case, she really deserved it! She bumped into me herself. It’s karma! Both of you should just die already after causing so much trouble! She totally deserved it— Ah! Ah!”

Before Yue Lingsi could finish her sentence, her collar was grabbed as furious fists pummeled her face!




Consecutive violent punches landed on her as she screamed. However, Xi Xiaye had locked the door so that Yue Lingsi’s secretary could not come in to help.

Furious, Xi Xiaye dragged Yue Lingsi by the hair to the desk. She could not move as Xi Xiaye attacked her. Yue Lingsi’s face was already swollen and she was bleeding from the corner of her mouth.

Pig-like squeals filled the whole office.

“Xi Xiaye, you witch! How dare you hit me!? I’m not going to let you get away with this! Ah!”

“I gave you chances to back off and you gave them up. I’m not afraid of losing anything, and I’m not afraid of death as well. Are you not afraid too? You guys forced me to do this!”

“Witch! That old witch Shen Wenna gave birth to a useless daughter whose man got snatched away! You two are just inferior to me and my daughter! Shen Wenna should just die already!”

“She won’t die before you!”

“Xi Xiaye, you just assaulted me. I’m suing you! Witch!”

“Sue me then. We’ll settle everything in the past twenty years altogether. Let everyone see what kind of person the daughter of the Yue family is, the current Mayoress!”

After a while, Yue Lingsi’s secretary saw Xi Xiaye put her sunglasses back on and tugged on her creased sleeves as she walked out of the office.

There was no more sound from inside the office. As she tried to stop Xi Xiaye, Xi Xiaye just brushed her arm off and left smugly.

“CEO Yue? CEO Yue? Where are you?”

The secretary quickly rushed in to look for Yue Lingsi. In the end, she found her in a terrible state under the desk.

Her beautiful face that had been done up in the morning had turned swollen. Her hair was messy and her former elegant self was nowhere to be seen!

As the secretary dragged her out, Yue Lingsi spit out some blood. There was some white stuff mixed with the blood!

The secretary was shocked to find two teeth lying on the cold floor in the tiny pool of blood.


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