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( Be Vicious Don't Think Twice (2)

As he heard Mu Yuchen say this, Xi Mushan’s gloomy expression suddenly turned odd. The light in his eyes had turned from being dazed to shadowy.

“Many times, when some things happen, we won’t be able to return to the past. As much as you try to make up for it, you won’t be able to resolve those cracks. I think that I’m roughly like that right now,” sighed Xi Mushan frustratedly. There was plain grief in his eyes as a cold light flickered in them. He looked exceptionally lonely.

“The two of them are pure-hearted and indifferent in nature. I remember that I once swore my eternal love to her, but who would have thought…? Usually, many things change original intentions, change hearts, yet things are very rarely changed by original intentions and hope. I think this should be the work of fate.” His low voice was filled with an indescribable bitterness that sounded bleak to Mu Yuchen.

It was hard to imagine that the Mayor, who had always been all-powerful in the political world, could now be troubled by love too.

All things on Earth could not escape from ‘love’, and neither could she and him. They were all victims of love.

“Speaking of fate, humans always find themselves weak and small. Father, I think you’re not someone like that. You’ve gone through the ups and downs in the world of bureaucracy for decades, so you understand these principles better than I do. If your heart isn’t hard, you won’t stand tall. We men shouldn’t let fate be the excuse for our weakness,” said Mu Yuchen after some thought.

“I know that the Xi family’s relationships are a complete mess itself. If you want to handle everything well, I’m sure it won’t be easy. No matter what, I just hope that you’ll know some things can’t wait. Mother’s eyes…”

“I know. I’ll take care of her for the rest of her life whether or not she can see. This is something I’ve been waiting to do. No one else wishes to stand by her side more than I do, Ah Chen.”

Mu Yuchen nodded. “Father, I hope that you and Mother can last forever too. Xiaye hasn’t been willing to give up, yet she hasn’t dared to say anything. You two couldn’t give her the courage, but you’ve got to give her some hope. It’s exhausting for her to hold on all by herself. Even I… When I see her this way, I can’t help but feel my heart ache. While she’s your daughter, you and Mother love each other deeply. Shouldn’t you do your best to cherish her and love her more dearly?”

Mu Yuchen felt unhappy about the injustice for that little woman. When they spoke about these things, Xiaye’s bright, smiling face would flash in his mind. Every time they spoke about Shen Wenna and Xi Mushan, there would be a sorrow that colored the space between her brows.

Xi Mushan dimmed with sadness, suddenly he was speechless.

Mu Yuchen could only sigh after that. He did not continue. Instead, he just lifted his head slightly and looked out at the clouds that continued to float in the sky. His expression was as indifferent as the wind, yet in his eyes, there was a black vortex that one could not see through.

Some time passed before he averted his gaze and looked at Xi Mushan who was still deep in thought. Then, he suddenly walked towards the ward.

Inside the ward, Shen Wenna was holding a glass gently with both hands as she leaned quietly against the bedhead. When she heard the sound of footsteps, she called out softly, “Ah Chen?”

Mu Yuchen replied, “Mmm, it’s me.”

Then, he sat down by the side of the bed. “I’ve just spoken to the doctor earlier. They said that there’s a possibility for your eyes to heal, so I hope that you can maintain a positive mood and cooperate with the doctor’s treatments.”

“I’m fine, even if I can’t see, I can still listen with my ears. All of you don’t have to worry. It will be the end of the month soon, and you two should be taking your wedding phot. I’m just a little sad that I won’t be able to see them. The way Xiaye looks wearing a wedding dress… It must be much more beautiful than I can ever imagine…”

Shen Wenna’s beautiful, pale face blossomed with a faint smile. Xi Mushan felt exceptional distress in his heart when he watched this scene from the door.

“You will see her in a wedding dress, Mother,” Mu Yuchen consoled in his soft and sensitive voice. “Xiaye and I were planning on having a wedding abroad. Xiaye likes the South American fields, so we were planning to have our wedding there, and at the same time, have our honeymoon. When that happens, Father and you should come along too.”

“You two newlyweds will be having your honeymoon. We shouldn’t be disturbing you.”

Shen Wenna lowered her head and took a sip of water, then she smiled. “Ah Chen, can you help me tell the school that I’m afraid I won’t be able to supervise the children’s thesis in my current state? It’s going to be time for them to defend their dissertations soon. I’ve already finished reviewing the thesis they handed in and was about to return them. There were just some smaller issues that I’m afraid I won’t be able to give them directions for.”

Shen Wenna was still thinking of work matters. When she spoke about them, she forced a helpless smile. “I’m quite worried about them defending their dissertations. There’ll surely be a lot of questions later on too. I’m worried that I’ll delay them.”

When Shen Wenna finished, Xi Mushan answered, “I’ve already called the school, Wenna. Rest well and focus on recovery. You don’t have to worry about these things anymore.”

When she heard Xi Mushan’s voice, Shen Wenna reflexively frowned. Mu Yuchen turned to look at Xi Mushan and saw that he also looked incredibly exhausted. He hesitated momentarily, then said, “Father, you should go home to rest first. You’ve been up for so long.”

“I’m fine…”

“Go home. Don’t give others have reason to gossip,” chided Shen Wenna plainly as she lowered her head.

When he heard this, Xi Mushan stiffened. He thought about it, then nodded. “Okay then. I’ll be leaving first. I’ll come over again at night. Don’t worry. I will help you handle all those matters. Na Na, just let me worry for you from now on.”

With these words, Xi Mushan left. When he turned around, he looked gratefully at Mu Yuchen, who just nodded gently.

When she heard the door close, Shen Wenna subconsciously trembled a little and the glass of warm water in her hands was about to spill.

“Be careful, Mother.” Mu Yuchen quickly reached out to steady her glass.

“I’m very sorry to have bothered you guys,” Shen Wenna said apologetically.

“Mother, do you always have to be so courteous with us? Xiaye has always loved you very much. I think you should be able to feel it too. She’s very protective of you, but…” Mu Yuchen probed and looked at Shen Wenna calmly.

Shen Wenna’s expression instantly turned rigid and she sighed softly, “Xiaye is rather like me. I know… I know that… All these years, she has suffered a lot. Not only could I not help her, but I even held her back. She’s my daughter. I know what she’s thinking.”

Then, Shen Wenna suddenly remembered the conversation they had in the study room that one time during University A’s Peach Blossom Festival.



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