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(Be Vicious Don't Think Twice (1)

However, when he heard Shen Wenna say this, Mu Yuchen’s heart sank. He silently watched Shen Wenna for a while, then slowly sighed and nodded gently.

He suddenly seemed to understand something, like why Xi Xiaye always hid such a strength that made him want to dote on her. Maybe it was influenced by this maternal figure before him that looked cold and indifferent. It was an accumulative effect over a long period of time. With this imperceptible influence, such a manner had seeped through into their bones.

Now that he thought about it, Xi Xiaye had once said that even if Shen Wenna divorced Xi Mushan in such a situation, Shen Wenna had never taught her to resent the Xi family. She had never infected others with her displeasure or made others unhappy with her because of her unfortunate encounters.

Shen Wenna served as a model to others. Undoubtedly, she was extremely understanding, and a very wise and kind-hearted mother.

Mu Yuchen suddenly felt lucky. For Xiaye to have a mother like her, he suddenly understood why she had been burying Shen Wenna’s love deep in her heart.

After a while, the doctor was called over. Outside the ward, Mu Yuchen immediately got to know better about the situation from the doctor.

“Chairman Mu, Madam Shen’s condition doesn’t seem very optimistic. Earlier, we just did a checkup on her. The blood clot in her head is huge. It’s already suppressing the visual nerve. This is the most direct cause of her loss of sight because the blood clot is positioned at a key position of the skull where the nerves are densest, so even if we want to do a surgery to take the blood clot out, it’ll be exceptionally difficult and very risky.”

As the doctor went on, he could not help but lament again, “We’ve even especially researched it earlier. Everyone suggests keeping her in recovery for now. Let’s see if medication and injections can make the blood clot dissolve. Chairman Mu, you don’t have to be too worried. We’ll do our best. Previously, we’ve had past cases of natural recovery. Even though the blood clot in Madam Shen’s head is quite large, if she can maintain a positive mood and cooperate with the healing process, there could be a possibility of recovery!”

After the doctor finished, Mu Yuchen’s expression darkened slightly. There was a touch of concern between his brows. He thought for a moment, then said, “Are there any other ways?”

“We’re currently still researching a recovery plan for Madam Shen. We’ll discuss the best concrete plan. Please rest assured, Chairman Mu!”

“We are willing, at all costs, to let her see light again. As for how it’ll be done, make the arrangements and we will cooperate,” said Mu Yuchen before returning to the ward.

At this moment, inside the ward, the atmosphere was stiff. Xi Mushan sat by Shen Wenna’s bedside while Shen Wenna turned with her back facing him.

Xi Mushan’s steadfast face showed prominent loneliness and bleakness, making Mu Yuchen feel sad.

He did not have any rights to criticize Xi Mushan because he had not understood the situation back then. Although he could see that he really loved Shen Wenna, perhaps back then, it might not have been a sincere union with Yue Lingsi.

Mu Yuchen did not like to dig up other people’s past because he felt that some grudges should be left in the past and not be raised again. It might not be beneficial if the past that one still hung on to was usually the fuse that continued the sorrow.

Just like him, he did not want to ask Xiaye about her past because he hoped that Xiaye and he could belong to each other now and in the future from the moment they signed up for marriage.

Such a way of thinking was undoubtedly a sensible one. The logic behind it was understandable, but to actually obey it was not easy. In fact, it might even be tough.

He sighed to himself and studied the lonely and dispirited Xi Mushan. Then, he stopped in his steps.

When he heard the sound of footsteps, Xi Mushan looked up at the door and saw Mu Yuchen nodding to him from the door, indicating for him to come out. He thought about it before he got up too.

However, he did not forget to fix Shen Wenna’s blanket for her.

In front of the glass window outside the corridor of the ward, Mu Yuchen stood indifferently. He gazed at the sky outside and the floating clouds left behind by the wind. His expression was calm.

Xi Mushan stopped beside him and followed Mu Yuchen’s gaze to look out.

After a while, Xi Mushan suddenly said softly, “Sometimes, life is like these clouds. It’s ups and downs cannot be predicted. We don’t know where it’ll be blown to by the wind, and we don’t know when it’ll scatter.

“But there’ll be a time when the clouds gather again. When they’ve settled, they’ll turn to rain and turn to water when it reaches the ground. The sunlight will continue to shine, and soon it’ll become a cloud in the sky again. Father, you seem a little pessimistic unlike Xiaye…” continued Mu Yuchen as he suddenly swiveled around. His exceptionally handsome face bloomed with faint gentleness.

When he heard this, Xi Mushan turned his head and suddenly smiled. There was some sadness in his smile. “They are both stronger than me. I’m not as good as them.”

“Father, you don’t have to pessimistic. Life is like that. In order to get some things, we have to lose some things. I don’t what happened between you, Mother and Yue Lingsi, but I know that as a man, doing your best to protect your woman is an incumbent duty,” Mu Yuchen said softly.

“Xiaye wishes for you and Mother to reunite again. I think that she has long forgiven you in her heart. Mother has been alone all these years. I don’t know how she managed to stay strong all these while, but I think that what’s supporting her conviction must be you or Xiaye.”

When he heard Mu Yuchen, Xi Mushan was startled. As he looked at Mu Yuchen, his eyes were momentarily bewildered. He struggled for a long while, then forced himself to gather his thoughts again.

“It’s all my fault. I didn’t protect them well, but they’ve been using their own ways to be tolerant and understanding. I owe them too much,” Xi Mushan sighed disappointedly.

Mu Yuchen just shook his head. “Maybe they have never expected your protection or care. Besides, it’s not about who’s born to protect who. If you’re willing to protect her, that’s on you, but she should also know that she needs to know how to protect themselves more.”

Mu Yuchen was clear in his meaning.

The reason why he had hoped for Xi Xiaye to be firmer, swifter and more decisive was that he hoped that she could truly protect herself. That would be the most effective way of protecting someone.

“As for the so-called falling short in protecting them, maybe that’s just about willingness. Whether you are their husband or father, they’ll still be people who are sensitive and value relationships. You should know this well yourself,” said Mu Yuchen as he suddenly peered up at Xi Mushan. His eyes flickered with a light that seemed quite profound.


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