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(Be Strong To Live On (2)

In his daze, Xi Mushan snapped back and saw that Xi Xiaye’s figure had glided past him. He called out softly to her with a raspy voice, “Xiaye!”

He was about to follow her when he noticed Mu Yuchen’s tall figure appear beside him.

“Ah Chen? How did you two…?”

Xi Mushan took a deep breath and tried hard to push the tears that welled in his eyes back. He turned to Mu Yuchen who stood silently beside him.

How did they find out? Were they not still in City B?

Mu Yuchen’s still expression focused on Xi Mushan who looked wan and sallow, and he fell silent for a moment. Then, he said plainly, “We just landed. Ah Mo informed me about the general situation.”

After he said this, Mu Yuchen’s tall frame walked over. “We can talk better once I go in and take a look.”

Then, he walked into the ward.

“Xiaye, Ah Chen, are you guys back?” Shen Wenna obviously could hear what Xi Mushan had shouted earlier. With her heightened sense, she could vaguely feel that a pair of light footsteps had stopped by the side of her bed.


Shen Wenna tried to open her beautiful yet empty eyes and turned to a certain direction beside her. Trying her hardest to look, all she saw was pitch black. She could not see the faintest hint of light at all.

When she could not hear any voices, Shen Wenna started to panic and quickly reached out. “Is it Xiaye?”

Did she really lose her sight?

When she saw the frail and slender hands that reached out to her, the tears that welled up in Xi Xiaye’s eyes flickered, she slowly reached out with her cold hands, and hold Shen Wenna’s hands.

“Weren’t you two in City B? Why did you suddenly come back?”

Shen Wenna’s eyes were still slightly red, yet her little face had returned to its usual calm. She was so composed that Xi Xiaye’s heart wrenched in hurt.

“We just landed and heard that you… so we rushed over… How are you? They said you… lost your sight,” Xi Xiaye sniffed. Through her misty eyes, she looked at Shen Wenna. With a deep breath, she tried to ease the bitterness that filled her throat, yet she still could not push down that sadness in her voice.

She waved her slightly trembling hand in front of her and realized that Shen Wenna did not react at all. She just calmly answered her, “I’m fine. Don’t worry.”

“Mother…” Xi Xiaye tightened her grip, silently lowering her head. A drop of tear instantly slid down her long eyelashes and fell onto Shen Wenna’s wrist, burning her slightly.

She sniffed and quickly wiped away the tears in the corner of her eyes. Blinking at Shen Wenna with teary eyes, she asked, “What did the doctor say? Can it be cured? When can it be cured? Did they say?”

“Father, can Mother’s eyes be cured? Who did this? She was just fine before we left! What happened? Why would she fall down the stairs? Why?”

Xi Xiaye abruptly turned to look at Xi Mushan who walked in after Mu Yuchen. Confronted by this question, Xi Mushan was startled.

When the two of them did not respond, Xi Xiaye whipped her phone out from her pocket. “You won’t say? I’ll call Su Nan!”

“Don’t call Su Nan, Xiaye. She just went home. This incident has nothing to do with your father. I just slipped and fell by myself…”

“Don’t tell me it’s Yue Lingsi and Xi Xinyi again!” Before Shen Wenna could finish, Xi Xiaye loud, insistent shouts were heard, and her initially misty eyes turned cold and stern.

“Xiaye, calm down!” Mu Yuchen frowned slightly. As he watched Xi Xiaye filled with hostility, he could not conceal the concern in his eyes. “Let’s look for the doctor and understand Mother’s condition first, Li Si!” Mu Yuchen said, hinting at Li Si.

Li Si immediately nodded in understanding and said, “Yes, Master! I’ll go get the doctor right away!”

“Is it them?” Xi Xiaye fixed her gaze on Xi Mushan. Her cold face was covered with a layer of ice and the gaze in her eyes was firm.

Xi Mushan’s disprited face revealed some sorrow, yet Xi Xiaye had already called Su Nan and turned to walk out.

When he saw Xi Xiaye’s figure brush past him like the cold wind, Xi Mushan anxiously called out, “Xiaye, where are you going?”

Mu Yuchen turned slightly and saw that she was already heading out of the door. He could only helplessly sigh and signal Ah Mo with his eyes.

Ah Mo nodded in comprehension, then he followed her with two bodyguards in black suits.

Shen Wenna felt the momentary heaviness and silence in the room too, so she immediately demanded, “Xiaye! Ah Chen, what did Xiaye do?”

Mu Yuchen walked over in two steps. He helped Shen Wenna up slowly and put a pillow behind for her to lean on. Xi Mushan came over to support her too.

“She’s fine. I’ve gotten Ah Mo to follow her. Don’t worry. How are you feeling?” Mu Yuchen asked softly.

“I’m fine… Just can’t see anything…” Shen Wenna’s beautiful face forced a bitter smile. “Sorry to bother you and Xiaye, making you rush here. Quickly bring Xiaye back. This child is one-track minded sometimes. She gets impulsive easily.”

When he saw Xi Mushan at a loss on the side, Mu Yuchen spoke up calmly, “Ah Mo’s following her, so don’t worry. Father, pour Mother a glass of water.”

Nodding, Xi Mushan very quickly poured a fresh glass of water for Shen Wenna. When he pulled Shen Wenna’s hand, she refused to budge. In fact, she wanted to immediately chase him out, yet because Mu Yuchen, her son-in-law, was there, she did not act up and just accepted it.

“Mother, don’t worry. I’ll find a way to cure your eyes. Medicine is now flourishing. As long as it’s not a damaged organ, it shouldn’t be hard to heal.”

Mu Yuchen did not know how to console her. Even though Shen Wenna currently looked very strong and fearless, earlier when they had stood outside the door and seen her crying with her head lowered, it made him feel an indescribable sadness.

Especially when he saw Xi Xiaye’s tears being shed.

With a single drop of tear of hers, he could see the entire ocean in her heart…

Were these not the things that she had been wanting to protect wholeheartedly?

However, there were some things that you would lose quicker, the more you wanted to protect them. One would also feel more agony watching her depression when they cared too much.

As she listened to Mu Yuchen’s words of consolation, Shen Wenna smiled carelessly. Her pale face was still as if she was already used to such sudden predicaments.

“I’m fine. We have to be strong to live on. Besides, I’m already used to it.”

Used to it…

Shen Wenna’s single sentence instantly caused a heartwrenching feeling in Xi Mushan. He could barely breathe.


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