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( Unbearable (3)

From what Xi Xinyi remembered, Yue Lingsi rarely told her about her past with Xi Mushan and Shen Wenna because ever since she was little, she knew that she was an illegitimate child who did not even know who her father was.

Deng Wenwen visited them frequently abroad. When they came back, Deng Wenwen would bring her over to West Park to play, and that was when she got to know Xi Xiaye.

At that time, she often saw Xi Mushan. Xi Xiaye was living in a happy family and she was really envious and hoped that she and Yue Lingsi would somehow take Xi Xiaye and Shen Wenna’s place.

“I’m willing to put myself down for him and be friends with Shen Wenna. Shen Wenna was so cold and arrogant. She was usually alone and no one knew about her family. She seems to be pretty poor, so she kind of isolated herself. Some also said that her aura seems to be that of a daughter of a prestigious family, yet she dressed normally. She wasn’t someone who’d let people get close easily. I spent around half a year just to barely befriend her.”

Yue Lingsi sighed, her tone sounding unfortunate, “Her grades were outstanding and we were comparable. Sometimes, she was even better than me. Usually, her name was right behind your father’s, but she didn’t socialize much, so I usually scored higher in terms of overall grading. However, your father never noticed me…

“Maybe you couldn’t understand the pain. I felt my heart getting sliced up whenever I saw them having fun chatting with each other! That witch Shen Wenna! I was so nice to her and compromised so much with her. I even told her that I liked your father, yet she still went for him. Initially, she did not even think about going out with your father.”

Yue Lingsi inhaled before she lowered her head and blinked her eyes. Her throat felt bitter. “My family didn’t approve of me going out with your father back then, but I wasn’t attracted to any other man except him. In the end…”

She did not continue. These memories were a sad story to her. They had been sealed deep inside her for a very long time.

Who else would stoop for love lower than Yue Lingsi?

Who else would be stupider for love than Yue Lingsi?

Every time she felt a grievance, she told herself that she would be able to make it. If she continued to be by his side and care for him for 5 years, 10 years, 20 years… One day, she would be able to move his heart!

However, the truth proved otherwise. Her idea of changing Xi Mushan was wrong! Because Xi Mushan had toughened his heart, no matter how much time she spent, it would just be futile.

Maybe he had lost his heart from the very beginning after he had given all his feelings to Shen Wenna and never spared any for Yue Lingsi!

Suddenly, a pang of immense sadness and agony flooded her head. Her whole body was in pain as she covered her face and could not help but start crying again.

Xi Xinyi’s heart broke when she saw her. She patted her back sympathetically. “Mother, you’re so silly!”

“Yes, I’m silly, but I’ve never regretted it. At least, he’s been staying by my side for the past 20 years, right? It’s enough for him to stay by my side. What can Shen Wenna do? I don’t want her to keep the man she wanted. I don’t want to let them be together. I just want to keep your father beside me…” Yue Lingsi sounded determined as her eyes were brimming with confidence.

“Mother, I’ll support you no matter what you do!”

The warm sun hung high in the clear sky. Several clouds were floating around the vast blue sky.

In the afternoon, at XX airport in City Z.

Mu Yuchen was holding Xi Xiaye’s hands as they walked outside through the VIP route. Li Si and a couple of bodyguards in black suits were right behind them.

After handling the matters over there, they had left the remaining work to Vice President Liu Lingyu, finally relieved.

“Master, Ah Mo’s calling!” On their way out, Li Si handed Mu Yuchen his phone.

Mu Yuchen grabbed it while he slung another arm over her shoulder. He said into the other end of the phone, “It’s me.”

“Master! You finally picked up!”

Outside Shen Wenna’s room in Hospital T, Ah Mo’s strained expression finally softened slightly when he heard Mu Yuchen’s voice.

“What’s wrong?” Mu Yuchen could sense the anxiety in his voice.

Ah Mo took a deep breath and said, “Master, it’s bad. Something’s happened to Teacher Shen. I know you and Missus just landed. Please come to Hospital T immediately.”

Before Ah Mo could finish his sentence or even before Mu Yuchen could reply, Xi Xiaye snatched the phone away.

“Did you say something happened to my mother? What do you mean?” Xi Xiaye’s voice reached him fervently.

“Missus…” Xi Xiaye’s sudden voice stunned Ah Mo for a moment. “Yesterday, Teacher Shen accidentally slipped down the staircase. She was rushed to the hospital and she’s just woken up, but… she’s… lost her sight…”


Xi Xiaye felt her soul leave her body when she heard that last few words. She froze as her face turned pale, and she dropped the phone onto the floor.

The world around her started spinning while a strong torrent just gushed all over her. Her whole body was getting weak.

“Xiaye!” Mu Yuchen held her in time. Worried about her, he had heard what Ah Mo just said as well.

“Hospital… Quickly go to the hospital!” Xi Xiaye mumbled before quickly rushing forward.

“Xiaye!” Mu Yuchen tried to catch up to her.

“Quick! Follow them!”

Inside Shen Wenna’s room.

Shen Wenna’s calmness shocked Xi Mushan. Not long after she had woken up, she realized the fact that she had lost her sight. Her face went pale as her body shook violently. She tried to enlarge her empty eyes, yet she was not able to see the slightest sliver of light.

Her body stiffened as Xi Mushan was calling out to her anxiously. After a wait that felt like an eternity, she curled up and hugged her own knees as she sat on the bed without saying anything. Her long, messy hair interweaved before her chest. She seemed so fragile at that moment.

Xi Mushan felt like knives were piercing through his heart when he saw her that way.



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