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( Heartbroken (4)

Xi Mushan immediately rushed forward. What greeted his sight was Shen Wenna’s pale and bloodless face. Her beautiful hair was messy and she looked lifeless. Even her breaths were weak.

Xi Mushan felt his heart ache. His expression instantly turned rigid and pale as he quickly reached out to hold Shen Wenna’s slender hand. He could feel her cold temperature through her palm.

His body involuntarily trembled at that coldness. It was like his heart was being clutched by sharp claws and it hurt. That frigid temperature reached him and those sharp claws tightened a little too!

He could barely breathe with that kind of pain in him. Drawing a deep breath in, he tamped down the bitterness that was about to leak from his chest. That pain, that indescribable sorrow… He had all sorts of mixed emotions. He held Shen Wenna’s cold hand tightly to his warm chest as he looked at her tenderly and said with a soft, raspy voice, “Na Na, Na Na… How are you? How are you? Wake up…”

“Sir, please don’t be too emotional. The patient needs to rest. Please calm down.”

The doctor quickly stopped him. He looked at Su Nan and Ah Hui as the two of them reflexively held him back.

Still, Xi Mushan broke free of their restraint. He looked up at the doctor, and managed to maintain a final strand of calmness as he asked, “How is she? What’s the situation?”

“Let the nurse send the patient to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) first.”

Shen Wenna was sent to a premium ICU.

“Ah Hui, go handle the hospitalization procedure first, then send Ms. Su Nan home. It’ll be fine with just me here. Remember to watch out so that no news is leaked,” ordered Xi Mushan as he handed the paper in his hand to Ah Hui.

“Got it, Mayor! What about the incident at the fashion show tonight? How do we handle that?”

Ah Hui suddenly thought about it. Many people had seen that scene earlier. If the news were to report it, it would not be beneficial for Xi Mushan’s reputation after all.

“Doesn’t matter. I’m tired anyway. There’s no way to block what’s to come. Just play by ear,” Xi Mushan sighed out of exhaustion, then turned to Su Nan. “Ms. Su Nan, go down too. Let Ah Hui send you home after the procedure is done. It’ll be fine with just me here.”

“Uncle Xi, I want to stay here too. I…” Su Nan looked hesitant and worriedly at Shen Wenna who lay on the sickbed.

“It’s fine. You’re pregnant. Look after yourself. I want to accompany her for a while.”

When she heard this, Su Nan nodded. She took a deep breath and blinked her slightly moist eyes before she sniffed. “Okay then. I’ll come over tomorrow!”

Then, Ah Hui left the ward.

Inside the ward, apart from Shen Wenna who lay lifelessly on the sickbed, there was Xi Mushan. Also, the head physician was checking on her situation together with two young nurses who were busy.

At this moment, Xi Mushan had controlled his own emotions, so he did not lose control as he had done earlier. Instead, he had calmed down as he studied Shen Wenna on the sickbed and asked softly, “Doctor, how is she?”

The doctor bowed slightly to Xi Mushan, his expression solemn.

“Let’s sit down over there to talk.”

When he noticed that the doctor did not look quite right, his heart sank. He gestured to the sofa by the window and walked over.

The two of them sat down on the sofa very quickly.

“Just tell me what the situation is.” Xi Mushan took a deep breath and looked at the doctor, his tone calm.

The doctor nodded with a heavy expression. “Mayor Xi, you have to prepare for the worst. Madam Shen’s head received severe injuries. Her brain has suffered damages. She’ll only be able to wake up tomorrow at the earliest. Even if she does, she might lose her sight…”

Lose her sight!?

When Xi Mushan heard the report, his whole body went into shock. He looked up at the doctor in disbelief. “What did you say? Lose her sight? Are you saying Na Na might become blind?”

The doctor nodded with a solemn expression. “Yes, Mayor Xi! If the blood clot in Madam Shen’s brain doesn’t go away, then it will repress the visual nerve and cause her to lose her sight, so I hope you can be prepared. When that happens, you’ll also need to console the patient.”

When Xi Mushan heard this, he was stupefied! He did not hear what the doctor said afterward. The words just circled in his mind.

Lose her sight!?

Na Na will lose her sight…

When the doctor saw Xi Mushan’s dazed expression, he only sighed to himself and shook his head, then silently left.

He would just let the nurses go over to take a look later and remind him about the important matters.

The sound of the door closed. Only Shen Wenna on the sickbed and Xi Mushan on the sofa were left. The room was instantly terrifying silent as the beeping sound from the machine sounded eerily clear.

As if a decade had passed, Xi Mushan snapped out of his dazed state. He slowly stood up and walked to Shen Wenna, pulling the chair on the side out and sitting down.

His hands reached into her blanket and found her cold hands. He held them tightly and looked at Shen Wenna who was asleep with the help of the dim light. His still eyes instantly turned gentle.

“Na Na, no matter what, I will be by your side this time. I won’t let go again. Nothing’s more important than you and my daughter. As long as I can return to your side again, I will do anything.”

“Wake up soon. I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere.”

He finally made the decision. He thought that maybe he had been wrong right from the start. No matter what, he should not have let go back then, and let everyone suffer for nothing all these years!

Right from the start, he should have lived for himself. All of the time that remained in his life should belong to her. He should be making up to her for all these years.

He tried hard to redeem himself, tried hard to reignite what they once had, tried hard to wait…

He believed that they could start over!

As he thought about this, he suddenly pulled Shen Wenna’s hand tightly and put it to his warm chest.

Xi Mushan looked down at Shen Wenna’s cold hand that he held tighyly as he said softly, “Actually, you’ve been wanting for us to start over again, haven’t you, Na Na? We have a daughter that makes us proud. How can this tie between us be erased? You told Xiaye not to resent me. Is it because you’ve also been looking forward to the day that we can return to how we were and live those simple, happy days again?"



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