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( Heartbroken (3)

The couple enjoying their moment had no idea that currently, in Hospital T in City Z, someone dear to them was suffering.

On the bench outside the operating theatre, Xi Mushan was staring at the door. His usual dark eyes turned slightly gray and he looked exhausted.

Ah Hui stayed beside him in silence while still holding onto the wet towel. The blood stains on Xi Mushan had dried up. Although he wanted to help him, as he saw his expression…

Su Nan was waiting right beside him. Her eyes were red and filled with fear.

She knew that Shen Wenna was trying to protect her and that was how Yue Lingsi pushed her off, then fell down the stairs. She blamed herself.

Xi Xiaye asked her to look after her mother, yet she ended up hospitalized. Furthermore, she seemed to be in a really bad condition!

That was a steep staircase made up of wood, steel, and bricks, and the side corners were rather sharp, so…

Su Nan was really afraid when she saw Shen Wenna lying in her own blood. She was stunned and could not think at all.

She took a deep breath before squatting down and covering her pale face with her hands. She could not hold her tears back and started crying again.

The May nights had a cold breeze blowing. Su Nan was shivering in cold as she only had a thin woolen shirt on. She shrunk into a tiny ball.

“Ms. Su, it’s cold tonight. Put this coat on.” Ah Hui could not help but hand over his coat to Su Nan.

Su Nan sniffed and looked at him with her blurry eyes. She wiped off the tears on her face. “Thank you, but I’m fine.”

“Put it on.” Ah Hui left his coat beside her. He took a deep breath before heading into the washroom. After a while, he came out with a warm, wet towel.

“Mayor, clean up the blood stains on your hands. Teacher Shen is going to be alright. Don’t worry!” Ah Hui then handed the towel over to Xi Mushan.

The extremely tensed up Xi Mushan seemed like he did not hear Ah Hui’s voice. He just stared at the operating theatre without moving an inch.

“Mayor!” Ah Hui did not miss the fear inside Xi Mushan’s eyes. He felt really terrible inside when he saw his current condition.

Xi Mushan finally came back to his senses and stared at Ah Hui blankly.

“Mayor, Teacher Shen will be fine. Pull yourself together!”

Ah Hui knew what happened between Xi Mushan and Shen Wenna. He was the only person Xi Mushan trusted. No one knew how much Xi Mushan missed Shen Wenna all these years better than him.

Xi Mushan’s eyes darkened. After some time, he nodded and wiped the bloodstains on his hand. The white towel quickly turned red.

He stopped halfway through, staring at the red towel and his heart sank. He started to feel pain, the sudden wave of horror almost drowning him.

After some time, he suddenly made some sort of decision to himself. He looked at Ah Hui as he suppressed the feeling of loss inside, his eyes returning to its usual sharpness. However, there was some hidden pain within them.

“Ah Hui, help me submit the document on my office desk tomorrow. Also, ask Lawyer Wang to see me. I need him to do something for me. Ask him to call me.” Xi Mushan’s voice sounded like he was in agony. Even Su Nan felt bitter listening to his voice.

Xi Xiaye rarely spoke about Shen Wenna and Xi Mushan, but every time they were mentioned, she would try to laugh it off. However, when Xi Mushan rushed towards Shen Wenna madly, completely ignoring his wife and even said those words to Yue Lingsi right in front of the reporters…

It was obvious who he really cared about.

Xi Mushan still cared about Shen Wenna. Su Nan had seen that kind of fearful expression in Ruan Heng before. There was once when she threw a tantrum and left for several months. It was the same expression when Ruan Heng finally found her.

How should she tell Xi Xiaye about what happened tonight?

The image of Shen Wenna in a pool of blood resurfaced in Su Nan’s mind. She felt more hurt inside. Inhaling a deep breath before taking out her phone, she was about to give Xiaye a call. However, Xi Mushan’s depressed voice reached her.

“Don’t call Xiaye first, Ms. Su Nan. You must be tired, and it’s cold tonight. You’re pregnant. You should head back first.”

Su Nan looked at Xi Mushan and saw his clouded eyes. She hesitated for a moment before shaking her head. “No, I’m going to wait for Aunty Shen here. Xiaye asked me to take care of her, and now… I’m the one to blame for what happened…”

She sounded apologetic. “I didn’t protect her well. Xiaye has always been afraid Aunty Shen will be hurt, but I… I don’t know how to face her…”

“Don’t overthink it. It’s not your fault. You don’t have to feel bad over it. Na Na is a kind person and she would never even hurt a tiny flower. Don’t tell Xiaye about this first. Things are still unclear on her end with Mu Yuchen. Let’s wait and see.”

Xi Mushan then continued looking at the operating theatre and stopped talking to Su Nan. He ordered Ah Hui, “Ah Hui, it’s very late already. Send Ms. Su Nan back, and remember to do what I told you just now.”

“Noted, Mayor! Ms. Su Nan, let’s…”

Before Ah Hui could finish his sentence, the light above the operating theatre was switched off.

Stunned, Xi Mushan quickly stood up and went forward!

Suddenly, two young nurses opened the door from inside and Shen Wenna was wheeled out.


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