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( Unbearable (2)

After giving it some thought, Xi Xinyi seemed to recall that what had happened then was Shen Wenna rushing forward and bumping into Yue Lingsi. She then slipped on the wet floor and fell down. It was her own fault. She deserved it!

She tried to be nice and took it upon herself. Even Xi Xinyi could not stand Su Nan’s arrogant face!

Xi Xiaye was really close to Su Nan. Xi Xinyi heard a lot of harsh words from her before. She almost could not control herself last night, thus giving her several slaps!

“This matter has gone out of hand. You two, solve this. I can’t do this anymore. I just hope this matter won’t affect Yueying.”

A light flashed past Deng Wenwen’s eyes. She did not want to offend both sides. The Mu family was not someone they could mess with, yet the Yue family was a pain to deal with as well. She could only stand back and be an onlooker for now.

Knowing Xi Xiaye’s personality, she might be furious after finding out about the conflict between Shen Wenna and Yue Lingsi. By then, would Mu Yuchen not back her up?

She needed to handle this matter with care because she could not afford to offend both sides.

“Don’t worry and let us handle this. The media always exaggerates anyway. No matter what, Mother is Father’s official wife and Shen Wenna is just his ex-wife. My mother’s the righteous one. No worries,” Xi Xinyi explained after giving it some thought.

“If they continue this, they are going to find out all about the past. They might even know about your relationship with Shen Wenna. What else can we do then?” Deng Wenwen was starting to get a headache.

Stunned, Yue Lingsi raised her head and looked at Deng Wenwen. “Mother, what do you mean?”

Deng Wenwen looked downward although her intense aura did not diminish at all. She told Yue Lingsi sharply, “Lingsi, I’m just reminding you. Do you understand? We’ve had enough bad news lately. Several days ago, your brother looked for Mushan. If we don’t handle this matter delicately, you can guess what Mushan might do!”

“It won’t happen, Mother. Didn’t you say you have ways to make him compromise?” Yue Lingsi looked at Deng Wenwen with unease.

Deng Wenwen then replied, “Lingsi, you need to settle things yourself with Mushan, and not just rely on me every time you guys have fights. What if I’m not around anymore one day? What are you going to do? Is this house going to fall apart?”

“Mother, I know, but that witch Shen Wenna is really too much. You don’t know what she said. She ran towards me on her own. It’d be best if she just died!”


Xi Xinyi noticed Deng Wenwen’s dark expression and quickly threw Yue Lingsi a glance, appearing miserable.

“Just think about Xi Xiaye. She has the Mu family backing her up. Didn’t you guys think about it? Did you just do it on a whim? Do you realize how severe this issue is? Give it some thought on your own!” Deng Wenwen glared at Yue Lingsi angrily.

Yue Lingsi was making her more and more dissatisfied!

“Don’t be angry, Grandmother. Mother didn’t mean it. They really overdid it. Even I almost lost control at that moment. Su Nan was hitting Mother. Should we have not done anything?” Xi Xinyi tried to explain, yet Deng Wenwen was already hobbling upstairs with her walking stick.

“Mother! What are you saying in front of Grandmother? You know recently… You know what? Whatever! We’ll just wait and see what happens, and you’d better visit Grandfather. He just called me and asked what happened, but I don’t know how to answer him. A few days ago, Uncle met Father and their meeting ended on a bitter note. It’s no wonder that Father has been in a foul mood!”

“Isn’t it all Xi Xiaye’s fault? Why else would things have ended up like this?” Yue Lingshi clenched her fist and growled, “Shen Wenna deserved it this time! Even God agrees with me. How can Shen Wenna fight me?”

Xi Xinyi took a deep breath. Yue Lingsi could not act calmly right now. Yesterday, she cried like a baby as she hugged her, feeling pity for her.

Actually, she knew all about Yue Lingsi’s feelings for Xi Mushan. Yue Lingsi’s love for Xi Mushan was almost maniacal!

Feelings that had been suppressed inside for decades… Just how strong would they be? Xi Xinyi had no idea, but one thing she was sure of was that Xi Mushan was everything to Yue Lingsi. When Xi Mushan had Shen Wenna in her arms as he roared at her, just how much of a shock would it be?

No one would know aside from her.

“Mother, the more you behave this way, the more Father will… It’s been over twenty years. Don’t you understand Father by now?” Xi Xinyi looked at Yue Lingsi and sat down beside her helplessly.

Yue Lingsi’s eyes teared up and she started sobbing. “I really love your Father. You don’t know how long have I been in love with him! I’ve been attracted to him since the first time I saw him…”

Yue Lingsi’s red eyes seemed lost. The faint light came from the deepest recesses of her eyes, indicating that she was thinking of a faraway past.

“The first time I met your father was under the Camphor tree. I bumped into him and he dropped the textbooks in his hands… By the way, you have to know that I was pretty popular in school back then, and many people would pretend to bump into me in order to talk to me, but your father was different. He didn’t even look at me and just left after picking up his textbooks, but I picked his bookmark up. There’s a quote he wrote on it.

“Your father was really cool. He was humble and quiet too. Plus, he was the most handsome guy in the school, and his grades were good. He was the dream man of countless girls, and that included me. However, he hardly talked to people. The only girl he interacted with was Shen Wenna. I tried to invite him out several times and he declined all of my invitations. There’s a saying: ‘as something becomes more unattainable, the desire to attain it grows stronger’. I totally fell for him and lost myself.”

Yue Lingsi suppressed the pain in her chest and told Xi Xinyi about her painful past for the first time because she could not stand the pain anymore. Talking about her feelings could somehow reduce some of the heartbreak she was feeling.


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