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( Heartbroken (2)

At night in City B.

Inside the hotel room of Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye.


Xi Xiaye looked at her hand which accidentally knocked a cup of tea over. The hot tea scalded her hand and she was starting to feel jittery…

“What a klutz! Be more careful!”

Mu Yuchen swiftly grabbed her hand and dabbed it with his handkerchief. “How are you feeling?”

“I’m alright… Just feeling a little uneasy… Maybe I’m just tired.” Xi Xiaye took the handkerchief from him and wiped the leftover tea on her hand. Meanwhile, he went into the shower to grab a wet towel and covered her hand.

“Go to bed earlier tonight and stay in the hotel tomorrow. I’ll finish my work early and try to head back tomorrow afternoon, alright?”

He unfolded the wet towel carefully and was relieved to see that there were no blisters on her hand. Raising his head, he looked at her.

“I’m okay, it’s fine. Ah Mo isn’t around and you only have Li Si with you. There’s going to be a lot of documents to work on.”

She just let him hold her hand as he looked past her at the stack of documents. There were two more groups of data to be analyzed.

“I can handle it.”

“Are you saying that I’m holding you back, so you’re not bringing me?”

She looked at him as he just sighed and put his hand onto his forehead helplessly, pinching the space between his eyebrows. “It’s up to you then.”

She grabbed a document and flipped through it as she said, “Mmm, I’ll rest after analyzing these two sets of data. We both drank quite a lot today. My head feels a little heavy now. By the way, Mr. Mu, don’t you think CEO Liang’s daughter is a bit too friendly with you?”

“Which one? I thought there was only one woman throughout the dinner… You,” replied Mu Yuchen as he put the towel back calmly.

Xi Xiaye looked up from the document and narrowed her eyes at him. She pursed her pink lips with a smile. “Really?”

Mu Yuchen poured her another cup of tea as a warm smile popped on his face. “Mmm, of course.”

“Mr. Mu, I feel a little hungry now. I feel like having some of the chicken porridge from the restaurant next door. Go and order two portions from them. We only drank throughout dinner.”

“Do you want anything else?” He was planning on ordering something already since they hardly had anything to eat that night.

“I just want some porridge.”

Mu Yuchen called the reception, and after around 20 minutes, room service delivered their meal.

Xi Xiaye had just finished analyzing the data, so she handed it to him to sign it while he was on the phone.

She tasted the chicken porridge as she asked him, “I just called Vice President Zhang and have sent over all the documents. We can probably start working on it after a short while. The launching ceremony should be right after our wedding and we’ll use this period of time to select brands that we’ll recruit. The amount of money to be invested is huge. Together with the development of Movie City, our cash flow might be restricted… Didn’t you have a discussion with Grandpa’s companies a few days ago? How was it?”

He put his phone away and flipped through the document that she handed him as he replied, “I told him to decide after observing the initial phase of the project.”

“You don’t seem very worried. Actually, if you just voice it out, I’m sure Grandpa will agree. He trusts you anyway. What’s wrong with helping one another? Grandpa asked me to send some information over to Fu Hua and to take a look around there. In the end, I still asked Deputy Director Xu to go. I think it’s better for you to talk to him.” Xi Xiaye had half a spoon full of porridge hovering right beside his mouth as she spoke.

He ate it and replied quietly, “Grandpa has his own rules as well. Please take care of me once you’ve taken over Fu Hua. Glory World still has a long way to go compared to Fu Hua in the field of property development.”

Of course, she knew what he was thinking. He had been reading up on property development, so he must be trying to know more about this field.

“Oh, please, you know I just want to be a nameless director. My shoulders are too weak for that kind of burden.”

Xi Xiaye wanted to push the responsibility away. She then continued after another bite, “I’m not suitable to be a person in power. Maybe I’ll do fine as an assistant. Grandpa said that I’m not decisive enough, so the purpose of getting me into military school was to toughen up my willpower. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it in the end and I went abroad afterward.”

“This sort of training seems tiring. You don’t have to work so hard, you know. Mr. Mu has more than enough to take care of you. What’s so bad about being a simple and happy Mrs. Mu?”

He swiftly signed his name at the bottom and closed the document. Then, he looked at her and once again, ate another spoonful of porridge from her.

She was stunned for a moment. After some hesitation, she said, “I think my life is simple and happy enough right now. Mmm… I go to work and leave work on time, relax during the weekend, and occasionally head back home to take a look at Mother and Grandpa. Don’t you think it’s a fulfilling life?”

“Didn’t you say some time back that you lack excitement in your life?” He looked at her and asked quietly.

She stared at him and ranted, “That’s because sometimes being with you doesn’t feel romantic at all!”

“You’re not a teenager anymore. Do you still want me to put a banner up outside our company and confess my feelings to you every day? Or light up a heart-shaped candle at home and have a nice dinner together? How lame.”


“Of course! Let me tell you something. Back then, when I graduated from university, a guy from the dorm next door confessed to a girl staying at the opposite dorm. He lit up 999 candles and gave her 999 roses. That girl was overjoyed and agreed to be that guy’s girlfriend instantly. Can you guess what happened in the end?”


Xi Xiaye gave him a doubtful glance.

“That girl married the guy who cleaned up the candles the next day. He was a hardworking and ordinary guy,” Mu Yuchen spoke as a faint light emitted from his dark eyes. He seemed to be relating himself to the guy.

She thought about the story and seemed to have understood something. Then, she held his hand.


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