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( Heartbroken (1)

A cold breeze attacked, and before she could react, she slipped on her heel. Although she wanted to grab hold onto something, nothing was within reach and she fell down the staircase.

Her slender figure instantly vanished as there was a sound of rushed tumbling…

Su Nan was stupefied!

Yue Lingsi and Xi Xinyi were staring in horror at the staircase.

“Aunty Shen!” A while passed before Su Nan reacted. Trembling, she walked to the stairs.

Shen Wenna already fell unconscious weakly on the floor below. Her head had swelled up, and there was a pool of dark red blood the floor beneath her head. The jade hairpin that held her bun up high had also smashed into two as she lay fallen on the floor.

Su Nan trembled as she stood at the staircase. Her eyes were lifeless as she looked at Shen Wenna in shock. After a while, she cried out in panic, “Aunty Shen! Aunty Shen!”

She rushed downstairs, yet a black figure was a step ahead of her. That person pulled her aside. Before she could react, he had already rushed downward.

“Na Na! Na Na!”

His low and panicked shouts were heard, snapping Su Nan back from her dazed state, and she realized that it was Xi Mushan who had rushed down to hold Shen Wenna. He looked terrified and helpless.

“Are you okay? Huh? Are you okay? Na Na…”

The instant he held Shen Wenna, he realized that she was much thinner and frailer than before. Her beautiful face was pale as Xi Mushan held her head. His hand was filled with warmth while the coppery smell of blood filled the air.

“Na Na, wake up… Wake up…”

As he shook her, Shen Wenna, who was already dizzy, opened her eyes with a lot of effort to look at him. After a long while, she said softly, “Don’t… Don’t tell Xiaye and my father first…”

Xi Mushan immediately felt a suffocating ache in his chest as he hugged her tightly in his arms. “We’re going to the hospital. I’m sending you there right away. Na Na, don’t be afraid…”

Sadness was concealed in his chest. He held back the surge of feelings that threatened to drown him although his eyes could not help but become teary. He quickly carried Shen Wenna and rushed up the stairs. At this moment, many people had come to surround the stage. Some reporters even came up and their cameras were snapping away at this scene!

“Mushan! Where are you going?!”


When Yue Lingsi and Xi Xinyi saw this, they quickly went up to him and blocked him because at this moment, if he left just like that, he might never belong to them ever again!

“Mushan, stop right there!”

Yue Lingsi wanted to reach out and hold Xi Mushan by the sleeve. Her red eyes glittered with tears. “Mushan, don’t leave… Don’t… I just didn’t want her to block my way. It was the floor that was too slippery…”

“Move away! All of you, move away!”

Xi Mushan dodged them, and with bloodshot eyes, he glared at Yue Lingsi angrily. “If anything happens to her, you will pay the price. Just watch out!”

After he left with this remark, he rushed outside with Shen Wenna in his arms.

Yue Lingsi was shocked to hear this!

“Father! Father!” Xi Xinyi was anxious and wanted to chase after him, yet she was worried about leaving Yue Lingsi, who looked dazed, behind.

“Aunty Shen!”

When Su Nan finally regained her senses, she could not care less and quickly picked Shen Wenna’s things up before she chased after them in a panic.

When Han Yifeng rushed over, he only saw the ghastly sight of blood on the bottom floor. Yue Lingsi was currently weeping in Xi Xinyi’s arms while Xi Xinyi slowly moved outward with the protection of bodyguards. The camera flashes kept coming, and it was only a moment before everyone around knew that Yue Lingsi had pushed Shen Wenna down the stairs and made the Mayor very angry.

It looked like tomorrow’s news was going to be hot!

Han Yifeng looked in the direction where Xi Mushan had left, worry surfacing in his eyes. He looked around, and when he saw Yue Lingsi and Xi Xinyi, he suddenly felt gloomy and a mix of emotions rose up within him.

When she saw Han Yifeng’s cold and sharp gaze, Xi Xinyi wanted to explain, yet his hostile voice chilled her heart that it hurt. “Yifeng, Mother didn’t do it on purpose… She just wanted Su Nan to…”

“Unintentional again? If Su Nan was the one, then I’m afraid the outcome would’ve been worse!” Han Yifeng said and left, yet Xi Xinyi and Yue Lingsi were surrounded by the media. Xi Xinyi could not go after him even if she wanted to.

On the other end, when Xi Mushan rushed out with Shen Wenna in his arms, Ah Hui had already driven over. He got into the car quickly and dashed to Hospital T.

They sped all the way and reached Hospital T within half an hour. Xi Mushan anxiously carried the unconscious Shen Wenna and rushed into the hospital.

“Doctor! Doctor! Save her!”

The doctor and nurse quickly settled Shen Wenna onto a sickbed and rushed for the operation theatre. Xi Mushan followed them too, both his hands gripping Shen Wenna’s slender and pale hands tightly. Seeing her shut her eyes tightly and looking weak and pale, he suddenly felt his eyes hot and blurred. He could not help but let a cold tear fall, and it plopped exactly on her arm!

In her daze, Shen Wenna seemed to only feel that there was a scorching and scalding sensation on her arm. With whatever energy that was left in her, she opened her heavy eyelids and in her blurry vision, she saw Xi Mushan’s moist and red eyes.

Then, she saw Xi Xiaye’s bright little face and Shen Yue’s aged expression. Those lights flickered and then blurred. She wanted to reach out to catch them, so she lifted a hand with much difficulty. It trembled, yet she could not catch anything…

She felt her head spin, then she finally could not hold on any longer. Those bright shadows faded and she slowly lost consciousness.

She suddenly wanted to see Xiaye…

When Xi Mushan saw this, he felt his heart wrench. He said with a raspy voice, “Na Na, this time, I’m not letting go. If anything happens to you, I… I…”

“Sir, you can’t go in! Please wait outside. Trust the doctors!”

At the door, Xi Mushan was stopped outside.

The operation room door was shut tightly. Xi Mushan looked up at the lit up light in a daze. Then, his whole body fell limp!


When Ah Hui, who had rushed over, saw that, he quickly went up to hold him. “Mayor, don’t worry. It will be fine!”

Ah Hui helped Xi Mushan to a bench on the right. He saw that Xi Mushan was covered in blood, especially his white blouse that was almost completely crimson.

Xi Mushan lowered his head in a daze and stared at his hands that were covered in blood. Suddenly, he muttered to himself, “She will be fine, won’t she?"



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