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“What are you laughing about, witch!? Xi Xiaye is always outraged over the injustice for you! Was it you who told her to be so cruel to Xinyi? She even shamelessly climbed onto the Mu family. You must be intentionally…”

“Yue Lingsi!”

Before Yue Lingsi could finish, Shen Wenna had already cut her short. She smiled coldly. “I’m afraid no one’s more shameless than you and your daughter. Xi Mushan is my, Shen Wenna’s husband. You got close to him in the name of friendship and stole him from me! Your daughter even shamelessly stole her older sister’s fiancè. Aren’t you two even worse?”

“I really don’t understand how you two can be shameless to this extent. You’ve made mistakes yourselves, so why do you keep blaming it on others? Your daughter keeps trying to hurt Xiaye and almost killed her. Is she not evil? I’ve always been on the university campus. Have I gone knocking on your door to cause trouble? Instead, it was you two that keep coming to my door for trouble. My daughter is from the Xi family. Whether she wants to bear the surname Shen or Xi is up to her. Don’t you think the way you just spoke sounded really dumb to others?”

As even-tempered as Shen Wenna was, she was pissed off by Yue Lingsi twisting the facts.

“Well, she can’t be so malicious and ruin Xinyi’s future either, and use such despicable ways of distancing Yifeng and Xinyi. You’ve been divorced from Mushan for many years too. Why do you keep looking for him? She is my husband, my man, don’t you know that?!”


This word flashed in Shen Wenna’s mind as she watched Yue Lingsi with her red, tearful eyes and was about to explode from anger.

“I don’t see anything wrong with Xiaye wanting to clear her name from being framed by your daughter. Don’t tell me that you think she should have her name blackened for the rest of her life because your daughter framed her. Yue Lingsi, if you continue to be such a menace, don’t blame me when I’m not so courteous! Besides, Xi Mushan is your husband. That’s right. You are also the mayoress, true, but has he touched you? Apart from that night, has he ever touched you, Yue Lingsi?” Shen Wenna’s cold voice was mixed with a sharp, imposing tone.

“Would he be touching you if he wasn’t touching me?! Slut! You’re clearly divorced! Why are you still going after him, Shen Wenna? Are you that thirsty? Slut!”

Yue Lingsi angrily shoved Shen Wenna and forced her in the corner between two walls. Caught off guard, Shen Wenna stumbled, but she managed to steady herself with the wall.

“You’re really crazy!” Shen Wenna frowned and glared coldly at Yue Lingsi.

“I’m crazy! I’m crazy because of Xi Mushan! Shen Wenna! How am I lesser than you? I don’t love Mushan any lesser than you do, so why are you still entangled with him until now? Don’t you feel shameless to be seducing someone else’s husband?”

“You should be saying this to yourself! Watch your own reputation, Yue Lingsi! If you want to cause a scene, please do it at home. Don’t come to me! You can’t blame anyone else for not watching your own man! This is what you said to me back then!”

Shen Wenna’s elegant face was infected with rage and her tone was as cold as ice. “If we want to compare shamelessness and menace, no one can beat you and your daughter. Up to this point, you two have just been living…”


Before Shen Wenna could finish, Yue Lingsi had already slapped her. Subconsciously, Shen Wenna turned her head and that slap landed on her fair neck. Those sharp nails of hers had very quickly gored a few bloody lines on Shen Wenna’s neck.

“Slut! Say more! Say more! Watch me tear your mouth off!”

When she cursed, she had already lost all her rationality. She rushed up and held Shen Wenna by the collar, and slapped her again. Shen Wenna lifted a hand to block the blow. With a swoosh, Shen Wenna’s clothes were already ripped apart by Yue Lingsi. Furious, Shen Wenna’s eyes instantly hardened. She was about to pull Yue Lingsi’s hair when a figure was one step ahead of her!

“Hey! Old slut, how dare you be a bully! I’m going to beat you up!”

Su Nan appeared out of nowhere, rushing up like a tornado and pulling Yue Lingsi’s hair. She yanked back and then slapped Yue Lingsi quite a few times.

“Bully now, are you?! Bullying, huh?! I’ve long hated you pretentious, old woman! Why does the Yue family keep producing scum like you?!”

Su Nan’s slaps were hard and vicious. A few strikes in, Yue Lingsi’s face had begun to swell, and it was completely red!

“How dare you hit me? Who are you to hit me? How dare you?!”

Yue Lingsi had fallen into a complete breakdown and lunacy. She rushed up recklessly and started to scuffle. Shen Wenna rushed up to pull them apart, getting the back of her hands scratched in the process!

“Su Nan! How dare you fight my mother?! Mother!” From behind came Xi Xinyi’s rushed footsteps as she rushed up too.

“I’ll beat you to death! Slut! Why won’t you and daughter die? I wouldn’t let you steal Mushan even if I died. He’s mine, he’s mine!”

“Stop hitting now, Su Nan. Be careful!”

Shen Wenna pulled Su Nan away, yet Su Nan glared at Yue Lingsi and Xi Xinyi with bloodshot eyes as she said sternly, “What’s wrong? Want to fight, do you? Come on then! I hate those who bully others! Who do you think you are? One of you stole someone’s husband, and your own daughter stole her sister’s man. Who gave you such courage to live in this world? The daughter of a mayor and province governor, my ass! Even I understand this logic as a commoner, so why don’t you heiresses understand? Do you know how to write the words ‘lowly’ and ‘shameless’?”

“Do you want to let everyone see the Mayoress shouting abuse in the street like a fishmonger’s wife? Unhappy, are you? If you’re unhappy, then come for me! I’ll watch you die from the indignance. That way, I would even give you guys a thumbs-up!”

“Su Nan, shut up!” Xi Xinyi could not bear to continue listening to her, so she shouted for her to stop.

“Are you upset because the words are hurtful? Only blind men would fancy women like you with the heart of a devil and shameless…”

“I’ll let you run your mouth! Go on!”

“Su Nan, be careful!”

As Yue Lingsi rushed up, Shen Wenna reflexively went up to block her. There were stairs behind and the floor was slippery too.

However, before Shen Wenna could finish, she felt her shoulder hit a wall of softness. Then, she slipped, and Su Nan’s screams pierced the air.

“Aunty Shen, careful!”

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