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( Waves (3)

Su Nan’s crisp voice rang out. As expected, Han Yifeng was stunned when he heard her voice, and his expression darkened.

“I’m really looking forward to their wedding. With the sunset and beaches, it must be great! Xiaye said a scene like that really feels like home. I really hope they can be together forever.”

Shen Wenna was quick to catch that Su Nan uttered those words to trigger Han Yifeng. She looked at Su Nan before glancing over at him, noticing his darkened expression. Just as she was about to say something, there was a familiar voice from the back.

“Mother, here, our seats are here!”

It was a soft, gentle voice which was accompanied by a faint smell of perfume in the air.


Su Nan instantly knew who it was when she heard such a fake voice.

She turned around, and as she expected, Yue Lingsi and Xi Xinyi were seated nearby on Han Yifeng’s left.

Xi Xinyi looked over as she noticed Su Nan’s gaze. She saw Su Nan and Shen Wenna together, and her expression changed as her eyes turned cold. Subconsciously, she turned towards Yue Lingsi beside her.

Of course, when Yue Lingsi saw the fresh-looking Shen Wenna, her expression turned into a dark storm while her gaze became freezing cold.

Shen Wenna just glanced at her ever so calmly like how one would look at a silly clown. Yue Lingsi was a flicker of existence to her. The fire of rage inside her started burning furiously.

She also heard from someone that Xi Mushan had just gone to University A. He must have gone to meet this old hag! Look at that face of hers! How Yue Lingsi wished she could go up and destroy that face!

“Mother, don’t get worked up. Look at where we are right now!”

Xi Xinyi threw in a reminder when she noticed her mother about to explode. Obviously, she was displeased about it.

Yue Lingsi had been very easily triggered recently. After she threw the ashtray at Xi Mushan some time ago, Xi Mushan had not said a thing to her ever since. Even his greetings to Xi Xinyi were as frigid as ice.

If Yue Lingsi could be calmer like Shen Wenna, Xi Xinyi believed she would not need to suffer as much right now.

The relationship between the Han family and the Xi family was strained at the moment, yet Xi Mushan did not do anything and just let them be. Even Xi Jiyang said nothing about it. As he said after letting Xi Xiaye sign the paper, he would not intervene between them anymore.

If Xi Mushan was willing to do something, the Han family would not have acted this way. Huang Ziyao and Han Yu did not even give their daughter-in-law a call and barely seemed concerned at all. Upset about it, there were several instances when Yue Lingsi almost wanted to go over to the Han Residence, but Xi Xinyi stopped her every time.

Yue Lingsi took several deep breaths after Xi Xinyi’s reminder and suppressed her own emotions. Shen Wenna did not seem to be bothered. It was as if she did not see her.

“Sit down, Mother!” Xi Xinyi dragged Yue Lingsi to her seat right behind Han Yifeng.

“Aunt Shen, be careful if they come to you for trouble. Yue Lingsi’s eyes don’t seem right. She looks mad!” Su Nan said quietly.

Shen Wenna smiled. “Don’t worry. She can’t do anything.”

“Yue Lingsi really gave Xiaye a lot of trouble. She tried to put a kind stepmother act on, and now, that she’s dropped her mask… Ugh, what a wicked person!”

Su Nan glanced at Yue Lingsi with a mocking gaze. Yue Lingsi was almost reaching her boiling point!

However, she could not lash out. The music in the venue suddenly changed as the lights faded. A faint, gentle light centered onto the stage and the sound of a soothing violin started playing.

The opening act had begun.

The crowd went quiet as stylish models gradually went up on stage. The hall gave a big round of applause!

“Mother, don’t be rash.”

“Look at how arrogant she is. She’s taking me lightly! Who does she think she is?” Yue Lingsi lowered her voice as she hissed angrily.

Yue Lingsi was obviously jealous of her rival, but Shen Wenna totally ignored her and she was on her own.

Xi Xinyi sighed, “Mother, why are you always like this when you’re up against Aunt Shen? She did this on purpose to provoke you. Don’t fall into her trap.”

Yue Lingsi was stunned for a moment and thought it made a lot of sense, so she quickly nodded. “Right! You’re right! She must be trying to do that. I can’t fall into her trap!”

As they were discussing quietly, Shen Wenna was not looking at them at all. Instead, she was commenting on the outfits on stage with Su Nan.

“Aunt Shen, I think you have the potential to become a fashion designer. You can definitely make it, working for celebrities… Ah, Aunt Shen, my manager is calling me. I’ll head over for a while.”

“Alright, I’ll go to the washroom.”

When she came out from the washroom, she saw Yue Lingsi waiting by the staircase outside. Shen Wenna was not surprised at all. In fact, she anticipated that Yue Lingsi would try to pull something like this off tonight.

“Shen Wenna, what a shameless woman you are! Why did Xi Mushan go looking for you this evening? Did you ask him to go over again? Your daughter kept saying that she wants to break off her relationship with the Xi family. Then, why does she still hold onto the surname Xi now? She even brought her man home to show off. So, she’s very tough now, huh!? She hid her marriage from her family. She’s really as arrogant as you are. Pfft, as expected of your daughter!”

Yue Lingsi lashed her anger out with her tongue. She was reminded about all her unfortunate encounters recently, from Xi Xinyi’s misfortune to Xi Mushan’s coldness to her sorrow.

She felt that the cause of all these was Shen Wenna and Xi Xiaye. It would be a miracle if she was able to control her anger when Shen Wenna was standing right in front of her!

Shen Wenna looked at Yue Lingsi like a hen ready for battle as she chuckled.


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