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The fashion show at Imperial Sky Fashion City was not organized by Glory World Corporation. Glory World was just one of the bigger sponsors, so the fashion show and a jewelry exhibition were combined together.

Most participants were brands in Imperial Sky Fashion City and Jewelry City as well as some external fashion labels and jewelry brands.

When this idea was first proposed, the intent was just to promote Fashion City since it was the main focus of Imperial Sky Entertainment City. They wanted to make it popular and encourage more brands to join them. This might indirectly affect the South River project as well.

However, after Xi Xiaye’s suggestion, Glory World decided to increase its sponsorship and added the jewelry section as well. Although it was decided rather suddenly, every unit reacted well, so things went well in the end.

The competition started yesterday and the finals were today. The judges consisted of renowned fashion designers and jewelry designers. Su Nan’s company was invited as well. She would never give up a chance like this.

Below Shen Wenna’s apartment in University A, Su Nan waved to Shen Wenna when she saw her. “Aunt Shen, I’m here!”

Shen Wenna soon found Su Nan’s car parked by the roadside, so she went over and got into the car. Su Nan was not driving; it was her company car.

“Aren’t your parents going?” Shen Wenna put up a gentle smile as usual and asked.

“My mother went to visit some schools with my father. They’ll try to make it later if they still have time. Xiaye just sent me a message to fetch you earlier. By the way, Aunt Shen, I think I saw Mayor Xi leaving just when I arrived.” Su Nan gave Shen Wenna a brief glance.

Shen Wenna’s expression froze for a moment. He somehow found out that Mu Yuchen had met with an accident, and that Xi Xiaye had rushed over to City B late at night. Xi Xiaye switched her phone off and he could not get through, so he asked her about it instead. However, Shen Wenna was not well-informed about what had happened either.

Xi Xiaye must not want her to worry, hence keeping her in the dark.

Su Nan did not press on the matter when she noticed that Shen Wenna did not seem comfortable. She knew that things were complicated between Shen Wenna and Xi Mushan, and Xi Xiaye’s expression would darken every time she mentioned it.

After dinner, they arrived at Imperial Sky Entertainment City right after sunset.

The competition stage was set up right in front of the exhibition center. They could see many flowers from far away, and huge promotional posters were plastered everywhere. With the enormous crowd milling around, the parking lot was already filled a long time ago.

“There are so many people! So lively!” Su Nan looked downstairs at the crowd.

“The jewelry exhibition is attractive enough with its huge scale. There are many people who’re just here for fun anyway. That explains the crowd today.” Shen Wenna smiled. “I think your designs are pretty. Why don’t you enter the competition this time?”

Shrugging, Su Nan touched the slight bump on her stomach. “With this little thing inside me, I feel like I can’t really do much.”

“Do you have strong reactions?” Shen Wenna smiled. “It was the same the last time when I had Xiaye. It’s quite tiring. Give it another two or three months and you’ll feel it acting up more. Till then, you’ll truly feel that it’s going to take your life away.”

“Now, I know how tough it is to be a mother. Some time ago, I still argued with my own mother. and now…”

Su Nan sighed before going upstairs with Shen Wenna. They handed their invitation cards to the staff who quickly gave them a smile. “Madam Shen, Ms. Su, please follow me this way. I’ll bring you to your seats.”

“Alright, thank you!”

It was especially crowded inside the hall when they went in. Countless beams of neon lights flashed everywhere and a grandly decorated T-stage was spread at the front. The whole place gave off a romantic and exclusive vibe, befitting the theme of this event: Flowing Light!

Many important guests attended the event as well. When Shen Wenna and Su Nan sat down at their seats, the seats around them seemed to be occupied with people of power. Before she could take a better look around, a slightly strange voice reached them.

“Aunt Shen, long time no see!”

Shen Wenna was stunned for a moment before looking over at the source of the voice. She then noticed that Han Yifeng was standing right before her!

Although she rarely interacted with Han Yifeng, she saw him pretty frequently on the TV. With all the things that had happened recently, Shen Wenna was no stranger to Han Yifeng’s face!

Before Shen Wenna could reply Su Nan said something first, “Han Yifeng! Why are you here?”

She noticed that Han Yifeng was visibly much skinnier than before. He also seemed tired and pathetic while his exhausted expression looked bleak, and his eyes were even quieter than before.

“Su Nan,” Han Yifeng greeted quietly when he saw Su Nan beside Shen Wenna, but his eyes never moved away from the latter.

After a while, Shen Wenna nodded back at him. “Long time no see.”

Han Yifeng smiled and sat down two seats beside Shen Wenna.

Shen Wenna did not have a good impression of him. He was supposed to be Xiaye’s husband, and in the end, he had chosen Yue Lingsi’s daughter, Xi Xinyi. As a result, he had abandoned Xiaye and thrown her into depression for several years until Mu Yuchen’s appearance.

Even though Han Yifeng decided to divorce Xi Xinyi, he did not release any news at all yet. Therefore, everyone still thought they remained a happy couple. To them, Han Yifeng was a good man who loved his wife very much.

Naturally, Su Nan thought so too. She was reminded about all the hardships Xi Xiaye had gone through. Her anger towards Han Yifeng never subsided at all.

“Aunt Shen, I heard that Master Mu and Xiaye are taking their wedding photos soon. I think they can take an extra set at University A, especially since the flowers are blooming there. When I went there today, I could smell the lovely fragrance.” Su Nan was talking to Shen Wenna cheerfully, but she was stealing glances at Han Yifeng.


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