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Mu Yuchen nodded in agreement with Ah Mo. “Take a few days off. That’s it for mid-May. Contact Ah Bo directly and make some preparations when you get back.”

“Yes, Master!”

“Mmm, as for Lingshi, your sister-in-law will help you out.”

Several days were still needed for things to settle down here. With Ah Mo going back, he would need to handle matters here, but it was really nothing. She was here anyway, so he did not need to be too concerned.

Moreover, bringing her to meetings was pretty fun.

Xi Xiaye and Mu Lingshi had lunch outside. They shopped around for two hours and bought a lot. It was 2 p.m. when they arrived back at the hotel.

Xi Xiaye packed the shopping up for them to bring back.

“Ah Shi, wait!” Xi Xiaye suddenly called out to Mu Lingshi as she sent her off. She had a huge smile on her face.

“What’s wrong, Sister-in-law?” Mu Lingshi walked towards Xi Xiaye with a doubtful look.

With a bright smile, she glanced at Ah Mo and Li Si who were talking at the moment. “Nothing much. I just wanted to tell you that Ah Mo is a really sweet guy.”

Xi Xiaye turned her head back to Mu Lingshi. “Happiness is something you give each other, so… Be brave to love…”

Mu Lingshi was stunned for a moment as warmth flowed through her heart. She looked over at Ah Mo with a smile before putting on her sunglasses. Then, she faced Xi Xiaye and said, “Thank you, Sister-in-law!”

Xi Xiaye responded genuinely, “I truly wish for you to be happy. That’s your brother’s wish as well.”

Mu Lingshi smiled without saying anything. After a moment, she said, “I hope that my brother will be with you forever as well, Sister-in-law. My brother is a nice person. Please treat him well.”

Xi Xiaye nodded. “I will. It’s about time now. Get into the car and you should be able to make it back for dinner. Grandfather and Grandmother should be busy preparing by now.”

“Okay, please come back soon after Brother’s work is done here as well. Just in time to take your wedding photos! The wedding dresses will be here in about two days. As a matter of fact, the dress for the wedding day itself is still in the works.”


Mu Lingshi went into the car after a brief reply while Xi Xiaye stood there as she looked at the car drive further and further away from her. She was daydreaming until the man called out to her teasingly from behind, “How do you know that Ah Mo is a sweet guy?”

Xi Xiaye did not notice him standing behind her. When she turned around, he was looking at her with a cheeky expression.

Xi Xiaye gave it some thought before replying, “Because I notice a gentle aura around him when he’s talking to Ah Shi. Mmm… Just like… You and me…”

“So, is Mr. Mu a sweet guy to you?” He squinted his dark eyes as a faint light glowed from them.

Xi Xiaye pursed her lips with a bubble of tiny laughter. “I don’t know…”

“You really don’t know or are you pretending to not know?”

“I really don’t know… Ah!”

Before she could finish her sentence, he carried her on his shoulder as he went back inside the hotel.

After Ah Mo and Mu Lingshi went back, Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye got busy. They received a phone call for an appointment the moment they arrived in their room. After they made some preparations, they went out immediately. At night, they even had a dinner appointment and their schedule was fully packed. Mu Yuchen wanted to rush back to City Z in two days since the first of May was coming up and there were some matters back at the company for him to attend to.

Back in City Z, they were really glad that Mu Lingshi was moving in to stay with Ah Mo. They quickly prepared Mu Lingshi’s stuff and bought her new clothes and shoes in bulk, even providing several servants.

They already thought of Ah Mo and Mu Lingshi as a pair. Moreover, they had been taking care of Ah Mo since he was little, so they felt at ease to leave her in his hands.

Wang Hui stood in the villa corridor and ordered the servants around as she spoke to Mu Yinan who was tending to the plants, “Luckily, they’re alright. I was shocked when I got the call, but well, it’s great that this helped Lingshi let go of the past. I can’t help but tremble when I hear the word ‘accident’…”

“They are fine, aren’t they? Why are you trembling?” Mu Yinan replied.

“Thank God! I’m going to visit the temple more often and hope that it’s really just an accident this time. Otherwise, it’d be really unfair to the children. It’s all your fault. Things wouldn’t have turned out this way.”

Wang Hui could not help but scold Mu Yinan, “The children didn’t really say anything, but… sigh…” She sighed as she felt a little depressed. She was probably recalling some unpleasant past memories.

Pausing, Mu Yinan’s eyes stayed still for a moment. “Stop mentioning the past and don’t add trouble for yourself. Whatever happened has happened. What else can we do about it?”

“You’re just going to let the children be troubled while you can relax, huh? Oh, well, it’s in the past now. Our family is getting livelier ever since Xiaye joined us, and now Lingshi and Ah Mo… We can feel more at ease in the future.”

As they spoke, they heard the rumble of a car engine stopping outside. Mu Lingshi and Ah Mo had arrived.

“Ah Mo! How are you? Are you alright? Are you injured anywhere else?” Wang Hui went up to him, concerned.

“I’m alright. They’re just minor injuries. Master only had some scratches as well. It’s no big deal, so everyone can relax. Missus rushed over and she’ll return with Master a few days later. Don’t worry,” Ah Mo smiled as he replied.

“She rushed over in the middle of the night and never told us anything! That child…” Wang Hui’s eyes seemed gentle. Xi Xiaye was really worried about Chen Er. Otherwise, she would not have rushed over on a stormy night.

Of course, they were aware of Xi Xiaye’s actions. The traffic police had sent the speeding ticket to their house the next day after all.



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