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(Present For Mr. Mu (2)

No wonder she suddenly disappeared when they had gone shopping yesterday. He had been very worried then, but after that, she returned rather mysteriously.

“This is my wedding present to you. I’m very poor, so…”

When he heard her feeble explanation, he could not help but chuckle. “I’ll hand over all the financial authority for you to handle, Missus.”

“That’s different.”

She looked at him very seriously and stubbornly. Her flickering eyes still held the naivety and pureness that had not yet faded. Watching her like this, Mu Yuchen suddenly felt like he had returned to his younger and simpler days. Things had been much simpler and less complicated back then, just like she was right now.

He had really gotten a gem. Clearly, she was a capable, matured and successful career woman in the office, so why did she look like a little girl who had just grown up right now?

When the husband and wife sat down to enjoy their breakfast quietly, Ah Mo and Mu Lingshi came over. They had breakfast together, and of course, Su Chen was included.

Su Chen drank quite a lot last night and was still a little drunk. His head pounded even at breakfast. When he heard that Ah Mo and Mu Lingshi were going back that afternoon, he was shocked. “Going home so quickly? I was going to invite you guys to have fun by the beach, but I guess with Ah Mo’s injuries, we should forget it.”

“We have people watching over things on the other side. Don’t worry,” Mu Yuchen answered with a plain expression as he served Xi Xiaye and Mu Lingsi some milk.

“That’s true. Ah Mo, go home and rest well then. You’ve worked hard for a while now. You must be tired. Furthermore, Zimo must’ve brought back quite a lot of decent stock too. Tomorrow, you can make a surprise visit to his home. See if you can steal some of his fancy bottles of wine. This fellow is the sneakiest. Every time, it’s Ah Chen and I who have to play the role of a strict parent.”

“Haha, Bro Su Chen, hearing you mention this, I suddenly recall that that year, my bro, you, and Zho Zimo were punished for pranking that old witch at the educational administrative office. Your allowance was cut off by three months, and then you and my bro went to get protection fees. Zimo would always say, ‘We shouldn’t be doing this, should we? This isn’t right, is it? It’s not right to bully juniors’, yet in the end, he would be the quickest to grab the money!”

When she recalled these things, Mu Lingshi could not help but laugh. Instantly, the atmosphere became joyous.

“After that, this thing was exposed as well. This bastard immediately betrayed us and said to the parents, ‘Listen to me, Su Chen and Ah Chen did this and that. Ah Chen is the planner, Su Chen the executor. I didn’t do anything. I just watched out from the alley’. That son of a b*tch, Ah Chen and I were so pissed! After that, we beat him up, then the fellow became well-behaved after that.”

Su Chen howled and continued the story as Mu Lingshi convulsed with laughter while Ah Mo could not hold back too. Instead, it was Mu Yuchen that remained calm in expression, but when Xi Xiaye looked at him with pursed lips and a slight smile, she could see the sparkling expression in his eyes.

“How dare you say you’re a good person? Looks like you’re a pretty dishonest ass…”

Xi Xiaye’s clear voice brushed past his ear and Mr. Mu smiled. Clearing his throat, he said softly, “I was wild in my younger days, but I’m an awesome person now.”

“Those who say they’re an awesome person are usually not an awesome person.”

“So, I’m a bad person then?”

“Do you admit yourself that you’re a bad person?”

“Missus, why do I feel like your logic isn’t right? Hmm…”

After breakfast, Su Chen left to attend to matters. Mu Lingshi and Xi Xiaye went out to shop. They said they were going to buy some souvenirs home for Wang Hui and the rest.

On the balcony, only Mu Yuchen and Ah Mo were left. The waiters had also tidied up and departed.

“Rest well when you get back. It’s good that Lingshi has loosened up. Put in more effort. Hopefully, not too long after this, I can hear good news from you two. Coincidentally, your sis-in-law says she wants to see the fields in South America. We’ll go over before the wedding. You and Lingshi should come along. Treat it as a holiday to relax. I’ve already gotten the people over there to start preparing.”

As Mu Yuchen spoke, he put his phone down on the table, then turned to look at Ah Mo who sat beside him. He leisurely took a cigarette out and lit it.

Ah Mo’s left hand was fractured and cast in a sling, so he could not move much. Kindly, Mu Yuchen lit one up for him too.

Ah Mo nodded and blew out a cloud of smoke before he said in a low voice, “I will. Right, Master, what about City Z then?”

“We’ll just organize a banquet when we return. Grandmother and the rest have begun getting themselves busy with it. We don’t have to worry. I’m planning to let you and Lingshi go over first. There will be people putting things in order over there, but I’ll feel better with you guys there.”

Obviously, he knew what Mu Yuchen meant. It would be a terrific opportunity for him and Mu Lingshi to be together.

Ah Mo suddenly felt so lucky to be able to receive such a sincere gesture from him.

He hesitated for a moment, then nodded and replied, “I got it. I’ll go with your arrangements, Master.”

Mu Yuchen smiled as he tossed his half-done stub into the ashtray. His eyes turned still for a while, then he said, “Actually, there’s something I want you to do for me too.”

“Do tell, Master.” Ah Mo’s expression turned solemn.

“I’ve analyzed the time and locations whenever Qi Qiming goes abroad for the past few years and I noticed that he’d always be around the few cities near Los Angeles. Su Chen has just sent over the route map. Take a look,” Mu Yuchen said this as he picked up the blueprint on the side and handed it to Ah Mo.

Ah Mo studied it in detail for a while, then quickly locked onto one of the points on the route. It was Los Angeles!

“Master, are you saying that perhaps Qi Feng isn’t dead, and he might very well be living somewhere in Los Angeles?” Ah Mo stared at the marked location on the blueprint and asked.

Mu Yuchen sighed, sipping some tea before he said, “Based on Qi Qiming’s route map, it’s mainly nearby this open area. I’ve already ordered someone over there to investigate. You just have to go over to keep watch.”

When he heard this, Ah Mo nodded. He kept the sheet away. “Okay, don’t worry, Master. If they’re in Los Angeles, I’m sure we’ll be able to find them!”

“Be on guard against Qi Qiming. He’s very vigilant. If Qi Feng is still alive, why would he work so hard to hide their tracks? This is very suspicious. Perhaps it’s because of the internal conflicts in the Qi family, so we don’t want to startle them either. We’ll play by ear,” Mu Yuchen reminded.

“Okay, Master, don’t worry. I know what to do!”



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