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( Present For Mr. Mu (1)

After he was done with breakfast and had put the dishes away, Xi Mushan left. Ah Hui had been waiting downstairs early in the morning. When he saw Xi Mushan come out, he quickly opened the car door for him.

Only when the sound of the engine purr did Shen Wenna slowly lift the curtains to look down. She noticed that the black car was slowly driving towards the main street.

After a while, she closed the curtains and shut her eyes before taking a deep inhalation.

She relaxed for a while and was about to get up and leave the study room when her phone vibrated. When she picked it up to look, she saw that it was Su Nan.

This was when she remembered that Imperial Sky Fashion City seemed to be hosting a fashion and jewelry show. Previously, Xi Xiaye had mentioned it and Shen Wenna was somewhat interested in fashion. At that point in time, she thought that she would go over for a look if she had the time.

Now that she pondered about it, it should be almost time for the finals of the competition.

A few days ago, she even received Zhuang Shurong’s call, asking her if she wanted to go over to watch it together. When women gathered, the usual topics would revolve around clothes, beauty, and health maintenance. Shen Wenna and Zhuang Shurong were the same.

After Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye got married, Shen Wenna’s relationship with Mu Tangchuan and Zhuang Shurong had gone from being distant to being friendly. Zhuang Shurong would always invite Shen Wenna to go to the spa and have girly meet-ups.

Even though Shen Wenna had been divorced from Xi Mushan for many years, she had her own social circles. Women should go after a quality lifestyle and that she did. When it came to this point, Xi Xiaye was rather different from her as she was a workaholic.

“Aunty Shen, tomorrow’s the finals. Shall I go over to pick you up in the evening? Xiaye and Master Mu are in City B and will probably only be back in a few days!” Su Nan’s voice came from the phone.

“Okay… Did you say that Xiaye and Ah Chen are in City B?” Shen Wenna asked, shocked.

“Yeah, I think there was some emergency. Don’t worry. Xiaye can’t accompany you, but there’s always me. My mother and the rest will be going over for a look too. Aunty Shen, you like qipao, don’t you? I heard that there’ll also be a qipao show. If there’s any that you like, we’ll get it customized for you later on. Aunty, you maintain your figure so well, and you look young and beautiful. In fact, you look just like a young girl in her 20’s, unlike my mother! With her figure and charisma, she wouldn’t be able to pull it off even if she wanted to!”

Su Nan’s cheerful laughter infected Shen Wenna who could not help but giggle. “How am I a girl in my 20’s? Even my daughter’s close to 30!”

“No way, Xiaye’s only 27 this year, she’s still young. Okay, Aunty, I won’t disturb you anymore. I’ll go over to fetch you on time tomorrow.”

Su Nan was a zealous young lady, and she was amusing too. Every time she went over with Xi Xiaye, the house would be lively, often helping Shen Wenna and Xiaye whittle away the estrangement between them.

It would be good to go over for a look too. She could get Xi Xiaye a few outfits. Previously, because of the misunderstandings between them, she had not been able to help her daughter dress up, but now finally their relationship was turning for the better, it should not be too late to do so.

In City B, the warm sunlight filled the entire city. When they woke up early in the morning, the sky was clear and blue whilst the air was particularly fresh. The breeze was gentle, so when they opened the windows partially, the curtains rustled mildly.

Mu Yuchen was sitting leisurely on the recliner at the balcony, reading his book and sunbathing. Next to his hand was freshly steeped Pu Er tea with the fragrant scent of tea wafting in the air. It was slightly intoxicating.


Suddenly, there was the sound of the curtains being pulled from behind. Light footsteps approached him. When he turned to look, he saw that she was wearing the white bathrobe and was walking out with hair that had not yet dried. There was still a large towel in her hand to dry it.

She had been exhausted when they returned last night and did not even bother with a shower. Before she took off his coat, she rubbed her eyes and was knocked out for the entire night. After a whole day out, her hair was messy and dirty as well, so this morning, she woke up early and freshened up properly.

“Are you done? Come over for breakfast.” A faint tenderness flashed on his handsome face. He pulled the chair beside him open before he poured her a cup of fragrant Pu Er.

She obeyed and walked over, sitting down beside him. She handed her towel to him and said, “How does it taste?”

Accepting the tea he handed, she carefully took a sip while he gently helped her towel dry her hair that was still damp.

“It’s pretty good. We can bring more home,” he answered softly.

“Mmm, then bring some home for the grandparents and our parents. Oh, right, Mr. Mu, I have a present for you.” Xi Xiaye suddenly remembered what she had secretly bought for him. With a mysterious smile, her bright eyes were as dazzling as the stars. As he watched her, Mr. Mu felt like he was looking at a sparkling black onyx. Everything made him want to recklessly have all of her.

“What present?” he asked in amusement and interest as he raised his brows, yet his hands did not stop tousling her hair.

She lowered her head and took a sip of tea before she got up and grinned mischievously. “Wait here!”

Then, she quickly went to one of the rooms. When she returned, there was already a gift box in her hands.

“Here, it’s for you. Open it up and see.”

“What is this? You’re being so mysterious.”

The curve at the corner of his lips was bewitching. He reached out to take the gift box, then he noticed an exquisite, milky white Hetian jade Guanyin pendant nestled in it. Just by looking at it, he could feel slow warmth, meticulous gentleness, and fresh charm.

There was a slight surprise in his eyes when he picked it up to take a closer look. A line of Sutra verse was carved clearly at the back.

“It’s just been blessed. I heard that jade is good for protection, so I got you this one. It’s no harm for you to carry it along with you anyway. Do you like it? I spent half my savings on it,” she looked at him in anticipation and said softly.

When he heard her intentions, he smiled and hugged her happily. “You gave it to me. Of course, I like it.”

“Then, let me help you put it on. I think my judgment’s pretty good.”

She did not wait for his answer. Taking the necklace, she put it around his neck. When it came into contact with his skin, Mu Yuchen could already vaguely feel warmth filling him up. It was the kind of warmth that indulged and intoxicated him.

He did not like wearing such accessories. The only thing he had on him was the low-profile wedding band that she had put on his left ring finger.

However, now, upon seeing her put this thing around his neck, he thought that accessories were pretty alright.


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