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( How Can Love Be Explained? (5)

When he went back to sit on the sofa, Su Chen had already downed quite a few glasses of drinks.

“You’re getting more and more careful. Even Zi Mo said you caved in,” Su Chen looked at Mu Yuchen, and could not help but sigh, “Suddenly, I feel like this whole relationship thing is quite hard to talk about.”

Mu Yuchen picked up his drink and guzzled it before he revealed a smile. “You can get someone to try starting one too. Elder Su is worried. You’re 32. You’re not young anymore.”

“I was thinking about worrying about these things only when I’m 40.” Su Chen shot Mu Yuchen a look. “Okay, let’s not talk about my issues anymore. Let’s talk about you. What are you planning to do? If the car accident this time wasn’t an accident, what are you planning to do?”

When he heard this, Mu Yuchen’s eyes darkened and he said with a deep voice, “I’ve already gotten someone to be on watch. Find a time to probe them. Xiaye and I are going to have our wedding photoshoot in another few days. Next month, we’ll be going abroad for our wedding and we’ll get you guys the invitations when the time comes.”

“That means we have to prepare gifts, right?” Su Chen raised his handsome brows and smirked.

“There’s no need to come if your gifts aren’t generous enough.”

“How mean of you! Okay, I got it. Don’t worry. I’ll watch over for you. There’ll be no more hiccups.”


Then, the two buddies started drinking leisurely.

The two of them drank till midnight before Su Chen went back. When he left, he could not even walk straight. Coincidentally, he had arranged to stay in the same hotel too, so he did not need to worry.

Having drunk a lot as well, after a simple wash up, Mu Yuchen climbed into bed and habitually pulled his sound asleep wife into his arms.

It felt quite wonderful. Somehow, along their journey, when he had her in his arms, he would find that he had a peace of mind and felt especially warmed.

Ever since he got together with her, Mu Yuchen had relaxed much more, unlike how he was before when he lived in stifled ways.

This marriage had been wonderful to him. He went from trying hard to adapt to accepting it fully, then thoroughly possessing it. It was a process that went through a fundamental change. Curiously, he did not whether all marriages were like that.

At least, theirs was.

Between them, there were still many things to look forward too like numerous tranquil nights like this…

He thought to himself that this was enough.

The next day when they woke up, the warm sun hung high outside while the cold breeze blew gently, brushing the curtains by the windows and causing the light-colored curtains to rustle.

Xi Mushan inhaled deeply. Suddenly, he felt that he had not slept this soundly for a very, very long time. He slowly pushed himself up and that was when he noticed that he was lying down on a narrow sofa with a blanket on him too.

He was stunned. In the midst of his daze, he could vaguely smell a faint fragrance. It was a familiar one that he missed. He looked up again at his surroundings, and last night’s scenes very quickly flashed through his mind.

He had been at a dinner gathering and seemed to have drunk too much. Because he felt unbearably depressed, when he ordered Ah Hui to drive over to the university, he had drunk a lot more again.

Of course, he would not tell Shen Wenna that there had been many nights when he would drive to her residence, and watch until the lights to her apartment went off before he fell asleep. Last night, he could not control himself and came right up.

He looked down at the blanket on him, her familiar scent becoming increasingly clear. Xi Mushan’s vaguely stern face faintly relaxed as he carefully pulled the blanket away. He was about to fold it when he realized that his arm ached terribly, drawing a frown from him.

He had been hit by the ashtray that Yue Lingsi had thrown at him yesterday. Now, it hurt terribly and swelled.

His eyes darkened for a moment. Then, he endured the pain to fold the blanket. As he was about to get up, he suddenly noticed that there was a bottle of tincture to reduce swelling and pain on the coffee table beside him.

There were many new towels and appliances for washing up on the bathroom shelf. Xi Mushan naturally used them to clean up. The apartment was quiet and her room was empty. He thought to himself, ‘She must’ve gone to class.’

After Xi Mushan finished washing up, he noticed that the breakfast on the dining table had not turned cold.

A tenderness flashed on his face. Then, he sat down leisurely and began enjoying his breakfast, yet just as he had a few spoonfuls of the congee, there were of footsteps from the door. He subconsciously turned to look.

Shen Wenna’s slender figure greeted his sight. She wore an ink-colored qipao that outlined her figure while her long hair was tied up into a refreshing yet elegant bun. The air of her elegant beauty was evident.

He had asked himself why he could not forget her and had loved her all these years. This love grew with each passing day and showed no signs of reducing. He simply could not explain it or express that.

It was exactly because he loved the way she was right now.

He had never told her that she, Shen Wenna, would forever be a beautiful, holy goddess to him.

However, every time after he had such thoughts, he would snap back to reality and suddenly realize that the only thing he could give himself was an unforgettable ache.


“Go home after you’re done with breakfast. Don’t come over again. We’re not related anymore. Even if you don’t care about your status, at least be considerate of my reputation. I don’t want others to be talking about me behind my back, and I don’t want Yue Lingsi to knock on my door.”

Shen Wenna set aside her bag onto the sofa, then turned around and glared at Xi Mushan.

Indeed, the moment Shen Wenna said this, Xi Mushan was stunned. His movements froze as he looked up at Shen Wenna, his gaze stormy.

Moments after that, he did not say anything. He just looked at her, then continued to lower his head and enjoy his breakfast.

The way he looked right now was quite indescribably lonely and bleak. Shen Wenna did not continue and just turned to walk to her study room.

Just as her figure was about to vanish through the door, he suddenly called out to her, “Na Na…”

When Shen Wenna heard him, her footsteps froze.

“If…” Xi Mushan looked up at her back that faced him and softly said. Whatever he wanted to say after that seemed to stop before his lips. He did not know how to say them.

Shen Wenna just sighed and walked into the room.

Then came the sound of the door closing, making Xi Mushan’s heart sink. His hand that held the chopsticks subconsciously tightened as his eyes dimmed and hot tears welled in them.

How could they return to how they were?

How could he redeem her love once more?

Why had their love become sacrificed in the fight for benefit?


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