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( How Can Love Be Explained? (4)

After Mu Yuchen processed the information Li Si had given him, he said, “Charter the private jet and arrange for them to return tomorrow afternoon. Get Ah Mo a smart servant. Give my grandparents a heads-up as well and let them be prepared.”

Master Mu was always an action-oriented person. He did not wait at all and made action plans immediately.

Li Si nodded. “Got it, Master! I’ll do it right away.” He stood up from his seat and started walking toward the door.

“Wait.” Mu Yuchen suddenly stopped him.

“Is there anything else?” Li Si stopped instantly and turned around. Mu Yuchen seemed to be thinking.

“Before heading back, get Ah Mo to come to see me,” Mu Yuchen said quietly.

“Noted, Master! By the way, Master, Master Su Chen called your mobile today. He seems to be in City B as well and will be meeting you later.”

Before Li Si could finish his sentence, a knock came on the door. He went to open it. Coincidentally, it was Su Chen standing outside casually.

“Master Su Chen!” Li Si greeted. Su Chen entered as Li Si went out understandingly and closed the door.

“Why are you here?”

As Su Chen sat down comfortably on the sofa, Mu Yuchen grabbed a bottle of wine and poured them a glass each.

“I’m here for work. I just wanted to drop by to see how you’re doing since I heard you were involved in an accident, but you seem fine now. Is everything alright?”

Su Chen took the glass from Mu Yuchen and emptied it in one swig.

“Luckily, we’re fine, but Ah Mo suffered quite a serious injury.” Mu Yuchen took a small sip. “Lingshi came as well. Do you want to go and visit? I’m arranging for them to go back on a private jet tomorrow noon.”

“I heard about that. I’ll go take a look at him after we return. I’ve called Ah Mo. Zimo came back and asked me to visit you after finding out that you met an accident, but I’m glad that you’re fine.”

Su Chen let out a sigh of relief as the strain in his chest faded. As he looked at Mu Yuchen who was filling up his glass, he said, “Since Lingshi rushed over here, does this mean that there’s still something going on between them? They’ve been delayed for so many years!”

“They’ll have to grab their chances. Of course, it’d be great if they got back together.” Mu Yuchen put down the bottle and smiled. “Shouldn’t you and Zimo start settling down?”

“What’s the rush? You yourself said to wait for the chance. We’re still young.” Su Chen smiled as they clinked their glasses. The two of them emptied their glasses before continuing. “I hope they can leap past this barrier so that you’ll be less pressured. You deserve to be punished being so stubborn. Do you think anyone can stop karma from happening?”

He glanced at Mu Yuchen sharply as he picked up the bottle. “The person is already dead. They brought it upon themselves. Would there have been any survivors? They are lucky that you didn’t press on the issue. If the crash this time wasn’t just an accident, it must’ve been them trying to take you down. You have to be careful. It’s difficult to defend against an enemy in the dark.

“There’s also that sly fox Qi Qiming. You have to be wary of him. If my calculations aren’t wrong, he’s even using Qi Lei as his pawn., I’ve never seen him treating his youngest son, Qi Lei, well, and suddenly he’s made Qi Lei the Vice President of Qi Kai. He was always on bad terms with his wife and usually wouldn’t give in. If it weren’t for their identical facial features, I seriously doubt if Qi Lei is his son at all.

“However, his behavior suggests that Qi Feng is still probably alive and that he’s carving a path for him,” Su Chen squinted his eyes and analyzed.

Mu Yuchen started to think more about it. He sipped some wine and said indifferently, “I’m sure Qi Feng is still alive.”

“I think so too. Gu Lingsha and he should still be alive. I spoke to Ah Mo before and he said the Gu family haven’t done anything at all, but things seems to have been shaken up after you came back. Maybe they are taking action.”

Su Chen frowned and looked at the calm Mu Yuchen opposite of him. “A certain someone seems to be not worried at all. Aren’t you afraid that history will repeat itself?”

“If you have time to tease me, you could really help out by checking where Qi Qiming has gone. Help me track his travel path.” Mu Yuchen put on a smile, seeming lackadaisical.

“I have people working on it. Hopefully, we’ll get something this time. We’ve been doing this for the past few years and still couldn’t get anything. Is that old fox too cunning or are we too…”


There was a sound from inside the room as Su Chen was talking. He looked at Mu Yuchen in surprise and noticed that he had gone to grab a glass of water.

“Is there someone else in the room? Is it a chick?” Su Chen was shocked as he stared at the bedroom door, frowning. “Are you serious, dude? Aren’t you afraid of your wife finding out?”

Mu Yuchen stared at him. “It’s Xiaye. She rushed over last night because she thought I was in trouble. Have a seat first and I’ll go take a look at her.”

Su Chen raised his eyebrows and shrugged. He waved at him and flipped through some magazines by the side.

Mu Yuchen went to her and saw that her phone had dropped onto the floor due to the vibration. She was still sleeping soundly. He put the glass of water down quietly and took a look at the screen. It was Su Nan calling.

When the call ended, several missed call notifications were shown on the screen. He unlocked the phone and saw that they were all from Su Nan.

He guessed it was probably about Fashion City. In collaboration with the jewelry exhibition, the PR Department had made it into a talk show competition. It was about time for it to happen.

He sent Su Nan a brief reply: She’s in City B. Will call you back after she’s awake.

He switched off the phone after sending the message. He did not want anyone to bother her when she was terribly exhausted.


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