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(How Can Love Be Explained? (3)

As the lights illuminated the city, beside the railing in a certain Movie City in City B.

Mu Yuchen stood beside Xi Xiaye. There were still a lot of people who were busy shooting at night.

Xi Xiaye gripped the cold railing with both her hands as her eyes glittered. She looked down for a long time without saying anything. Suddenly, she felt a warm weight on her shoulder before she came back to her senses.

She turned around and noticed that he had put his jacket over her. He only wore a black shirt in the windy weather. With the dim light shining on him, he looked very peaceful.

“It’s pretty cold out here,” he said quietly with warmth in his tone.

She smiled at him as she closed her eyes and pulled the coat snugly around her. After a while, she continued looking downward and sighed, “People only see what happens in front of the camera, and rarely know how much effort is put into making it work. It seems really tough.”

Mu Yuchen laughed as he grabbed her shoulder gently with one arm. “Of course, it’s tough. Everyone has their own worries. Alright, it’s pretty late now and we should go back. If you want to see more, we’ll come again tomorrow.”

They then walked away.

After cruising around for the whole afternoon and taking a tour around Movie City, because Xi Xiaye was wearing a thin-soled shoe, her legs were about to give out. She frowned when Mu Yuchen moved forward.

“What’s wrong?” He turned around when he noticed that she did not move.

Xi Xiaye raised her eyebrows and squinted at him. Suddenly, she lowered her voice. “Mr. Mu, I’m going to do something inelegant now. Are you going to judge me?”

Mu Yuchen narrowed his eyes as well as he looked at her little face, not saying anything.

Without waiting for his reply, she took off her shoes and revealed her pretty little pair of feet. Then, she picked her shoes up and walked over to him to hold his hand. “Let’s go.”

Only then did he notice that she was actually rather short. She could barely reach his chin after taking off her shoes. Like she mentioned before, she really did seem like a beautiful, petite woman, but the scene of her did not really fit the atmosphere at the moment.

“It’s pretty cold on the ground. Hop on.” He took her shoes and squatted down. His intention was obvious.

Xi Xiaye had a wide smile and she quickly hopped onto his back. “You only realize you should do it now. Tsk tsk, Mr. Mu, you’ve failed as a guardian.”

“You’re taking me for granted now, huh?” He ranted, but there was no anger in his tone at all.

She crossed her arms in front of his chest and he started piggybacking her. As they walked past the gentle sunset, their long shadows were cast on the ground.

After a while, she suggested by his ears, “Why don’t you sing something? You sang really well last time, Mr. Mu.”

“Shouldn’t you be the one singing now?”

After some hesitation, she looked at the light in front, and then her beautiful warbling brushed past his ears.

“As evening fell, a maiden stood at the edge of the woods.

In her hands lay the reins of a stallion.

And ne’er had I seen a girl as fair, nor heard a gentler voice anywhere.”

His heart softened like mush. After she sang for some time, she suddenly said, “Mr. Mu, I think I know where we should go for our honeymoon.”

“Hmm?” He replied quietly, “Where do you want to go?”

“I want to go to South America. I want to see the large fields there and ride a horse through the fields with a rifle in my hand. It’d be great if Ah Shi and Ah Mo could come with us too,” she said hopefully.

“Then, we’ll have our wedding there,” he replied without any hesitation.

“Great!” She grinned happily as she rested her face on his warm back.

Happiness came upon her. She told herself she should embrace it with her arms opened wide. Xi Xiaye, you have to persist and not give up. These things are never far away from you…

Mr. Mu carried Mrs. Mu all the way back. He did not know how long they walked for, but it was near midnight when they arrived back at the hotel, and she was already asleep on his back.

Fortunately, she was not really heavy. She would always talk about maintaining her weight halfway through a meal.

Mr. Mu had been keeping himself fit. Together with Zhou Zimo and Su Chen, all of them had strapping bodies even long after they retired from the army. Su Chen and Zhou Zimo would participate in five-kilometer runs from time to time. Some time ago, they invited him to join them and even prepared a camouflage suit for him.


Li Si who had been waiting for Mu Yuchen at the hotel entrance quickly came up to him, noticing that Xi Xiaye was asleep on Mu Yuchen’s back. As he was about to say something Mu Yuchen stopped him. “She’s asleep. Don’t wake her up. We’ll talk upstairs.”

They then went into the hotel.

Inside the room, Mu Yuchen carefully put Xi Xiaye on the bed, he put her under the blanket before leaving the room.

Li Si had been waiting for quite a while outside, and he quickly prepared a cup of tea when Mu Yuchen came out.

Mu Yuchen sat down on the sofa and took the tea from Li Si. He took a sip from it and pointed at the seat opposite him, signaling Li Si to sit down. “Update me.”

“Yes, Master!” Li Si sat down and reported, “We’ve started the investigations. Information from the hospital stated that the truck driver is in the final stage of liver cancer. He didn’t really suffer heavy injuries, just some bruises, but we’re still investigating whether he was directed to do so.”

Mu Yuchen nodded as he placed the cup of tea on the table. He continued, “How are Ah Mo and Lingshi?”

“Ms. Lingshi came over early in the morning. She’s in the hospital taking care of Ah Mo right now. When she heard that the incident this time wasn’t a light accident, she decided to move into Ah Mo’s villa after he returns to City Z. She should’ve some thoughts of her own about that,” Li Si related quietly.


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